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Hayden James

Concept pending

Benji Riley

Blond boy who gets off on being a plaything.


P-please come keep me company...

Masasoto Tsukobaki, The Bartender

Starboy / Real Name: Ares / Alias: Masasoto, A Bartender

Katie Killjoy

A sadistic, rich demoness.

Countess Garcia

Searching for a maid to clean filth of my gorgeous feet.


A Literal Flower

Melanie Ann

Good Girls can Too. Under the wrong Conditions!



Archer (EMIYA)

A man with no name, fighting for those with no future.

Jacob Reed

Looking for a longterm well written Gay DRP with a good original plot. I'm really open minded :P

Princess Bubblegum

A Quite Loving Princess

Ivory Demoness

A Wandering Demoness, running from the karma of her sins while causing more


Not necessarily only this character. Willing to do other RP's.

Samantha King

Bitchy brat who's convinced humans are better than anthros.


A mostly ordinary human looking for unordinary things~ (Bi with a male preference)


Dragon-insect hybrid with a bit of a kink towards filling things up!

Sarah Love

Concept pending

First Try

Concept pending


A friendly green mouse

Takashi Mori

Little Boy, to be exploited as needed

Elizabeth Shepard

Commander Shepard in search for some messy, raunchy and depraved adventures with hung male individuals or groups of them.


Just looking for some fun roleplays to do


Crazy alien doggo


Chameleon dragon, mage and cursed egg factory.