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A gender-switching sex demon.

Jakob Nyarly

Eldritch Catboy

Kuro and Azalamel

Mysterious trickster fighter, and his sentient weapon


A werewolf with nothing but time

Scarlet Svobodovà

The all mighty Foxymew

Dieter Armstrong

A young police reporter with a flare for the unusual who tends to get himself into the oddest kinds of situations.

Devoura Vericotti

A gay, demon ex-heiress hellbent on revenge.

Nixie Asherah

A bubbly water-elemental with a hidden darkside.

Markus Smith

An average young man who's life is about to get very interesting.

Kylie of the Forest

A young noblewoman who's been living in the forest as an outlaw since childhood.


Dirty little slut who needs to be dominated and owned

Sandra Bellamy

The Working Girl - A dreamer, stuck in a dead-end job.

Kim Lenna

Korean-American college student looking for rough love

Kwon Yuri

Young Idol with a desire to find some structure,

Kitara T67

Cyborg soldier, more robot then human


A dreadfully terrible thief.


A silly, sometimes rather seductive gal, shy of compliments and quick to shoot them down.. and a little tsundere.

Achoris Mekkit

An outcast with his heart in the past and his head in the present.

grim wing

a weather pony with a mind of a crazy person


A woodland trickster spirit


Tiny, loud, and full of wiggles.

Jessica Lewdkondi

BBW Office Assistant

Fragmented End

You know that friend that every one has that's just a little bit off....

Lord Rekk

A caring Dominant, with varied D/s interests