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Ancient spirit of the sea

Cynthia "Cyn" Hayes

Just your normal everyday ghost girl. Infinite possibilities.

Toruna Mayclaire

The Redeemed Huntsman

Jenna Thorne

Supreme futa Daddy and absolute bitch. ♦

Belial of Many Forms

Concept pending


Female human, 5'4", intelligent, experienced.


complete (may add more later)

Hyper Blossom

A heroine of love and justice!

Satin Sylksteel

I am not exactly sure the setting that best suites me. I do like medieval but modern can be fun.

Akua Rinse

Join the Adventures of a bui that strives for the title of 'Hero!' (Currently Unable to Open Chats)

Jennifer Amon

Femboy Toy


A monster of pure darkness capable of melding with shadows and changing shape. It also has plenty of surprises.

Emilie De Rochefort

C'est un bon endroit pour se battre, tu ne crois pas? (This is a great place to fight, don't you think?)


Fully morphable personal assistance android.

Khorne the Prime Oozaru

Concept pending

Luna Belvent

Hot-headded Lycanroc anthro. {Almost always in character.}

The Mood is Write

An inkhead elf who loves words.

Name McNameface

Concept pending

Gospodin Grimm


Katherine (Kat) Hawkins

Concept pending

Marnol Scaggs

White Tiger Dragon hybrid.


"Wa-warning! This user is c-c-cringe!"


A brave elrk adventurer, seeking a strong heathy prey.


A legion of amalgamated monsters awaiting adventurers. Hapless adventurers daring a monster's den.


Subby youkai bunny that is a good and pure girl, honest! S-she can't help it if she has a bunny's libido!