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Aptos Prox

Concept pending


A young half Human, half Succubus girl with magical powers, On a neverending quest to satisfy her insatiable lust.


A legion of amalgamated monsters awaiting adventurers. Hapless adventurers daring a monster's den.

Hyper Blossom

A heroine of love and justice!


litphoria is dead. Use discord. "Corsair#8313" Thanks!!


A miniature kitsune


"Food~ You are food!"


Reanimated government property, homme fatale, recreational psychonaut.



Maxwell Edison

Concept pending

Pathetic Sissy

💗 Cute boi looking for BIG DICKED DADDIES! 💗

Lana Hewitt

Sophomore in college, smart girl with a bangin' body, but a shy and closed personality, who finally started to open up

Danni Lockhart

It's time to turn this girl into a vore loving monster girl!

Alicia Weisscraft

A young elf with a immense curiousity for exotic creature and food..


Addict specializing in body part rentals and couch surfing.

The Mood is Write

An inkhead elf who loves words.

Kira Reis

Buy one get one F R E E

Emilie De Rochefort

C'est un bon endroit pour se battre, tu ne crois pas? (This is a great place to fight, don't you think?)

Lia Orsa

Hewo Y/N how are you!

Cynthia "Cyn" Hayes

Just your normal everyday ghost girl. Infinite possibilities.


A casual drifter, often found asleep.


Gazella princess, fourth in line to the throne.

Etsuki The Zombie

Still New Here

Toruna Mayclaire

The Redeemed Huntsman

Mozex Asterion

The Best Nightmare Incarnate ♥