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found 2711 results for "find profiles into kissing"

Draeglen A'Hraxxus

Human Transmutation/Alchemist Warmage exploring new lands, new experiences... and hopefully dodging the assassins' knife.

Adrian of Lorians

Medieval Knight of The Mountain Kingdom

Alison Wilkes

7 ' 8" private military field commander looking for lewd shit to do to pass the time.


A powerful orc and professional slaver.


Author profile, rp details negotiable, ask about specific characters. Was away a while, glad to see the site is still around.


Playful Wild Elf with a curious, adventurous, and occasionally mischievous streak.

Alzair Rex

A lizard dilf and family man.


A young half Human, half Succubus girl with magical powers, On a neverending quest to satisfy her insatiable lust.


Hello! I'm new here and trying to figure everything out.

Patchouli Knowledge

Patchouli Knowledge, ageless witch.

Toruna Mayclaire

The Redeemed Huntsman


A nine-tailed kumiho, curious about humanity.


A profile with which to run adventures and tell tales.

Wendi Jiang

Communist leader who hypnotizes, brainwashes, and tortures her victims to get what she wants.

Daisy Avon

Chubby nerdy trans girl, bit of a ditz but always well meaning. Somewhat of an author persona.

Eric Hayfield

A brown-furred anthro horse, just over 7' tall, monstrously hung and with a dire voracious streak.

Fox Chris

One giant fox to breed them all. One knot to bind them.

Elizabeth Streehta

Sensation Gorger. Hyperemotionalist. Unseen Romanticist. Lover of Gothic.

Alison McCormack

A lewd girl with a big, fat dick. Single and ready to mingle~.



Cornelius of the Sun

Concept pending


litphoria is dead. Use discord. "Corsair#8313" Thanks!!


Discord: Māīki#9598

Michael Saunders

Concept pending