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Admin profile for the nocturnal music-head.

Sebastian Aran

Sharp, charismatic sorcerer looking to test his limits.

Mistress Vi

A strong and battle hardened demon straight from the underworld, looking for humans and creatures alike to fulfill her desires.

Miss May

Seductive sexual sorceress and shota huntress.

Horen Teyro

A woman of magic and lust

Scumbag McScumbag

Third of his Name

Christina Hunt

Concept pending



Jeanne Durand

A beacon of charm and mechanical ingenuity from the outskirts of Paris. Jeanne is a gifted Machinist, incurable tomboy,


The Gayest Shaymin

Karda Muller

Concept pending

Mocha Haukea

Concept pending

Chot Daran

A wolf who loves a good fight

Tim Wright

I'm played by a man called Tim Sutton. I have sideburns, I smoke and am desperate.

Under Construction

Under Construction


Everybody hates him

Osmond Gardener

The Schizophrenic product of extreme virginity and extreme depravity.

Luna Hardwich

Concept pending

Tony Crawford

A smart-mouthed Thief

Alex Ashby

Concept pending


Tall, dark-skinned, muscular, and smothered in scars. The twisted, tortured slave of Communist reprogrammer Wendi Jiang.


Got on the wrong side of a sorceress, now he's a submissive twink eager to please.


A beast who was trapped in a fiendish facility where they warped and mutated their captives

Denver Romero

Concept pending