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Addictive Shota

An innocent boy with a wonderfully perilous secret.


Concept pending


Chameleon dragon, mage and cursed egg factory.

Cynthia "Cyn" Hayes

Just your normal everyday ghost girl. Infinite possibilities.


Come play with me~


Mituli Joheta | Alternian Troll | Goldblood | Homestuck OC


I don't know what to put here sooo...Hi?


An age regressed mangaka pretending to be his own younger cousin


Let’s have some fun~^_^

Clara the Ebon

Dangerous, somewhat obsessive witch.


Hedonistic adventuring dragon.

Neon Katt

Never misses a beat

Sloppy Sally

Concept pending

Emily St.Claire

A wannabe supervillain with cybernetics and a mechsuit.


Heiress to the Schnee Dust Company

Philipp Hope

A perverted little brother who burns with lust for his stuck up, valley girl, older sister.

Fleur Atwell

Fleur is the owner of The Witch's Cup tavern and is known for her past experience as an adventurer for hire.

Jase Garret

a dominant male with a hidden romantic streak

Leon J.

Concept pending

Jenna Thorne

Supreme futa Daddy and absolute bitch. ♦

Jonathan Sol

“J” for short :)

Hunni Koibito

A cute, heterosexual, kitsune femboy. Easy rape target. Bio made by MeI#1026 on Discord. UwU

Kagura Neko

A demon often referred to as a Shinigami.


Flighty tease that always makes it worth while! (Flexible on scenes and character traits.) (

Mistress Sandra

Wanna have some fun~? I'm always open to suggestions ;)