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Andrea Mahaut

Amazon Matriach and Alpha of her Clan.

Goddess Ilias

Genocidal, Monster Girl-hating ex-goddess of light who really, really, really, REALLY needs a hug.

Catherine Duponte

This character was once a noble woman who sacrificed thousands of people in her quest to live forever. Now she's a demon~


Domicilium's list of ideas, kinks, and general RP Tomfoolery.


She's here to win.

Arthur (Art)

A strong independent snake that don't need no man! But a woman would be nice.

Christina Cohen

Fat-dicked camwhore that likes to meet her fans in real life- for quite a price.


A genetically-modified, artificially-created Pokémon with excellent psychokinetic ability.

Ahri the Foxgirl

Mischievous and predatory fox girl


A monster of pure darkness capable of melding with shadows and changing shape. It also has plenty of surprises.

Mistress Vi

A strong and battle hardened demon straight from the underworld, looking for humans and creatures alike to fulfill her desires.


Fully morphable personal assistance android.

Miss May

Seductive sexual sorceress and shota huntress.

Delilah Morgan

A totally 'adorable' geek.


Chaos Summoner

Scumbag McScumbag

Third of his Name

Samantha King

Bitchy brat who's convinced humans are better than anthros.


Concept pending


A young Mechanic trapped in gang life.


Conscientious minotaur, sex deprived gentle giant


Arakk, Bio-Dragon-Thing

Karl La'ahad

Cast out by humans as a monster, cast out by orcs as not monstrous enough.


A powerful orc and professional slaver.


Hedonistic adventuring dragon.

Slave Sheyla

A woman whose fate is to be trained as a slave... WIP!