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Dareon Kellick

A gruff ex-gang bar owner who has a heart of stone with an often soft center.


Rattataki Sith Inquisitor

Kristoff Bjorgman

Canon Frozen Lumberjack/Ice Cutter

Krista Blazestrider

Ambitious Sorceress with dreams of grandeur

Kirsty Day

A emo wallflower with hidden passions just waiting for the right person to flower for.


Lukka is a submissive, but uppity tribal weasel of ambiguous sex and gender.

Krenzing Gwyndjeig

A being resembling a worgen with a misty past

Lily Catarina

A mouse girl of many different settings


Succubus hellbent on gaining power and influence.

Kintama Mari

Lecherous Tanuki Magician (4), Shady Syndicate Boss (3), Charismatic Casino-Brothel Owner (3)


Holy shit, it's a mink!


Amnesic Robot Girl From The Future!



Marie Kiles

A former marine who has come home and looking to learn more about herself as a person.

Chihaya Kisaragi

Flat-chested idol

Viktor Eli

A wandering demon who escaped his homeworld.

Jacob The Bi Cat

Short, thin, weak and submissive kitty

Julia Walker

Teenage girl taken against her will

Melody Swallows

A connoisseur of taboo fiction and perverse sex toys, all bought on the company dime.

Lyn Yubao

Kinky and playful redhead futanari.


Raiga is a shy and reserved anthro who sometimes is lonely.


An ill-fitting woman raised in the cold South trying to make her way in the world with her combat prowess.


A shy and playfull little angelic foxny.


Mage who does things. To things. Wink.


A hat-toting snow leopard with a goo-based secret!