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Toruna Mayclaire

The Redeemed Huntsman

Perla Zaun

Nerdy Pizza (Delivery) Cat

River Eden

Princess . . . u-um . . . c-can we be together?


Concept pending

Kolak Sjelrodzie

What do you put here?

Katie Killjoy

A sadistic, rich demoness.

Lothas of Maevir

Perpetual WIP


A monster of pure darkness capable of melding with shadows and changing shape. It also has plenty of surprises.

Adelia the Herbalist

Adelia lives in a small village with her husband and small child.

Benji Riley

Blond boy who gets off on being a plaything.

Serie Elenond

A young elf woman, yearning for a life in the outside world.

Marnol Scaggs

White Tiger Dragon hybrid.


The demoness hungry for the strongest emotions, possesing a form of a spiderlike kemonomimi


Big ass dik dog.

Alzair Rex

A lizard dilf and family man.


Kitty girl doing Kitty things!

Lillian Cavendish

Cursed Moҩsai Nymph; Damsel in Distress, Dark Romance Adventure RP

Fae Bladetwirler


Yuna & Lexine

Concept pending

Hunni Koibito

A cute, heterosexual, kitsune femboy. Easy rape target.

Luna Sapphire

Win her over, and she'll be as naive as a curious cat.

Cynthia Ripley

Run, girl, run!


A freckled little redhead, lost in space!


A legion of amalgamated monsters awaiting adventurers. Hapless adventurers daring a monster's den.


Subby youkai bunny that is a good and pure girl, honest! S-she can't help it if she has a bunny's libido!