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Toruna Mayclaire

The Redeemed Huntsman

Stephanus Tavilrond

A paladin trained from childhood.


An ex-soldier of a defunct warring alien race now looking for self worth.

Derala Keldral

A mostly lazy, reasonably introverted dragon-cat(hybrid) bookworm.

Victoria Everett

A master of the Song of Blades... yet a novice in nearly everything else

Shūhei Himitsuchi

An amnesiac, demonic assassin looking into his previous life, extracting spirits and demons from possessed humans.


litphoria is dead. Use discord. "Corsair#8313" Thanks!!

Lupe O'Donnell

Illegitimate daughter of Wolf O'Donnell.


Vampire Princess.

Angel of the Morning

Just a girl in the world, that ran into trouble gathering supplies to sell for a living.

Skylar Noctis Petrova

Skylar is a promiscuous witch talnted in the dark arts. Think you have what it takes to please her?

Moselle Elizabeth Petrova

A beautiful white haired maiden who seems to be just coming into her powers as a half witch.

Horen Teyro

A woman of magic and lust

Ara Mayle

Concept pending

Sasaki Aya

"Hey there cutie, welcome to the spa~"

Serie Elenond

A young elf woman, yearning for a life in the outside world.


Witch or Warlock branded by the power of the Feywild

Praline Bilder

Mouse Mimi - Adult Character - One x One Roleplay Only


A girl of 10 who has been sold into prostitution.


Dirtbag shapeshifter.


Concept pending


A cute little kitty boy.


midnight lycanroc

Talimus Bellavance

He's a husky with copper-red fur and blue eys, average in height. His hair is darker than his fur, long and kept in a ponytail.

Alzair Rex

A lizard dilf and family man.