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Expander of Ladies' Minds and Bodies

Ashby Casey

Cheshire Cat Golem created in an alternate dimension

Elia Williams

Child Prodigy

The eye that bleeds

Psychic young man with the power to cry blood.... from his hands.... and forehead. Also he makes DP....


An Ordinary MAge

Galen Malik

Vampire trying to better things for his kind

Elery Laughingbrand

The dark mistress to the big bad with a big secret.


An androgynous traveler with too many issues.

Josh Frandsen

A pure blood vampire with a dark past

Revquael the Binder

An angelic hunter who is often mistaken for a girl.


The once-decapitated villain who has once more sunk his magic into the surrounding countries.

Belle Carnelli

A young student with a cute, if somewhat shy personality.

Loptr the Showstopper

A trickster whose tongue is as sharp as his blade.

Her Highness

Traits to fit all settings Royal, Regal, and High class.

Xathra Valorith IV

A Devious Shapeshifting Mage


Not everything is as it seems..

Boogeyman Jack

An immortal mad man and wanderer of tales who can never seem to stop doing the "right thing".

Draco Malfoy

Canon character from Harry Potter series.

King Sugar Bottom

Toddler King with a deadly-sweet personality!

Malvolta Delani

A Vampire with a Kind Heart


Stoic traveler with a rough streak.

Baroness Silyn Treebreaker

A reserved, caring, and lonesome young noblewoman who is trying to change her circumstances.


A brawny warrior at home in fantastic lands

Ramazi "Tech Priest" Zviadi

Retired Unifier soldier who's got too much time on his hands


Lover of tea parties and sleep overs. Sometimes a dangerous tickle monster