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Tana Tuneri

Androgynous Indian adventurer and storyteller, charming and cunning. Always in search of a good story.

Liquid Snake

A man cursed by genetic fate.


Amateur Trainer

Aesisa Rosaline McBethonie

A young woman with no belief that love is real.


Travelling elf healer.

Magician Girl Ericca

A Dark Magician Girl who loves to please her master!


A man wrapped in wire, unable to touch a soul


More than a monster.


A general kink-list for anyone from Bluemoon to browse. These are my general likes and dislikes.


Modern Monstergirl in a realistic world

Lenayel Jacuritz

A mercenary usually, a soldier at his best. His worst is yet to be encountered.

Shaena Underbough

A lusty and busty halfling bard.

Alim Garran

A mostly-typical young guy just trying to live well. Anthro cat, c-boy.

Chantal Malum

Just your average tasseographer, with a demon problem and a cute bat familiar. Y'know, standard stuff.