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Lia Ambix

Concept pending

Isabelle Chevalier

A female Naga holy bard. Adventurer, traveling entertainer, and traveling priestess.

Kolak Sjelrodzie

What do you put here?


Author profile, rp details negotiable, ask about specific characters.

Doomer boy

Still getting cash, still flicking ash

Viktor Cole

A slightly anxious introvert, standoffish with most but very warm to those he's close to

Cynthia "Cyn" Hayes

Just your normal everyday ghost girl. Infinite possibilities.

Toruna Mayclaire

The Redeemed Huntsman

Evie Atta

Let's create a new world

Freya Aeternum

Freelance spellcaster and potion maker.


Good luck!

Aneres Moonieon

Concept pending

Makoto Tsuyaki

Hey I'm, just a music nerd, what else?

Lulu"black sheep"

Lulu!whyd you do that

Valerie Leonardi

Au Ra "jack of all trades". Adventurer, "Fixer", and... friend :)

Anari Chan

Concept pending

Inori Fukushima

Concept pending


Sexy scientist!

Jonathan Sol

“J” for short :)

Kai Tempest

Concept pending



Young Makoto

Makoto Tsuyaki...but I'm little!


Crazed pyromaniac... Or are they?

Amelia Arden

Let’s be friends!


Ready for anything.