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Markus Smith

An average young man who's life is about to get very interesting.

Cane Darkley

The concept of lawfull evil and the shade of grey that should vever be wandered into.

Kylie of the Forest

A young noblewoman who's been living in the forest as an outlaw since childhood.

Cassandra Thompson

Role player, a refugee of the long dead User rooms. Hoping to find a new home here

Alyssa Pavlon

A woman from a well-off family, with a secret lust for dark desires.

Kitara T67

Cyborg soldier, more robot then human

Tokei Time

Partial time traveler


A silly, sometimes rather seductive gal, shy of compliments and quick to shoot them down.. and a little tsundere.

Lex Luthor

World's greatest supervillain

The Stone Commander

The ancient and deadly commander of the most powerful military eternity will ever lay its eyes upon.

grim wing

a weather pony with a mind of a crazy person


Rash, unpredictable, and cannibalistic.


Tiny, loud, and full of wiggles.


A nomadic amnesiac on a quest for memories.

Fragmented End

You know that friend that every one has that's just a little bit off....


Genetically enginered human braving the Black.

Viaera Hadria

Hub for long-term story-based stuff, mostly fantasy.

Victoria Marcoh

A companion creature missing her owner.