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Lothas of Maevir

Perpetual WIP


Chameleon dragon, mage and cursed egg factory.

Cynthia "Cyn" Hayes

Just your normal everyday ghost girl. Infinite possibilities.


Come play with me~


Mituli Joheta | Alternian Troll | Goldblood | Homestuck OC


I don't know what to put here sooo...Hi?

Katie Killjoy

A sadistic, rich demoness.


Let’s have some fun~^_^

Sloppy Sally

Concept pending

Emily St.Claire

A wannabe supervillain with cybernetics and a mechsuit.


Just a young girl looking for a Master


A fallen angel with dark desires and a heart of gold

Fleur Atwell

Fleur is the owner of The Witch's Cup tavern and is known for her past experience as an adventurer for hire.

Jase Garret

a dominant male with a hidden romantic streak

Leon J.

Concept pending

Jonathan Swift

Teen Wizard

Hawks | Keigo Takami

Concept pending

Jonathan Sol

“J” for short :)

Hunni Koibito

A cute, heterosexual, kitsune femboy. Easy rape target. Bio made by MeI#1026 on Discord. UwU

Elias Mason

A fox rabbit hybrid sexy boi whose been cursed

Kagura Neko

A demon often referred to as a Shinigami.

Jack Hargrave

Shy Man Next door


Lazy Mage

Helan Cragspawn

Slightly Demonic Underage Prostitute

Miss May

Seductive sexual sorceress and shota huntress.