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The orphanage on Nightmare street (non-sexual!!!) · public roleplay

This orphanage is not like the others this one is more like a prison to children who are.... Well different, very different whether they have powers, animal features, are actually animals (furries), are supernatural, paranormal, and so on... These children despite being different, just want normal and loving homes instead of the hell run orphanage they reside in... Who or what would you adopt?

(Also if you are a kid character wishing for placement please make a profile with your name, age, gender, and what you are that makes you different please and thank you!) (Also while we'll gladly take more kids we need lovable adults to come adopt some of us please!)

interests: Story Drama Consensual Mind control Violence Adventure Tickling Friendship Pain Spanking Punishment Jealousy Imprisonment Hunting Bonding Cuddling Mentoring Tending Licking Kissing Biting Carrying Hypnosis Lying Teasing Character development Hair pulling Telekinesis Teleportation Telepathy Subliminal mind control Character Contrast Breastfeeding

Last post by Winter (03:37 PM)

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ZONE 5 · public roleplay

The newest ZONE to the nothingness, with me as the gaurdian^^. Anyone is welcome, anything is welcomed to be done here...don't abuse this privilege

Last post by Sharon (Yesterday at 07:54 PM)

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Inter-Dimensional Labyrinth of Infinity, Hotel · public roleplay

Pocket Dimension Hotel run by a clown, what else can I say?

Last post by Alex (Tuesday at 08:34 PM)

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The endless forest · public roleplay

Decided to make a random "stranded in the middle of nowhere" game. All are welcome.

interests: Combat Sex Story World-building Adventure Isolation Hunting Traveling Survival Realistic melee Unarmed combat Character development Magic use Peril

Last post by Sharon (Tuesday at 08:32 PM)

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Post-Humanity Exploration · public roleplay

interests: Sex Story World-building Adventure Friendship Traveling Bonding Survival

Last post by Sharon (Tuesday at 12:25 PM)

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Jess · public roleplay

PM if you are a sweet dom/domme looking to take a girl's virginity and explore sex with her

interests: Sex Story Romance Consensual Cum play Food play Tickling Friendship Breath play Oral sex Anal sex Vaginal sex Bondage Realism Clothed sex Spanking Aftercare Bonding Cuddling Rimming Tactile play Handjobs Outercourse Fingering Belly play Licking Kissing Biting Carrying Sex toys Premature pullout Orgasm control Teasing Masturbation Cunnilingus Fellatio Ass play Defloration Hair pulling Rough handling Maledom Edging Body writing Breeding Socks/Stockings Mouth gags

Last post by Max (23 March at 02:48 AM)

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Welcome to hotel Illadore! · public roleplay

A big hotel with near the sea with plenty of room for big families with children, couples or people that are looking for a place to stay for the night!

!-Recruiting new employees-!

interests: Romance Adventure Friendship Rivalry Character Contrast

Last post by Oni (22 March at 02:32 PM)

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The Pokemon Forest · public roleplay

Somewhere in this Pokemon world, there is a deep, never ending forest filled with plant life, small fields, and bodies of water of different types. It welcomes visitors of all kinds: Pokemon, Pokemon trainers, and even ones that don't live in the world where this forest resides. Who knows what could happen in these lively parts. Perhaps there are secrets waiting to be discovered as well... (Note: Do keep in mind that sexual stuff and death aren't allowed. There can be kissing and cuddling and such, and battles are fine, but nothing too extreme. Kinks are fine, as long as they aren't over the top, though some kinks might be restricted.)

Last post by eevee (17 March at 06:55 AM)

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The private office of Dr Nalla · public roleplay

Last post by Hypnalla (or just Nalla) (07 January at 04:30 AM)

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Super Smash Bros. Arena, the · public roleplay

The Super Smash Bros. Arena. In a nexus where worlds collide, trophies are imbued with the souls of significant figures from those battles, called forth to battle. They battle for sport. They battle to test their resolve. And sometimes, they battle to preserve the very fate of this nexus and the worlds from which they hail.

interests: Combat Story World-building Soft vore Adventure Friendship Displacement Guarding Traveling Survival Unrealistic melee Unarmed combat Melee weapons combat Ranged combat Duelling Vehicular combat Magic use Peril Character Contrast

Last post by absoluteIdiot (01 January at 11:58 PM)

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shit · public roleplay

Last post by Sergei (20 December 22 at 02:05 AM)

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The Highland Princess · public roleplay

You are a tourist who is visiting the Davidson kingdom when you see a young, redhead maiden walking into the castle... Pm me for more.

interests: Sex Pregnancy Adventure Bondage Blackmail Birth Breeding Breastfeeding

Last post by Ukullux (04 December 22 at 10:51 PM)

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MetaCity · public roleplay

Last post by Icecream Man (24 October 22 at 02:46 AM)

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~First post~ · public roleplay

<i sit there, on the edge or our big bed. In a big shirt and dark pajama pants. The sunrise shines through the open curtains, the cool morning air makes my nipples hard against my top. I shiver, then stretch my hands over my head. i look over at you, still sleeping. I crawl over you and lay down on my side of the bed. I Slide under the heavy blankets and fix my pillows. We’re facing each other. Your arm is extended between us. So I begin to caress your hand and stroke your fingers. Your eyes flutter open. You look around the room and then down at me. I look up at you and smile>…..”Good morning Daddy”….

~ PM to continue W/ Reply~ <3

interests: BDSM Adventure Growth Friendship Anal sex Deepthroat Casual sex Stalking Ownership Spanking Group sex Aftercare Blackmail Stealing Multiple penetration Incest Cuddling Handjobs Dirty talking Carrying Degradation Female impregnation Facesitting Teasing Face slapping Character development Alcohol use Defloration Tobacco use Hair pulling Cursing Breast play Socks/Stockings

Last post by Marshmallow (22 October 22 at 11:29 PM)

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Sl!tty neko · public roleplay

You can do whatever you'd like to me~ dm me if interested

interests: BDSM Sex Nonconsensual Consensual Food play Oral sex Anal sex Vaginal sex Bondage Multiple anal penetration Deepthroat Multiple vaginal penetration Casual sex Ownership Spanking Flogging Group sex Aftercare Ear play Multiple penetration Cuddling Handjobs Dirty talking Fingering Licking Kissing Biting Sex toys Squirting Premature pullout Premature ejaculation Tail play Knife play Female impregnation Teasing Face slapping Condoms Masturbation Hair pulling Multiple oral penetration Meta-BDSM Breast play Femdom Electrostimulation Socks/Stockings Mouth gags

Last post by Alexander (16 October 22 at 10:23 PM)

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Sunrise in Alostar · public roleplay

Deep in the future city of Alostar lies a bar, hidden from the busy crowds... This bar just so happens to be ran by Portal, or so he says. The bar is quite open, and there's space for lots of people. To both sides, there are private rooms for bar parties and other activities, and a door behind the bartop leading to a secret room... Buy a drink, or something to eat and come spend time with friends and enemies alike.

interests: Violence Casual sex Jealousy Competition Trading Cooking Intimidation Unrealistic melee Realistic melee Melee weapons combat Ranged combat

Last post by Joey jordison (03 October 22 at 04:29 PM)

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Any normal role-play. · public roleplay

looking for some people, who are willing to rp a bit due to boredom

Last post by Teko Mashira (25 September 22 at 04:45 PM)

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Rosswood Park · public roleplay

I want people to RP with

Last post by Shoji (20 September 22 at 02:41 AM)

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Generous Tipper (NSFW) · public roleplay

Indigo frequently partakes in frivulous internet activities through his tor browser, and obsesses over particular streamers without much thought about the trail his generous tips and love messages may make. In fact he fantasizes on the daily that perhaps one day he won't wake up in his own bed, but rather a cold damp, and dark basement.

interests: Pain Death Drugs Cutting Kidnapping Mutilation Smut

No posts made yet

MHA private rp · public roleplay

interests: Combat Drama Adventure Friendship Pain Competition Traveling Unarmed combat Character development Illusion Peril

Last post by Jace (14 April 22 at 05:37 PM)

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For everyone who came from rpchatz! Join here! · public roleplay

Last post by A͍̙̠r̘̝n̞̼̼e̡̡̟ (02 March 22 at 10:34 AM)

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Bored · public roleplay

Please join, I'm the bordest person in the world.

Last post by Wolfsuffer (16 February 22 at 05:41 AM)

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The mysterious forest · public roleplay

interests: Adultery

Last post by Jabari Salah (13 December 21 at 12:11 AM)

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Killer on the loose · public roleplay

waking up in a manison, unknowing of how you got there. Suddenly on the announcements they say that there is a killer on the loose. Find out who that killer is before they murder everyone.

interests: Violence Adventure Rivalry Jealousy Survival Cooking Kissing Kidnapping Character development

Last post by Jayvee.. (17 November 21 at 01:25 AM)

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The Pitcher Plant Tavern · public roleplay

An old tavern set deep in the cursed forest. The forest itself draws travelers to the tavern, earning itself its odd name. Unlike the plant of the same name, however, it seems to be a well kept and tidy place. But... there's something niggling at the back of your mind. Have you always felt like this?

The tavern changes the way people react to things, and everyone reacts to it differently. Does it make you angry? Lustful? Frightened? It's almost as if any attempt at civilized behavior only makes it worse.

interests: Violence Adventure Corruption Trading Hunting Stealing Traveling Unarmed combat Melee weapons combat

Last post by sophie (23 August 21 at 04:35 PM)

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