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Amorous Wish · public roleplay

interests: Combat Sex Story World-building Nonconsensual Consensual Adventure Casual sex Role reversal Dubious consent Character development Rough handling Smut Magic use Maledom Character Contrast

Last post by Storyteller (08 December at 02:55 AM)

2 · 143

The New Girl · public roleplay

A cafe staffed with little girls gets their youngest worker yet... but with the secret she carries with her, just who will be showing who the ropes?

interests: Sex Friendship Oral sex Prostitution Exhibitionism Mentoring Handjobs Licking Kissing Cunnilingus Fellatio

Last post by Joji Cafe (05 December at 08:45 PM)

2 · 76

A Man's Needs, Part Four: · public roleplay

Laura's clothes arrive, finally giving her something to wear around the house.

interests: Sex Clothed sex Ownership Domestic service Slavery

Last post by Laura (05 December at 07:34 PM)

2 · 40

Sister Sextoy · public roleplay

She might be a real brat about it, but Rika loves her big brother very much.

interests: Sex Oral sex Somnophilia Incest Dubious consent Dirty talking Fellatio Foreskin play

Last post by Hiroshi Fukuda (01 December at 11:40 PM)

2 · 31

Path to Professorship I: The Fraidy Fox · public roleplay

A young Mei meets her first pokegirl by chance

interests: Sex Adventure Friendship Pain Ownership Bonding Tending Character development

Last post by Vulpix (01 December at 08:51 PM)

2 · 13

Overly Familiar · public roleplay

Last post by Dr. Mei Li (30 November at 11:07 PM)

2 · 16

The Era of Enlightenment · public roleplay

The world is changing. An era of true enlightenment has started, where the universe and life are viewed and studied with respect to their 11 dimensions and their many forms of spiritual energy, and The First is almost universally recognized as the one true deity. Almost. Not everyone has achieved enlightenment; and not everyone even wants enlightenment to spread throughout the world. There are pockets of armed resistance to this change. But the real issue for everyone, good & evil, is that the world is not just changing; the world is simply not the same anymore. And as a monk healer, Rayan Mason is between his devotion to The First, spreading the teachings of Monotheistic Submission, and finding his soulmate.

interests: Combat BDSM Sex Story Drama World-building Romance Consensual Pregnancy Foot play Adventure Cum play Friendship Oral sex Saliva Vaginal sex Realism Humiliation Clothed sex Deepthroat Religion Domesticity Courtship Displacement Sweat Underwear Stalking Celibacy Spanking Prayer Purification Sacrifice Isolation Auctioning Punishment Prostitution Aftercare Marriage Domestic service Guarding Trading Imprisonment Hunting Ear play Stealing Traveling Bonding Language barrier Surgery Sexism Survival Warfare Discrimination Tactile play Cooking Mentoring Handjobs Intimidation Outercourse Dirty talking Fingering Tending Licking Kissing Biting Carrying Espionage Lying Assassination Squirting Sabotage Female impregnation Realistic melee Teasing Exercising Unarmed combat Melee weapons combat Ranged combat

Last post by Monotheistic Submitter (26 November at 10:22 AM)

1 · 1

Foreign Fatso and the Legal Lolis · public roleplay

A foreign otaku visits the cafe, ready to lay down some cash to take proper advantage...

interests: Sex Consensual Humiliation Sweat Prostitution Odorants Fellatio

Last post by Joji Cafe (26 November at 12:11 AM)

2 · 13

Lost in Meridor · public roleplay

A young girl finds herself trapped in a strange fantasy land, and will have to put herself at the mercy of all sorts of horrors if she wants to find her way back home to her family.

interests: World-building Nonconsensual Adventure Traveling Intimidation Sexual objectification Peril

Last post by Matsumura, Arisu (15 November at 09:35 PM)

2 · 73

Foraging for materials · public roleplay

Sophie brings one to three companions to gather materials for her alchemy. Will involve self-defense from monsters.

Last post by Sophie Neuenmeller (15 November at 05:27 AM)

2 · 45

Looking for a Maid · public roleplay

In his older age, Lehm has become no less busy in his general life. He tends to spend all school days at work as a teacher and councillor, on weekend he typically sleeps and works out at the gym to keep his gut from becoming too much of a nuisance.

Whilst working out those thick thighs of his -never forget leg day!- at the gym one night, reading the local paper; he happens across a classified ad for a maid...

interests: Sex Consensual Cum play Friendship Anal sex Vaginal sex Clothed sex Casual sex Sweat Aftercare Domestic service Cooking Size play Fellatio Character development Socks/Stockings

Last post by Lehm (07 November at 12:01 AM)

2 · 179

The Bandit's Debauchery · public roleplay

Bandits ambushed a caravan and left only the females. Oh what fun they shall have.

interests: Sex Nonconsensual Oral sex Vaginal sex Group sex Sexual objectification

Last post by World Meister (31 October at 01:34 PM)

2 · 17

Prey · public roleplay

A femmy Meowstic gets himself captured by a dragon, and slowly succumbs to what it means to be Prey...

interests: Mind control Anal sex Humiliation Pain Odorants Dubious consent Intimidation Licking Maledom

Last post by Shin (14 October at 11:14 AM)

2 · 73

Disciplining An Elf · public roleplay

Last post by Horen Teyro (05 October at 10:41 PM)

2 · 65

Romantic Waves · public roleplay

So I was thinking we could take a little boat vacation. [url=] Fun in the Sun[/url] , [url=] Skinny dipping[/url], oh and of course sex! Currently looking for a curvaceous woman for a sex based vacation scene! Lovers, husband and wife, or even just fuck buddies taking a trip is fine with me! Any ladies interested in a Wolf Anthro?

interests: Vaginal sex

Last post by Talion WhiteClaw (01 October at 02:49 AM)

2 · 17

Sweet Laboratory Vengeance · public roleplay

Mewtwo's existential crisis of existing artificially at the unnatural hands of human scientists, impurely cloned from Mew's DNA, comes to its natural conclusion of fucking and corrupting poor humans. Naturally.

interests: BDSM Sex Story Drama Transformation Nonconsensual Mind control Corruption Bondage Humiliation Punishment Imprisonment Verbal abuse Testicle play Mentoring Dubious consent Hypnosis Kidnapping Degradation Tail play Face slapping Rebellion Character development Rough handling Telekinesis Teleportation Telepathy Maledom Character Contrast Breeding

Last post by Mewtwo (27 September at 02:34 PM)

2 · 30

The fine town of Muskdale · public roleplay

Muskdale is a bustling fantasy town with a relatively unique way of life. Whether by the magical influence of the near by goddess' temple, the mushrooms unique to the area whose spores are a powerful aphrodisiac, or by the ancient history as a large base of operations for a once prominent band of sex-slavers, sex and nudity in public are simply a part of everyday life. Clothes mostly worn for show or protection as they work, the mostly nude citizenry spend most of what little free time they get chatting, drinking, and fucking. For every laugh there is a moan, and even in the "high end" streets, the rhythmic clap of bodies colliding can be heard at all hours of the day if you listen closely enough. The town reeks of early industry, earthy fo

interests: Casual sex

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Best. Show. Ever. · public roleplay

Loli popstar Ahri has a run-in with some fans who bust into her dressing room.

interests: Sex Nonconsensual Cum play Oral sex Vaginal sex Bondage Dirty talking Face slapping Fellatio Maledom

Last post by Wordy (01 September at 09:53 PM)

1 · 2

Renekton's Revenge · public roleplay

interests: Sex Nonconsensual Vaginal sex Somnophilia Dirty talking Sexual objectification Maledom

Last post by Renekton (01 September at 07:34 AM)

2 · 7

Galactic Adventure involving Politics and Stuff · public roleplay

Does story, world-building, character development and sci-fi interest you!? Then that means you're probably interested in being part of an ongoing roleplay involving space politics and character relations. This kinda means you like to write and brainstorm a lot. But yeah, if interested, send me a message or just read the roleplay itself.

interests: Story World-building Character development Smut

Last post by Smolder (20 August at 10:06 PM)

2 · 32

A Man's Needs, Part Three: Salt Spray · public roleplay

Laura's Master invites his friend over to share his new fuckpet, and the three go for a trip to the beach...

interests: Nonconsensual Consensual Oral sex Vaginal sex Clothed sex Sweat Ownership Multiple penetration Dubious consent Dirty talking Public humiliation Fellatio Rough handling Sexual objectification Slavery Character Contrast

Last post by Brian Tanner (18 July at 10:12 PM)

2 · 86

V3 Ero-Empires · public roleplay

Ero-Empires is a collaborative worldbuilding empire-management game. Players take turns by writing short pieces of fiction.

interests: Story World-building Adventure Warfare Character development

Last post by Kadmos (28 June at 02:16 AM)

5 · 136

Near the end of her pilgrimage · public roleplay

interests: BDSM Story Romance Consensual Pregnancy Ownership Aftercare Bonding Cervical play Cuddling Sexism Lactation Dirty talking Belly play Character development Rough handling Smut Slavery Maledom Birth Character Contrast Breeding

Last post by Griz (15 June at 06:41 AM)

2 · 37

Entangling a Fox · public roleplay

A curious little kumiho investigates some strange goings-on in the woods. What happens next will keep you spellbound!

Last post by The Biomancer (21 May at 03:44 PM)

2 · 2

Loving Lovely · public roleplay

Lovely is the girl randomly chosen from her idol group for this month's 'fanservice', but she could never have guessed who would be waiting for her in the specially-rented hotel room...

interests: Prostitution Incest Dubious consent

Last post by Kyysucara Namosaka (12 May at 09:37 AM)

2 · 43