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Galactic Adventure involving Politics and Stuff · public roleplay

Does story, world-building, character development and sci-fi interest you!? Then that means you're probably interested in being part of an ongoing roleplay involving space politics and character relations. This kinda means you like to write and brainstorm a lot. But yeah, if interested, send me a message or just read the roleplay itself.

interests: Story World-building Character development Smut

Last post by Smolder (Yesterday at 10:06 PM)

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A Man's Needs, Part Four: · public roleplay

Laura's clothes arrive, finally giving her something to wear around the house.

interests: Sex Clothed sex Ownership Domestic service Slavery

Last post by Brian Tanner (Yesterday at 08:58 PM)

2 · 9

Prey · public roleplay

A femmy Meowstic gets himself captured by a dragon, and slowly succumbs to what it means to be Prey...

interests: Mind control Anal sex Humiliation Pain Odorants Dubious consent Intimidation Licking Maledom

Last post by Virginsbane (Yesterday at 07:51 PM)

2 · 59

Sweet Laboratory Vengeance · public roleplay

Mewtwo's existential crisis of existing artificially at the unnatural hands of human scientists, impurely cloned from Mew's DNA, comes to its natural conclusion of fucking and corrupting poor humans. Naturally.

interests: BDSM Sex Story Drama Transformation Nonconsensual Mind control Corruption Bondage Humiliation Punishment Imprisonment Verbal abuse Testicle play Mentoring Dubious consent Hypnosis Kidnapping Degradation Tail play Face slapping Rebellion Character development Rough handling Telekinesis Teleportation Telepathy Maledom Character Contrast Breeding

Last post by Dr. Mei Li (Yesterday at 08:01 AM)

2 · 17

Lost in Meridor · public roleplay

A young girl finds herself trapped in a strange fantasy land, and will have to put herself at the mercy of all sorts of horrors if she wants to find her way back home to her family.

interests: World-building Nonconsensual Adventure Traveling Intimidation Sexual objectification Peril

Last post by The Lands of Meridor (Last Saturday at 09:29 PM)

2 · 54

A Man's Needs, Part Three: Salt Spray · public roleplay

Laura's Master invites his friend over to share his new fuckpet, and the three go for a trip to the beach...

interests: Nonconsensual Consensual Oral sex Vaginal sex Clothed sex Sweat Ownership Multiple penetration Dubious consent Dirty talking Public humiliation Fellatio Rough handling Sexual objectification Slavery Character Contrast

Last post by Brian Tanner (18 July at 10:12 PM)

2 · 86

V3 Ero-Empires · public roleplay

Ero-Empires is a collaborative worldbuilding empire-management game. Players take turns by writing short pieces of fiction.

interests: Story World-building Adventure Warfare Character development

Last post by Kadmos (28 June at 02:16 AM)

5 · 136

Near the end of her pilgrimage · public roleplay

interests: BDSM Story Romance Consensual Pregnancy Ownership Aftercare Bonding Cervical play Cuddling Sexism Lactation Dirty talking Belly play Character development Rough handling Smut Slavery Maledom Birth Character Contrast Breeding

Last post by Griz (15 June at 06:41 AM)

2 · 37

Entangling a Fox · public roleplay

A curious little kumiho investigates some strange goings-on in the woods. What happens next will keep you spellbound!

Last post by The Biomancer (21 May at 03:44 PM)

2 · 2

Loving Lovely · public roleplay

Lovely is the girl randomly chosen from her idol group for this month's 'fanservice', but she could never have guessed who would be waiting for her in the specially-rented hotel room...

interests: Prostitution Incest Dubious consent

Last post by Kyysucara Namosaka (12 May at 09:37 AM)

2 · 43

Horrors Kaleido · public roleplay

No posts made yet

Cops and Robbers · public roleplay

Undercover cop goes deep to infiltrate a gang.

Last post by Levi Kincade (19 April at 09:32 PM)

2 · 11

Griz's Farm (Now Accepting New Livestock and/or Employees) · public roleplay

Life on the farm can be fun for the livestock. Sometimes.

Last post by Griz (08 April at 07:42 PM)

5 · 7

Summoning Circle · public roleplay

interests: Transformation Orgasm denial Ageplay

Last post by Empress Mia (19 March at 09:11 PM)

2 · 108

Post-Humanity Exploration · public roleplay

interests: Sex Story World-building Adventure Friendship Traveling Bonding Survival

Last post by Adam The Chespin (18 March at 07:45 PM)

3 · 8

A Little Luck Goes a Long Way · public roleplay

Last post by Kyras the Sorcerer (11 March at 04:16 AM)

2 · 140

Through Lands and Desires: A Forest and Its Dangers · public roleplay

interests: Combat Story World-building Adventure Friendship Realism Displacement Guarding Traveling Bonding Language barrier Realistic melee Melee weapons combat

Last post by Roel (14 February at 04:14 AM)

2 · 21

Dungeons and Dragons and Collars and Chains. · public roleplay

Last post by Kaleina (10 February at 01:26 AM)

8 · 382

The Rehabilitation of the Black Roses · public roleplay

A superhero and CEO, the Iron Knight decides that a team of evil supervillains have gotten in his way for the last time. Using advanced mind control technology, he'll conquer Black Roses one by one and turn them into slaves for his harem.

interests: BDSM Sex World-building Mind control Adventure Oral sex Vaginal sex Clothed sex Domestic service Imprisonment Sexism Dirty talking Hypnosis Degradation Bimbofication Character development Ass play Smut Maledom

Last post by Arcelia Valentine (25 January at 03:39 AM)

2 · 57

Addressing the Spider in the room · public roleplay

Phobia, the Matron and drider queen has set out to attend a meeting of the high forces of the north, despite not having been invited. As she makes her big entrance, wanting to intimidate the attending parties, she, however, comes across someone who will not be intimidated or impressed too easily, the Queen of Bramble, having the authority in these halls.

interests: Combat Sex Transformation Nonconsensual Violence Saliva Pain Rivalry Collaring Ownership Flogging Collecting Dubious consent Intimidation Kissing Espionage Degradation Unrealistic melee Fellatio Rough handling Enchanting Magical binding Disguise Slavery Magic use Power draining Breast play Femdom Character Contrast

Last post by The Matron (18 January at 07:42 PM)

2 · 248

A new pet for the elven Queen · public roleplay

She is brought in front of the elven queen as a present, like a mere animal, as a token of good will from another kingdom that wants to ensure the peace between them and her. Caged, and furious at the audacity that she had been caught just like this. She will let her free... and do everything she can to ensure she will become her new, loyal pet.

interests: Story Pain Displacement Collaring Animal play Ownership Imprisonment Blood play Licking Rough handling Slavery Magic use Breast play

Last post by Ayla (16 January at 02:08 AM)

2 · 51

The End of Her Pilgrimage · public roleplay

interests: Combat BDSM Sex Story World-building Nonconsensual Consensual Mind control Pregnancy Adventure Cum play Corruption Anal sex Vaginal sex Bondage Humiliation Clothed sex Deepthroat Casual sex Orgasm denial Collaring Worship Role reversal Ownership Group sex Imprisonment Exhibitionism Cervical play Verbal abuse Piercing Sexism Body alteration Discrimination Dubious consent Dirty talking Fingering Body fluid addiction Degradation Orgasm control Female impregnation Public humiliation Aphrodisiacs Rough handling Objectification Sexual objectification Smut Slavery Breast play Maledom Edging Birth Fear-Induced Ovulation

Last post by Griz (14 January at 07:22 PM)

2 · 57

A most peculiar barmaid you have there... · public roleplay

Rara, the exotic sex slave has just escaped her master's harem, and she has found refuge under the magical guise of a human girl. She has taken up serving as a barmaid in a tavern infamous for their disreputable and sexually brazen clientèle. Aside from her boss, who likes to use her from time to time, and a few insolent customers, she is being paid, unsalable and sexually off-limits to any customer, and she slowly is getting back her self esteem as the months go by, hoping to have escaped from slavery for good.

When a most disconcerting customer comes into the tavern, not being that what she seems to be, as Rara, herself being of a different form than she seems, realizes after a while. Dreadful memories return to her...

interests: Sex Nonconsensual Cum play Breath play Oral sex Saliva Humiliation Deepthroat Displacement Sweat Collaring Worship Ownership Collecting Vomiting Odorants Cuddling Testicle play Stretching Dubious consent Handjobs Outercourse Fingering Licking Kissing Kidnapping Body fluid addiction Degradation Heat play Teasing Cunnilingus Fellatio Rough handling Sexual objectification Magical binding Slavery Magic use Breast play Femdom Fear-Induced Ovulation Character Contrast

Last post by Rara Venusta (07 January at 06:50 PM)

2 · 225

A feathered slut in the elven Queen's grasp · public roleplay

Ophelia has found this slutty harpy roaming in her woods, and is now planning to make her one of her Throne-Sluts...

interests: Sex Story Nonconsensual Cum play Oral sex Saliva Deepthroat Displacement Sweat Collaring Worship Ownership Collecting Odorants Testicle play Stretching Dubious consent Fingering Licking Kidnapping Body fluid addiction Degradation Fellatio Hair pulling Rough handling Sexual objectification Magical binding Telepathy Slavery Magic use Breast play Femdom Oral knotting Character Contrast

Last post by Ophelia, the Queen of Bramble (03 January at 10:20 AM)

2 · 96

The Fox and the Tentacle Hive · public roleplay

Ahri needs a place to get away from the rain what happens upon a cave. Upon exploring it, turns out it's home to a sentient, intelligent tentacle hive! Not being one of strong morals unless there something in it for her, she sexes the monster instead of slaying it. Lewd friendship ensues.

interests: Sex Consensual Friendship Oral sex Anal sex Vaginal sex Bondage Gaping Deepthroat Casual sex Bonding Cervical play Stretching Outercourse Dirty talking Licking Tentacle sex Squirting Degradation Female impregnation Fellatio Smut Breast play

Last post by Krates (30 December 16 at 03:42 PM)

2 · 10