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Illadore · public roleplay

Nestled within the fabric of time and space, the Illadore hotel resides in a secluded pocket dimension accessible solely through a labyrinth of portals, serving as anchors to myriad existing dimensions. Its colossal structure boasts an array of rooms and floors, seemingly extending infinitely, offering unparalleled attractions and luxuries for an indulgent hotel experience.

Now, the only question seems to be- Who is the elusive owner of this seemingly abandoned building?

interests: Combat Story World-building Displacement Guarding Hunting Reality manipulation Character development Illusion Summoning Character Contrast Power Fantasy

Last post by Tensei Agami (07:01 AM)

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Any normal role-play. · public roleplay

looking for some people, who are willing to rp a bit due to boredom

Last post by Michi (Thursday at 02:18 PM)

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The Ruby Belle Nightspot ( 18+ , public ) · public roleplay

Come hang out at Ruby Belle, a newly restored nightspot for all your drinking and breeding needs! Explore a nice, newly polished bar, drink selection, and, most importantly, our breeding facilities!

interests: Sex Pregnancy Cum play Vaginal sex Casual sex Oviposition Lactation Male impregnation Female impregnation Alcohol use Birth Breeding

Last post by Percy Johnson (16 May at 05:23 PM)

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Welcome to hotel Illadore! · public roleplay

interests: Story Drama Romance Adventure Growth Friendship Rivalry Guarding Traveling Tending Lying Teasing Necromancy Magic use Power Fantasy

Last post by Azrael Fyre (26 April at 02:51 PM)

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Jess · public roleplay

PM if you are a sweet dom/domme looking to take a girl's virginity and explore sex with her

interests: Sex Story Romance Consensual Cum play Food play Tickling Friendship Breath play Oral sex Anal sex Vaginal sex Bondage Realism Clothed sex Spanking Aftercare Bonding Cuddling Rimming Tactile play Handjobs Outercourse Fingering Belly play Licking Kissing Biting Carrying Sex toys Premature pullout Orgasm control Teasing Masturbation Cunnilingus Fellatio Ass play Defloration Hair pulling Rough handling Maledom Edging Body writing Breeding Socks/Stockings Mouth gags

Last post by Toshinori ` (19 April at 09:53 PM)

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From Enemies To Lovers · public roleplay

From Enemies to lovers!!! One is a bully, one is the victim. One day the bully grows feelings For the victim? Will you embrace Them?

interests: Combat Sex Drama Violence Humiliation Pain Crushing Jealousy Blackmail Verbal abuse Cuddling Discrimination Intimidation Dirty talking Kissing Lying Public humiliation Duelling Character development Alcohol use Cursing

Last post by Female Deku (10 April at 04:44 PM)

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The Town Called Celium · public roleplay

interests: Combat Drama World-building Adventure Competition Cloning Body swapping Unrealistic melee Melee weapons combat Character development Alchemy Mediumship Magic use Power draining

Last post by Deus Ensi (02 March at 03:46 AM)

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Sl!tty neko · public roleplay

You can do whatever you'd like to me~ dm me if interested

interests: BDSM Sex Nonconsensual Consensual Food play Oral sex Anal sex Vaginal sex Bondage Multiple anal penetration Deepthroat Multiple vaginal penetration Casual sex Ownership Spanking Flogging Group sex Aftercare Ear play Multiple penetration Cuddling Handjobs Dirty talking Fingering Licking Kissing Biting Sex toys Squirting Premature pullout Premature ejaculation Tail play Knife play Female impregnation Teasing Face slapping Condoms Masturbation Hair pulling Multiple oral penetration Meta-BDSM Breast play Femdom Electrostimulation Socks/Stockings Mouth gags

Last post by Mitsu the crow (03 January at 07:08 AM)

53 · 547

【New Ocalały】 · public roleplay

Welcome to New Ocalały! The biggest city in existence for meta-humans, psychic users and more!

Be a simple citizen who follows their normal day in peace! Break the plain daily routine and become a troublemaker and cause chaos at will! Or maybe even start your own gang following their own ideals. But be prepared, because the law is ready to do anything to keep New Ocalały’s name as the safest city in the world!

Last post by Charlotte Nightwood (16 December 23 at 10:06 PM)

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The mysterious forest · public roleplay

interests: Adultery

Last post by deth von gold (12 December 23 at 08:56 PM)

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Rosswood Park · public roleplay

I want people to RP with

Last post by Yu (12 December 23 at 08:37 PM)

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The private office of Dr Nalla · public roleplay

Last post by Percy Johnson (02 December 23 at 05:24 PM)

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Valgate, a city for all! · public roleplay

interests: Combat Sex Drama Romance Adventure Religion Courtship Rivalry Prayer Purification Jealousy Marriage Competition Domestic service Guarding Trading Hunting Stealing Traveling Bonding Language barrier Survival Warfare Discrimination

Last post by Toby (25 November 23 at 03:44 AM)

51 · 1000

Inter-Dimensional Labyrinth of Infinity, Hotel · public roleplay

Pocket Dimension Hotel run by a clown, what else can I say?

Last post by Andrew Darkangel (25 November 23 at 02:47 AM)

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☽ The Moonlit Meadow ☾ · public roleplay

☽ A Roleplay based of a post-apocalyptic, a group of teens find each other lost and in a seemingly zombie-ridden meadow. Surrounded by danger, Trauma and the "Leaders" lust for power. This is also sort of based of the backrooms so feel free to incorporate any sort of monster or anything, Even levels hopefully im looking to add, But yeah, Please try keep this place active and a clean safe space for all! (If you want to do anything smutty thats cool i meant no nasty like, Super hard/super harsh kinks) ☾

interests: Story Adventure Survival Smut

Last post by Project Nero (23 November 23 at 06:32 AM)

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The orphanage on Nightmare street (non-sexual!!!) · public roleplay

This orphanage is not like the others this one is more like a prison to children who are.... Well different, very different whether they have powers, animal features, are actually animals (furries), are supernatural, paranormal, and so on... These children despite being different, just want normal and loving homes instead of the hell run orphanage they reside in... Who or what would you adopt?

(Also if you are a kid character wishing for placement please make a profile with your name, age, gender, and what you are that makes you different please and thank you!) (Also while we'll gladly take more kids we need lovable adults to come adopt some of us please!)

interests: Story Drama Consensual Mind control Violence Adventure Tickling Friendship Pain Spanking Punishment Jealousy Imprisonment Hunting Bonding Cuddling Mentoring Tending Licking Kissing Biting Carrying Hypnosis Lying Teasing Character development Hair pulling Telekinesis Teleportation Telepathy Subliminal mind control Character Contrast Breastfeeding

Last post by Aveena Loner (11 November 23 at 05:47 PM)

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The Pokemon Forest · public roleplay

Somewhere in this Pokemon world, there is a deep, never ending forest filled with plant life, small fields, and bodies of water of different types. It welcomes visitors of all kinds: Pokemon, Pokemon trainers, and even ones that don't live in the world where this forest resides. Who knows what could happen in these lively parts. Perhaps there are secrets waiting to be discovered as well... (Note: Do keep in mind that sexual stuff and death aren't allowed. There can be kissing and cuddling and such, and battles are fine, but nothing too extreme. Kinks are fine, as long as they aren't over the top, though some kinks might be restricted.)

Last post by Digital Birdy (18 October 23 at 10:44 PM)

16 · 154

ZONE 5 · public roleplay

The newest ZONE to the nothingness, with me as the gaurdian^^. Anyone is welcome, anything is welcomed to be done here...don't abuse this privilege

Last post by Sharon (17 October 23 at 01:21 PM)

48 · 1235

The new household pet · public roleplay

Located in California's eastern forest, a group of men find a way to capture the pet everyone wants to get their hands on, Liz, still pretty young (Can range from 17-25), wouldn't go down without a fight. By the time she is captured and brought to training, she was just a silent girl with the ears and tail of a wolf. A few weeks after being beaten into submission, she was shipped to an auction that you buy her from. Your new pet; What will happen to her in your hands?~

Last post by Charlotte Nightwood (22 September 23 at 03:24 PM)

8 · 382

For everyone who came from rpchatz! Join here! · public roleplay

Last post by Charlotte Nightwood (16 September 23 at 03:02 AM)

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The endless forest · public roleplay

Decided to make a random "stranded in the middle of nowhere" game. All are welcome.

interests: Combat Sex Story World-building Adventure Isolation Hunting Traveling Survival Realistic melee Unarmed combat Character development Magic use Peril

Last post by Charlotte Nightwood (14 September 23 at 03:19 PM)

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Possessive s/o Sees bruise · public roleplay

One role player is very possessive and likes to mark their s/o up. When they see a bruise on s/o’s thigh they get jealous.

Last post by Lia Storm (22 July 23 at 02:11 AM)

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Teacher x Student · public roleplay

A perverted teacher seduces a student when caught masterbating.

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Super Smash Bros. Arena, the · public roleplay

The Super Smash Bros. Arena. In a nexus where worlds collide, trophies are imbued with the souls of significant figures from those battles, called forth to battle. They battle for sport. They battle to test their resolve. And sometimes, they battle to preserve the very fate of this nexus and the worlds from which they hail.

interests: Combat Story World-building Soft vore Adventure Friendship Displacement Guarding Traveling Survival Unrealistic melee Unarmed combat Melee weapons combat Ranged combat Duelling Vehicular combat Magic use Peril Character Contrast

Last post by absoluteIdiot (01 January 23 at 11:58 PM)

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shit · public roleplay

Last post by Sergei (20 December 22 at 02:05 AM)

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