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Terms of Service

Last updated February 6th, 2015

0. Hi!

We know you don't want to read dry legalese. Litphoria is still a smaller site and can't justify the cost of one of those really boring documents, so, lucky you! But you still have to read this and agree to it to use the site. We'll try to make it as painless as possible!

Quick summaries will appear like this.

1. Agreements

In order to use litphoria ("the site" from here on out), litphoria staff ("we", yup, another short-hand) needs you to agree to a few things.

  • You must have the legal authority to even agree to this agreement in the first place.
  • You must be at least 13 years old to use the site at large, and at least 18 years old to access any adult material on the site.
  • You must be making an account for yourself, and not anyone else.
  • And only one account, at that.
  • You must be a human with a pulse! Bots are awesome, but leave them to use the (future) API.
  • You must not use the site to do anything illegal, fraudulent, or otherwise abusive or exploitative.
  • You are responsible for the safety and integrity of your account. We encourage you to pick a strong, unique password.
Accounts should be made for you and only you. We'll do our part to keep your account safe, just meet us half way!

2. Privacy

Litphoria takes your privacy very seriously. We require some data from you to set up your account and enable to use the site. As all of your uploaded materials are hosted on our servers, we'd like you to know how this data is handled.

  • IP addresses are stored for 1 week (7 days) per request to our servers. The site uses 3rd party tools to track and gather statistical data. This collected data is not able to be traced to your account and is purely for statical and site health measuring.
  • Your account information is not shared with any other users or other third parties. Your e-mail address, once verified, will be used to send confirmations and helpful notifications about activity on the site. For example, your e-mail address may be used to notify you that your account's password has been reset.
  • Your profile information (provided it is made public) is exposed through the site's API and can be viewed by anyone.
  • Any writing or content you submit to the site is only maintained for as long as you keep it there. Some content on the site can be deleted at your whim, but deleting content in areas like roleplays request consent of all involved.
  • Regular backups are made of the site's database in case of catastrophe, and these are held for 1 week (7 days). Therefore, it may take up to 7 days before any information you request to be deleted to be completely removed from the site's logs and servers.
  • Your private writing and content are not shared with any third parties. However, it may be periodically scanned to ensure the site is not being used for illegal activities, and your private content may be exposed to us for review if another user reports that your content is breaking the site's rules.
  • You may request a deletion of your account and data relating to it. This process may be delayed if your account is currently being investigated for breaching this agreement or other site rules, and data such as roleplay posts may only be anonymized, instead of completely deleted.

Your information is safe and secure with us. Content you upload is logged and backed-up for one week. You may request a closure of your account.

3. Rules

While we do not wish to limit your creativity, we must apply some requirements to the content you upload to comply with state and federal laws. We also place some restrictions on content which other users use and interact with.


  • Profiles not indicated as sexual may not under any circumstances have any sexual or explicit imagery.
  • No real-life images of underage characters. If it is not clear if a person in the image is underage (so called "jail bait"), it will assumed to be underage.
  • No real-life images of bestiality. Real life animal pictures are acceptable, but must not be sexual in nature.
  • No real-life images of otherwise illegal activities, such as illicit drug use, where "illegal" is defined by US law.
  • Real life images may not be reposted from any social media site. Images don't have to professional, but don't just yank them off of someone's feed.
  • Avatar thumb nails must not contain any explicit or sexual imagery. Avatars must be relevant to a profile or character.
  • You must own or have permission to reproduce any images you upload to the site.
No bestiality, no kiddie porn, no rockin' out with your you-know-what-out in your avatar.


  • All structured writing, such as that on profiles and roleplays, must not contain sexual or explicit content unless it is indicated to contain such content.
  • All writing, public or private, must obey by the site's rules, and must not be written either in bad faith or in attempt to defame, humiliate, or otherwise trouble other users.
  • Your writing is not allowed to impersonate or pose as another user.
  • Your writing may contain material which is otherwise forbidden under the rules and TOS. You are allowed to write about illegal drug use, for example. However, such writings must be clearly in character. If there is any doubt, it will be assumed to be out of character and removed.
Be nice! Make sure to mark any sexual writing as sexual.


  • Profile names must be safe for work and suitable for minors.
  • Profile names may not contain any racial, sexual, or otherwise offensive slurs (see point one).
  • Profiles may not impersonate other users.
  • Profiles must represent a character or roleplaying implement.
Be nice! Make sure to mark any sexual profiles as sexual.

4. Content Licensing

By uploading content to our site, you are granting us permission to host and manage your content as is necessary. This is purely so that we can provide services for you, such as displaying your last content submitted to an area of the site. Content submitted to the site will not be used to advertise and will not be submitted to third parties. You still own, and are responsible for, content uploaded to the site.

You still own your content when it is uploaded to us, but we are allowed to manage your data in ways to provide you with better services.

5. Your behavior

Communications with other users must be civil and not in any way intending to abuse, impersonate, bully, humiliate, or otherwise subjugate other users. You must never contact a user in bad faith. Every user is responsible for the health of the site's community. Let's have an awesome site full of awesome people.

Be nice! You're here to make some awesome writing with some awesome people, so be an awesome person to them.

6. The Site

While we try, we cannot possibly moderate and observe every piece of content that is uploaded to the site. We're busy enough keeping the lights on and pushing out awesome new features for you! With this in mind, keep the following in mind when reading content on the site.

  • Content is not guaranteed or obligated to be accurate.
  • Users are responsible for the content they upload.
  • Users may post links to external resources or other sites. Litphoria is not responsible for any content found on such links.
  • Content on the site may not be available for any number of reasons, and may be taken down at any time.
  • Errors in the site may result in loss of content. We are not responsible for loss of content, and we encourage you to make backups of sensitive content.
  • The site may experience downtime, which may result in loss of content or other issues. We are not responsible for any loss of content or issues arising from attempting to use the site while it is currently down.
  • All content and services are provided on a "as-is" basis. You take it or leave it.
  • Services on the site may be added, tweaked, or removed without prior notification or warning.
The site is awesome, but may not always be up for you to use. We can't help data loss in these situations. Also, users might lie or upload naughty things.

7. Modifications

We reserve the right to modify the terms of use on the site as we see fit. We try to give ample warning when modifications will be made, but modifications may happen for legal or sanity reasons without warning. You will be notified and forced to agree with any modifications to this agreement before you can continue to use the site. If you disagree with changes made to the agreement, you may request deletion of your data.

We will try our best to keep you in the loop for any changes.

8. Take down notices

We respect copyright, and you should too. If you see your copyright or other property rights being infringed upon, you may issue a take down notice at We require a statement made in good faith which clearly identifies the content and its location on the site, and expresses that the content was uploaded illegally without permission of the copyright owner or any of its agents. We reserve the right to remove any such infringing content immediately.

Only upload content you are legally allowed to upload.

9. Agreement breaches

We reserve the right to restrict or limit your access to the site as necessary upon breach of this agreement or any site rules. We reserve the right to monitor your account more closely upon breaches to ensure the health and safety of the site. Such actions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Your account may be suspended until further notice.
  • You may receive a warning about your behavior.
  • You may receive a chance to dispute any administrative actions taken against your account.
  • Your account may be placed on probation where your account's actions are tied to the requesting IP.
  • Your account may be placed on probation where your account's messages to other users are monitored.
  • Your account may be placed on probation where you are not able to send messages to other users.
  • Your account may be placed on probation where you are not allowed to upload new images to the site.
We respect your privacy, but your privacy may be restricted if you break the site's rules or TOS. Be nice!