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Last updated February 6th, 2015

While we do not wish to limit your creativity, we must apply some requirements to the content you upload to comply with state and federal laws. We also place some restrictions on content which other users use and interact with.


  • Profiles not indicated as sexual may not under any circumstances have any sexual or explicit imagery.
  • No real-life images of underage characters. If it is not clear if a person in the image is underage (so called "jail bait"), it will assumed to be underage.
  • No real-life images of bestiality. Real life animal pictures are acceptable, but must not be sexual in nature.
  • No real-life images of otherwise illegal activities, such as illicit drug use.
  • Real life images may not be reposted from any social media site. Images don't have to professional, but don't just yank them off of someone's feed.
  • Avatar thumb nails must not contain any explicit or sexual imagery. Avatars must be relevant to a profile or character.
  • You must own or have permission to reproduce any images you upload to the site.
No bestiality, no kiddie porn, no rockin' out with your you-know-what-out in your avatar.


  • All structured writing, such as that on profiles and roleplays, must not contain sexual or explicit content unless it is indicated to contain such content.
  • All writing, public or private, must obey by the site's rules, and must not be written either in bad faith or in attempt to defame, humiliate, or otherwise trouble other users.
  • Your writing is not allowed to impersonate or pose as another user.
  • Your writing may contain material which is otherwise forbidden under the rules and TOS. You are allowed to write about illegal drug use, for example. However, such writings must be clearly in character. If there is any doubt, it will be assumed to be out of character and removed.
Be nice! Make sure to mark any sexual writing as sexual.


  • Profile names must be safe for work and suitable for minors.
  • Profile names may not contain any racial, sexual, or otherwise offensive slurs (see point one).
  • Profiles may not impersonate other users.
  • Profiles must represent a character or roleplaying implement.
Be nice! Make sure to mark any sexual profiles as sexual.