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Litphoria HQ · public chat

Official litphoria channel for help and idle chit-chat.

Last post by Cat (Tuesday at 02:03 PM)

Arbor Park · public chat

A cozy meeting place surrounded by a vague shifting landscape. Rolling hills meet beautiful meadows, sandy beaches fade into ancient ruins, and groves of bamboo give way to abstract alien environments. Creatures and beings of every shape and size roam freely. A city, a tea house, a prison cell - the only limit to the park's terrain is the imagination of those who to venture into it.

( IC/OOC general chat and RP. Come on in to gush over your favorite hentai artists, or pick a setting and dive into the park! )

interests: Sex Story Character development Smut

Last post by Wrecked Avent (25 March at 10:36 PM)

Nightfall Academy · public chat

The world's premiere institution of all things mighty and magical! High fantasy welcome, OC high fantasy even more welcome.

interests: Combat BDSM Sex Story Drama World-building Transformation Soft vore Romance Nonconsensual Consensual Mind control Pregnancy Foot play Violence Adventure Inflation Cum play Food play Weight gain Unbirth Watersports Scat Growth Corruption Tickling Friendship Medical play Breath play Oral sex Anal sex Saliva Vaginal sex Adultery Bondage Realism Humiliation Clothed sex Gaping Multiple anal penetration Deepthroat Multiple vaginal penetration Religion Domesticity Casual sex Pain Filth Courtship Displacement Death Crushing Sweat Underwear Endosoma All the way through Stalking Rivalry Drugs Orgasm denial Collaring Worship Genital abuse Animal play Role reversal Ownership Celibacy Spanking Prayer Sounding Purification Sacrifice Isolation Sensory denial Flogging Auctioning Punishment Jealousy Group sex Prostitution Aftercare Marriage Competition Domestic service Guarding Trading Imprisonment Cloning Hunting Blackmail Ear play Injecting Stealing Traveling Collecting Vomiting Somnophilia Exhibitionism Nipple penetration Crossdressing Bonding Cervical play Odorants Multiple penetration Incest Language barrier Verbal abuse Cuddling Diaper play Blood play Surgery Piercing Splitting Docking Cutting Rimming Sexism Performing Body alteration Survival Warfare Nose play Orientation play Ageplay Testicle play Stretching Discrimination Tactile play Hard vore Cooking Modeling Mentoring Oviposition Lactation Dubious consent Handjobs Shrinking Intimidation Outercourse Dirty talking Fingering Feminization Edgeplay Tending Belly play Licking Kissing Biting Carrying Reality manipulation Hypnosis Body swapping Sex toys Espionage Tentacle sex Male impregnation Kidnapping Lying Body puppeting Body fluid addiction Assassination Mental age regression Physical age regression Sheath play Squirting Sabotage Degradation Premature pullout Heat play Knot thrusting Premature ejaculation Genital knotting Drug addiction Masculinization Tail play Orgasm control Size play Knife play Fisting Female impregnation Unrealistic melee Realistic melee Facesitting Bimbofication Auto-oral Teasing Cloacal kissing Breast enhancement Exercising Footgear worship Unarmed combat Melee weapons combat Ranged combat Public humiliation Face slapping Condoms Rebellion Masturbation Duelling Cunnilingus Fellatio Character development Ass play Alcohol use Defloration Tobacco use Hair pulling Aphrodisiacs Tribadism Necrophilia Contortionism Rough handling Atavism Torture Pegging Vehicular combat Objectification Sexual objectification Multiple oral penetration Mutilation Alchemy Mediumship Necromancy Telekinesis Sigilism Blessing Ritual Cursing Illusion Enchanting Summoning Teleportation Magical binding Telepathy Frottage Disguise Smut Slavery Magic use Power draining Meta-BDSM Breast play Maledom Femdom Edging Oral knotting Electrostimulation Body writing Subliminal mind control Birth Foreskin play Fear-Induced Ovulation Peril Wetting Character Contrast Breeding Breastfeeding Induced Ovulation Socks/Stockings Large insertions Superfetation Latex Power Fantasy Mouth gags

Last post by Leon Durante (25 March at 07:33 PM)

Adult Main Channel · public chat

interests: Nonconsensual Consensual Dubious consent

Last post by Cat (25 March at 10:13 AM)

Jungle of the Lizard Tribe · public chat

Do you like lizards? Do you like snakes? Do you like dinosaurs? Do you like worshiping them? Then come on down to the Jungle of the Lizard Tribe, where you can find all of these things and not less.

interests: Soft vore Friendship Deepthroat Displacement Worship Imprisonment Hunting Testicle play Hypnosis Slavery

Last post by Quenthell (22 March at 05:12 AM)

A strange multi-dimensional battle · public chat

interests: Combat Adventure Competition Collecting Assassination Melee weapons combat Character development Alchemy Character Contrast

Last post by Sierra (19 March at 03:15 PM)

Ageplay · public chat

All cute young characters and older characters that like them, come have some fun and maybe find yourself a partner!

interests: Tickling Spanking Incest Cuddling Ageplay Carrying

Last post by Trina (19 March at 02:44 PM)

Fight & Fuck · public chat

T-1 Combat oriented room with a "to the victor go the spoils" theme.

interests: Combat Nonconsensual Violence Humiliation Pain Competition Warfare Unrealistic melee Realistic melee Unarmed combat Melee weapons combat Vehicular combat Power draining

Last post by Quenthell (09 March at 11:32 PM)

Help · public chat

If you need help, come here!

Last post by Bopp (05 March at 06:58 AM)

Stephanos demonic realm · public chat

interests: Soft vore

No posts made yet

Furry roleplay chat · public chat

Last post by Miao (07 February at 11:27 PM)

Sci-Fi · public chat

interests: Story World-building Adventure

Last post by Winterborn (30 January at 06:35 PM)

Secondary Channel · public chat

A secondary 'main chat', for those times you don't want to interrupt.

Last post by Winterborn (30 January at 06:34 PM)

Kinky · public chat

Just come and have some fun

interests: BDSM Sex Romance Nonconsensual Consensual Violence Cum play Friendship Anal sex Vaginal sex Bondage Humiliation Clothed sex Multiple anal penetration Deepthroat Multiple vaginal penetration Casual sex Pain Crushing Orgasm denial Collaring Spanking Sensory denial Flogging Auctioning Punishment Group sex Aftercare Domestic service Imprisonment Hunting Bonding Multiple penetration Verbal abuse Cuddling Cutting Ageplay Stretching Cooking Handjobs Intimidation Dirty talking Fingering Edgeplay Kissing Biting Tentacle sex Body puppeting Squirting Orgasm control Fisting Auto-oral Public humiliation Face slapping Masturbation Character development Ass play Hair pulling Rough handling Sexual objectification Multiple oral penetration Smut Slavery Meta-BDSM Breast play Edging Electrostimulation Large insertions Mouth gags

Last post by Roli (26 December 19 at 09:22 PM)

Undertale · public chat

looking for fun times with fun people!

Last post by Trina (18 December 19 at 06:58 PM)

Digital World · public chat

interests: Combat Sex Story Adventure Friendship Casual sex Bonding

Last post by Gaza (03 December 19 at 05:52 PM)

Fantastic Forest · public chat

A forest bordering a village. It's full of magic stuff, random encounters, and boss battles. Happy adventuring!

interests: World-building Adventure

Last post by Eunice (01 November 19 at 03:20 PM)

It Chapter Two Roleplay [Loser's Club] · public chat

interests: Sex Romance Consensual Friendship Adultery Drugs Verbal abuse Cuddling Cutting Kissing Alcohol use Tobacco use Cursing Smut

No posts made yet

Modern Real life fantasy? · public chat

interests: Romance Worship Cuddling Kissing Mental age regression

No posts made yet

An Unsung War · public chat

interests: Combat World-building Violence Adventure Realism Warfare Realistic melee Melee weapons combat Ranged combat Character development Vehicular combat

No posts made yet

Hentai Slut Party House · public chat

interests: BDSM Sex Story Romance Consensual Foot play Cum play Food play Friendship Oral sex Anal sex Vaginal sex Adultery Bondage Deepthroat Multiple vaginal penetration Casual sex Filth Collaring Worship Spanking Group sex Prostitution Domestic service Imprisonment Blackmail Exhibitionism Cuddling Piercing Survival Cooking Lactation Handjobs Dirty talking Fingering Edgeplay Kissing Biting Sex toys Kidnapping Squirting Degradation Premature pullout Premature ejaculation Tail play Orgasm control Auto-oral Cloacal kissing Unarmed combat Face slapping Masturbation Cunnilingus Character development Alcohol use Hair pulling Sexual objectification Multiple oral penetration Telekinesis Slavery Breast play Electrostimulation Subliminal mind control Breastfeeding Mouth gags

No posts made yet

Ferals/Quadrupeds · public chat

interests: Sex Story Animal play

Last post by Lupe (26 July 19 at 08:57 PM)

Pokénoms · public chat

Pokémon. Pocketal Monsters. Pokémon are the predators. Or prey. Or humans are the prey. Basically, Pokémon (or Digimon!) come here to eat other Pokémon (or Digimon, or humans). I mean, we all get hungry, don't we? And we all have our place on the food chain. And those that are lower on the tier must know their place inside the bigger fish.

It's Pokémon and vore. Pokévore.

interests: Soft vore Saliva Endosoma Hunting Licking Biting

Last post by Braixen (20 July 19 at 07:52 PM)

Crime Pays in the Outer Rim · public chat

In a galaxy far, far away...from any sort of decent taco barn, exist a myriad of alien races, and, for some reason, humans. Some shoot laser guns, other wield laser swords, some have psychokinetic powers of some sort, but just about 95% of the population is inexplicably tied up in some sort of criminal industry. The other 5% are politicians, so that's about 100% criminals there.

Bhurar Ro'q and his subordinate plaything, Jhi'lal, are just two of said criminals, striving to make a name for themselves in the pro-humanist expansions of the Nazi-tacular Empire, say, roughly around about Episode V. Smuggling is their racket, although their personal greed is conflicted with how willing rebellion groups are to shell out top credit to give the

interests: Combat Sex Story World-building Adventure Casual sex Stealing Language barrier Survival Warfare Discrimination Dubious consent Espionage Sabotage Vehicular combat Telekinesis Slavery Peril

Last post by Brandon Westwoods (19 July 19 at 03:42 AM)

Curvy Ladies · public chat

interests: Combat Transformation Consensual Pregnancy Adventure Corruption Vaginal sex Adultery Humiliation Clothed sex Deepthroat Casual sex Courtship Death Crushing Drugs Collaring Ownership Spanking Isolation Jealousy Competition Imprisonment Cloning Collecting Exhibitionism Crossdressing Incest Language barrier Cuddling Docking Orientation play Testicle play Discrimination Cooking Lactation Dubious consent Intimidation Dirty talking Feminization Edgeplay Kissing Reality manipulation Sex toys Espionage Tentacle sex Kidnapping Assassination Degradation Drug addiction Knife play Unrealistic melee Public humiliation Face slapping Condoms Rebellion Duelling Fellatio Character development Sexual objectification Cursing Illusion Enchanting Magical binding Disguise Power draining Breast play Femdom Edging Body writing Peril Power Fantasy

Last post by Caellach Ironarm (15 July 19 at 08:18 PM)