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The Demetrios Inn · public chat

The Demetrios Inn sits on a ranch on the outskirts of the city. They can board their mounts and rest at the inn, and partake of Daria's infamous hospitality~ She makes sure to take care of her guests' every need, and the needs of their mounts as well~! Breeding is encouraged (for a fee), and the milk and cum of the waitresses and studs who work there are available for consumption. All are welcome at the Demetrios Inn~!

interests: BDSM Sex World-building Transformation Consensual Pregnancy Adventure Cum play Unbirth Growth Corruption Oral sex Anal sex Saliva Vaginal sex Bondage Clothed sex Gaping Multiple anal penetration Deepthroat Multiple vaginal penetration Casual sex Sweat Drugs Collaring Animal play Spanking Purification Punishment Prostitution Injecting Traveling Exhibitionism Nipple penetration Crossdressing Bonding Cervical play Multiple penetration Incest Cuddling Piercing Rimming Body alteration Testicle play Stretching Oviposition Lactation Dubious consent Handjobs Outercourse Dirty talking Fingering Licking Kissing Sex toys Body fluid addiction Sheath play Squirting Knot thrusting Genital knotting Drug addiction Tail play Size play Fisting Female impregnation Facesitting Bimbofication Teasing Breast enhancement Public humiliation Masturbation Cunnilingus Fellatio Character development Ass play Aphrodisiacs Tribadism Rough handling Alchemy Enchanting Summoning Magical binding Smut Slavery Magic use Breast play Oral knotting Body writing Foreskin play Breeding Breastfeeding

Last post by Victoria Mountbatten (03:28 PM)

Mainline Station · public chat

Last post by Victoria Everett (03:27 PM)

Ada's Bar and Grill! · public chat

interests: Sex World-building Consensual Casual sex Bonding Ageplay Dubious consent Character development Alcohol use Breeding

Last post by Noxi Rose (02:08 PM)

Casual Smut · public chat

Casual sex and conversation. Not necessarily in that order. Feel free to have some fun, or talk about having fun.

Last post by Amy (08:46 AM)

Futanari Hotsprings · public chat

interests: BDSM Sex Story Romance Nonconsensual Consensual Aftercare

Last post by Poppy O'Possum (03:36 AM)

Fantastic Furred Beasts and Where To Find Them · public chat

Litphoria's hub for furries and smut related RP. 18+ channel.

Last post by Poppy O'Possum (03:35 AM)

Arbor Park · public chat

A cozy meeting place surrounded by a vague shifting landscape. Rolling hills meet beautiful meadows, sandy beaches fade into ancient ruins, and groves of bamboo give way to abstract alien environments. Creatures and beings of every shape and size roam freely. A city, a tea house, a prison cell - the only limit to the park's terrain is the imagination of those who to venture into it.

( IC/OOC general chat and RP. Come on in to gush over your favorite hentai artists, or pick a setting and dive into the park! )

interests: Sex Story Character development Smut

Last post by gguy123 (Last Friday at 11:13 PM)

Adult Main Channel · public chat

interests: Nonconsensual Consensual Dubious consent

Last post by Ricky (Last Thursday at 10:36 PM)

Equestria · public chat

Last post by Algidus (Last Wednesday at 07:50 AM)

V3: Ero-Empires Discussion/OOC · public chat

Last post by The Growth (Last Tuesday at 10:06 PM)

Litphoria HQ · public chat

Official litphoria channel for help and idle chit-chat.

Last post by Salem Aldous (Last Tuesday at 06:31 PM)

/Music/ · public chat

Like to fill your ears with noise? Tap your feet and wiggle to a beat? Maybe even bash your head against a wall to sick ass riff? Come on down to the music channel! We welcome discussions about artists, songs, albums, and of course, amazing finds of music. Every one is welcomed, and everything is accepted~

Last post by Ricky (Last Tuesday at 05:59 PM)

The breeding grounds · public chat

A meeting grounds for people who just love to make babies!

interests: Breeding

Last post by Kyle D. (Last Monday at 02:01 AM)

Making Litphoria better - OOC · public chat

We need to find a way to make this site bigger and well known. Don't want it to die.

Last post by Cassidy Blane (Last Sunday at 04:14 PM)

Spooky Meadows · public chat

interests: Story World-building Isolation Mediumship Necromancy Ritual Summoning Magical binding Magic use Subliminal mind control

Last post by Eunice (16 June at 02:12 PM)

The Political Party · public chat

This is a general-use overflow room for political conversation and debate that becomes too intense for elsewhere. Keep a reasonably calm head in here. (There's drinks and a disco ball!)

interests: Dirty talking Espionage Rebellion Alcohol use

Last post by Minerva (12 June at 05:39 PM)

Gorean RP Chat · public chat

looking for fun times with fun people!

interests: Combat BDSM Sex Drama Consensual Adventure Bondage Realism Humiliation Displacement Rivalry Collaring Role reversal Ownership Spanking Isolation Flogging Auctioning Punishment Jealousy Aftercare Competition Imprisonment Blackmail Collecting Exhibitionism Language barrier Cuddling Piercing Sexism Performing Survival Discrimination Cooking Dubious consent Intimidation Belly play Kissing Biting Sex toys Kidnapping Degradation Realistic melee

Last post by Quenthell (11 June at 06:53 PM)

Fight & Fuck · public chat

T-1 Combat oriented room with a "to the victor go the spoils" theme.

interests: Combat Nonconsensual Violence Humiliation Pain Competition Warfare Unrealistic melee Realistic melee Unarmed combat Melee weapons combat Vehicular combat Power draining

Last post by Ryuko Matoi (07 June at 11:02 PM)

CAHniverse! · public chat

CAHniverse is a unique RP that usually includes and may revolve around events that take place during in-character party games! The "CAH" in CAHniverse is from Cards Against Humanity, but it's far from the only game we play. Among our ranks include OCs and canon characters, and we're always looking for people interested in our strange, almost sitcom-like universe.

interests: Combat Story Drama Transformation Romance Consensual Violence Friendship Oral sex Anal sex Vaginal sex Humiliation Deepthroat Domesticity Casual sex Rivalry Drugs Spanking Jealousy Group sex Marriage Ear play Stealing Exhibitionism Crossdressing Language barrier Cuddling Rimming Orientation play Cooking Mentoring Dubious consent Handjobs Intimidation Dirty talking Fingering Edgeplay Kissing Sex toys Espionage Kidnapping Lying Squirting Knife play Facesitting Condoms Masturbation Cunnilingus Character development Alcohol use Tobacco use Aphrodisiacs Rough handling Pegging Mediumship Necromancy Illusion Magical binding Frottage Disguise Magic use Femdom Electrostimulation

Last post by Simon Blackquill (07 June at 09:20 AM)

Looking for RP partners. · public chat

Last post by Oliver Highborne (07 June at 09:00 AM)

Ferals/Bestiality · public chat

interests: Sex Story Animal play

Last post by Fox Chris (06 June at 01:25 PM)

Super New Fox Looking for Friends · public chat

No posts made yet

Overwatch! · public chat

Hang out with the members of Overwatch! You don't need to be a character yourself to enjoy their company!

interests: Story World-building Adventure Smut

Last post by Reinhardt (28 May at 05:05 PM)

Akihabara Solaris Bld. 9F · public chat

RP room regarding the lives of wannabe idols and their wannabe producer. Oh and creepy fans, they're a given.

interests: Performing Modeling

Last post by Mirai Faren (13 May at 06:16 AM)

Malleable Setting Hangout Room · public chat

interests: Adventure Friendship Bonding Smut

Last post by Jack Curst (11 May at 11:30 PM)