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Arbor Park · public chat

A cozy meeting place surrounded by a vague shifting landscape. Rolling hills meet beautiful meadows, sandy beaches fade into ancient ruins, and groves of bamboo give way to abstract alien environments. Creatures and beings of every shape and size roam freely. A city, a tea house, a prison cell - the only limit to the park's terrain is the imagination of those who to venture into it.

( IC/OOC general chat and RP. Come on in to gush over your favorite hentai artists, or pick a setting and dive into the park! )

interests: Sex Story Character development Smut

Last post by Blackbird (05:44 AM)

The Lingering Guillotine · public chat

Nested in the ruins of an old-empire fortress-city and surrounded by corrupted forests, The Lingering Guillotine is a lodge for poachers, slavers, treasure hunters, and all of their kind - It's a place where they can make deals and relax free from the punishing presence of foreign inquisitors and municipal law.

interests: Nonconsensual Violence Adventure Prostitution Domestic service Hunting Discrimination Alcohol use Enchanting Smut Breeding

Last post by Jordan (02:59 AM)

Fate Core & Accelerated · public chat

This is primarily an OOC room designed specifically for discussing and organizing games using the Fate Core and Accelerated tabletop system by Evil Hat.

interests: Combat Story Drama World-building Adventure Friendship Traveling Character development Magic use

Last post by Valielaera (12:01 AM)

Dragon Den · public chat

For all dragons, and those that worship, adore, or are involved with them in some way. If you're a dragon or just love dragons, but have qualms about joining this room, please help me to adjust it for your comfort.

interests: Sex Soft vore Romance Consensual Adventure Bondage Worship Dubious consent Kidnapping Magic use

Last post by Velveteen Ptarmigan (Yesterday at 09:46 PM)

Litphoria HQ · public chat

Official litphoria channel for help and idle chit-chat.

Last post by Wrecked Avent (Yesterday at 04:59 AM)

Help · public chat

If you need help, come here!

Last post by Erec Strolm (Yesterday at 01:40 AM)

Mainline Station · public chat

A genre blending room for all sorts of characters to gather and socialise.

Last post by Moru Inkwell (Last Saturday at 06:57 PM)

Adult Main Channel · public chat

interests: Nonconsensual Consensual Dubious consent

Last post by Cat (Last Friday at 03:08 AM)

V3: Ero-Empires Discussion/OOC · public chat

Last post by The Growth (13 August at 04:07 AM)

Curvy Ladies · public chat

interests: Combat Transformation Consensual Pregnancy Adventure Corruption Vaginal sex Adultery Humiliation Clothed sex Deepthroat Casual sex Courtship Death Crushing Drugs Collaring Ownership Spanking Isolation Jealousy Competition Imprisonment Cloning Collecting Exhibitionism Crossdressing Incest Language barrier Cuddling Docking Orientation play Testicle play Discrimination Cooking Lactation Dubious consent Intimidation Dirty talking Feminization Edgeplay Kissing Reality manipulation Sex toys Espionage Tentacle sex Kidnapping Assassination Degradation Drug addiction Knife play Unrealistic melee Public humiliation Face slapping Condoms Rebellion Duelling Fellatio Character development Sexual objectification Cursing Illusion Enchanting Magical binding Disguise Power draining Breast play Femdom Edging Body writing Peril Power Fantasy

Last post by Ace Of Hearts (09 August at 08:23 AM)

Ada's Bar and Grill · public chat

Last post by Garm (09 August at 12:08 AM)

The Lingering Rasputine · public chat

Guillotine OOC

Last post by Fuel Injector (03 August at 11:02 PM)

The Roadhouse (a casual, anything-goes, ADULT chat channel) · public chat

The Roadhouse - a casual, anything-goes, ADULT chat channel for anyone that likes it fun and rowdy. And optionally wet.

interests: Combat BDSM Sex Story Drama World-building Romance Nonconsensual Consensual Mind control Violence Corruption Friendship Breath play Oral sex Vaginal sex Adultery Bondage Realism Humiliation Clothed sex Deepthroat Casual sex Courtship Displacement Underwear Rivalry Drugs Collaring Role reversal Ownership Spanking Auctioning Punishment Jealousy Group sex Prostitution Competition Domestic service Exhibitionism Multiple penetration Language barrier Verbal abuse Cuddling Sexism Performing Ageplay Discrimination Dubious consent Handjobs Intimidation Outercourse Dirty talking Fingering Kissing Reality manipulation Hypnosis Sex toys Degradation Drug addiction Knife play Unrealistic melee

Last post by Jillian Mayer (30 July at 10:58 PM)

Fantastic Furred Beasts and Where To Find Them · public chat

Litphoria's hub for furries and smut related RP. 18+ channel.

Last post by Slark (25 July at 02:09 PM)

Equestria · public chat

Last post by Brony (24 July at 10:26 PM)

Table Talk · public chat

Last post by Soriackphos (24 July at 08:39 PM)

Casual Smut · public chat

Casual sex and conversation. Not necessarily in that order. Feel free to have some fun, or talk about having fun.

Last post by Okiov Frosdrake (21 July at 12:15 AM)

Lylat System · public chat

Star Fox. Lylat Wars. The galaxy of Lylat, and the Nintendo franchise's entire canon.

interests: Story World-building Adventure Physical age regression Unrealistic melee Vehicular combat Peril

Last post by Lupe O'Donnell (20 July at 05:35 PM)

Ferals/Bestiality · public chat

interests: Sex Story Animal play

Last post by DDBE (19 July at 12:56 AM)

Looking for RP partners. · public chat

Last post by Okiov Frosdrake (18 July at 12:30 AM)

日本語の勉強 · public chat

Last post by Fuel Injector (17 July at 11:33 PM)

Overwatch! · public chat

Hang out with the members of Overwatch! You don't need to be a character yourself to enjoy their company!

interests: Story World-building Adventure Smut

Last post by Hana (06 July at 11:34 PM)

Mist Hotsprings, Hotel, Bar, Restaurant and Café · public chat

Come to Hikari Tenshihime's hotsprings, hotel, bar and café! We can serve anything you'd like. Afraid it may not be in the menu? It's fine, Hikari can prepare anything you order! So just come in, relax, chat, make friends, and have fun! The water is always warm and clean, the drinks are cold or hot depending on what it is, the rooms are all comfy, and the food served at the café is always fresh and delicious! Hikari also offers massages to those who ask!

Last post by Hikari Tenshihime (05 July at 07:35 PM)

Spooky Meadows · public chat

interests: Story World-building Isolation Mediumship Necromancy Ritual Summoning Magical binding Magic use Subliminal mind control

Last post by Eunice (05 July at 03:40 AM)

Futanari Hotsprings · public chat

interests: BDSM Sex Story Romance Nonconsensual Consensual Aftercare

Last post by DDBE (29 June at 03:05 PM)