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Futanari Hotsprings · public chat

No boys~

interests: BDSM Sex Story Romance Nonconsensual Consensual Aftercare

Last post by Astrid (Yesterday at 10:41 PM)

The 2021 Roleplay Chat (New) · public chat

Just as It says, Have fun!

Last post by Astrid (Yesterday at 11:59 AM)

Just Deserts Ice Cream Parlor and Bakery. · public chat

There's a quaint ice cream parlor and bakery that's famous for its fresh ingredients. Rumors circulate around the regulars that the girls are very accommodating to their best customers. Maybe you already knew. Maybe you're about to find out. Or maybe the girl behind the counter caught your eye while you were ordering

interests: Friendship Aftercare Domestic service Cervical play Cooking Lactation Fisting Female impregnation Facesitting Character development Breast play Breastfeeding

Last post by Colter (Last Friday at 06:31 PM)

Does anyone still use this site? · public chat

Last post by Astrid (Last Thursday at 05:15 PM)

Pokémon Channel · public chat

Last post by Red (08 September at 06:27 PM)

The Roleplay Room (Active) · public chat

Last post by Miley & Lillian.. (07 September at 12:35 PM)

Characters needed for story (All are welcome, but must be human in story) · public chat

Last post by Jumping cat (07 September at 12:14 AM)

The forest of the myths · public chat

You are welcomed to live in the forest where there are hybrids creatures of all kinds can live freely with their guardian ME! All are welcomed

interests: Combat Sex World-building Corruption Competition

Last post by Kapi, The DDR Cat {Female Form} (02 September at 07:17 PM)

Fantastic Forest · public chat

A forest bordering a village. It's full of magic stuff, random encounters, and boss battles. Happy adventuring!

interests: World-building Adventure

Last post by Krates (01 September at 05:23 PM)

Q&A Chat, Roleplay Requests, and just General Chat · public chat

Last post by Kapi, The DDR Cat {Female Form} (01 September at 12:16 PM)

Litphoria HQ · public chat

Official litphoria channel for help and idle chit-chat.

Last post by Ghoulie (31 August at 10:05 PM)

The last Darkangel · public chat

Last post by Quenthell (31 August at 01:33 PM)

Arbor Park · public chat

A cozy meeting place surrounded by a vague shifting landscape. Rolling hills meet beautiful meadows, sandy beaches fade into ancient ruins, and groves of bamboo give way to abstract alien environments. Creatures and beings of every shape and size roam freely. A city, a tea house, a prison cell - the only limit to the park's terrain is the imagination of those who to venture into it.

( IC/OOC general chat and RP. Come on in to gush over your favorite hentai artists, or pick a setting and dive into the park! )

interests: Sex Story Character development Smut

Last post by Kapi, The DDR Cat {Female Form} (31 August at 01:32 PM)

Help · public chat

If you need help, come here!

Last post by Ranboo (29 August at 10:06 PM)

Dream Bubbles · public chat

Homestuck role play. Crossovers welcome. Consider this a casual chat room for now.

Last post by Andrew Darkangel (26 August at 02:20 PM)

Rape-a-Drow workshop · public chat

interests: Nonconsensual Violence Bondage Deepthroat Pain Death Size play Power draining

Last post by Quenthell (23 August at 08:02 AM)

HELL · public chat

interests: Story Drama Violence Humiliation Domesticity Pain Death Sacrifice Stealing Warfare Unrealistic melee Character development Mutilation Ritual Magic use

Last post by Andrew Darkangel (20 August at 05:49 PM)

Equestria · public chat

Last post by Andrew Darkangel (20 August at 02:23 PM)

Adult Main Channel · public chat

interests: Nonconsensual Consensual Dubious consent

Last post by Andrew Darkangel (19 August at 08:26 PM)

Daddy kink(not all interests will be there. Just possibilities(girls only)) · public chat

interests: BDSM Consensual Cum play Anal sex Deepthroat All the way through Cervical play Dirty talking Cunnilingus Ass play

Last post by Katerina Stilinski (04 August at 05:29 AM)

Daughter x dad · public chat

No posts made yet

Live or die. Make your choice. (SAW-based RP) · public chat

interests: Combat Drama World-building Violence Adventure Drugs Punishment Competition Collecting Survival Character development Mutilation

Last post by Blob (24 July at 07:13 PM)

The Jade Dragon bar · public chat

Looking for a drink to wet your whistle? Something to fill your belly? Just a relaxed place to meet people and have a pleasent time? Anyone and everyone can come in, even younger folks! Though they'll have to stick with sodas.

interests: Friendship

Last post by Keagan ghost (20 July at 04:08 AM)

Furry roleplay chat · public chat

Last post by Kathy (18 July at 01:18 AM)

Making Litphoria better - OOC · public chat

We need to find a way to make this site bigger and well known. Don't want it to die.

Last post by Eunice (16 July at 01:29 AM)