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Just Desserts Ice Cream Parlor · public chat

Last post by Krates (06:12 PM)

Muse the suicidal girl · public chat

Last post by Experamental parasite. (05:10 PM)

Litphoria HQ · public chat

Official litphoria channel for help and idle chit-chat.

Last post by Ghoulie (Yesterday at 11:35 PM)

The RP Inn. Story and Smut Welcome. · public chat

The primary IC/OOC Looking for RP room. Come on in, have a drink, make a friend.

interests: Sex Story Adventure Smut

Last post by Krates (Yesterday at 03:33 PM)

Ferals/Quadrupeds · public chat

interests: Sex Story Animal play

Last post by Red (Yesterday at 03:26 PM)

The World of Magic · public chat

In a pre-medieval land where humans and monsters alike live in small towns, villages even, the world is ruled by powerful magicians, often demons. Long ago forsaken by God, this land gets by a bit better than you'd imagine. Adventure is the name of the game for many an aspiring hero, but beware. In a world like this, it is often eat or be eaten. Magic doesn't come from just anywhere, after all. To replenish your mana, only magical foods and will suffice and depriving yourself of mana shall starve you to death as surely as any vital nutrient. Some choose to skip the middle man, and simply devour their foes. Others prefer to sit down at a taven or drain magic vampiricly without actually consuming their victim. Where do you fit in? Who are you

interests: Combat Story Soft vore Violence Adventure Unbirth Endosoma Sexism Survival Character development Magic use Peril

Last post by Endy Endermen (Wednesday at 11:09 PM)

Pokémon Channel · public chat

Last post by The janitor (Wednesday at 07:45 PM)

Help · public chat

If you need help, come here!

Last post by Vera (Wednesday at 06:41 AM)

Gangbang! · public chat

interests: Consensual Cum play Anal sex Vaginal sex Group sex Cuddling Handjobs Condoms Edging

Last post by Viktor Cole (Tuesday at 03:24 PM)

A good girl · public chat

interests: BDSM Sex Consensual Oral sex Vaginal sex Adultery Orgasm denial Jealousy Aftercare Blackmail Incest Cuddling Fingering Edgeplay Female impregnation Facesitting Masturbation Fellatio Maledom

Last post by Nix (Tuesday at 01:39 PM)

Sinner's Haven - Now Hiring! (Realism RP, everyone is welcome) · public chat

interests: Combat Sex Story Drama Romance Consensual Mind control Violence Friendship Breath play Oral sex Saliva Realism Deepthroat Casual sex Pain Courtship Death Sweat Stalking Rivalry Ownership Sacrifice Punishment Group sex Marriage Imprisonment Hunting Multiple penetration Language barrier Verbal abuse Cuddling Blood play Surgery Cutting Survival Mentoring Handjobs Intimidation Dirty talking Fingering Licking Kissing Biting Kidnapping Lying Assassination Sabotage Heat play Knife play Realistic melee Teasing Unarmed combat Melee weapons combat Ranged combat Masturbation Cunnilingus Alcohol use Tobacco use Hair pulling Aphrodisiacs Torture Mutilation Cursing Disguise Smut Slavery Mouth gags

No posts made yet

Love · public chat

interests: Sex Romance

No posts made yet

The Jade Dragon bar · public chat

Looking for a drink to wet your whistle? Something to fill your belly? Just a relaxed place to meet people and have a pleasent time? Anyone and everyone can come in, even younger folks! Though they'll have to stick with sodas.

interests: Friendship

Last post by Eunice (Last Sunday at 04:21 AM)

HELL · public chat

interests: Story Drama Violence Humiliation Domesticity Pain Death Sacrifice Stealing Warfare Unrealistic melee Character development Mutilation Ritual Magic use

Last post by Akuma (25 February at 09:30 PM)

invited talking · public chat

I'll invite you, mainly this channel is to purely annoy Eunice.

Last post by temmie (24 February at 10:42 PM)

Undertale · public chat

looking for fun times with fun people!

Last post by Experiment X5-K9 (24 February at 08:36 PM)

Family Corruption · public chat

interests: Mind control Incest Hypnosis

Last post by Eunice (24 February at 07:39 PM)

Curvy Ladies · public chat

interests: Combat Transformation Consensual Pregnancy Adventure Corruption Vaginal sex Adultery Humiliation Clothed sex Deepthroat Casual sex Courtship Death Crushing Drugs Collaring Ownership Spanking Isolation Jealousy Competition Imprisonment Cloning Collecting Exhibitionism Crossdressing Incest Language barrier Cuddling Docking Orientation play Testicle play Discrimination Cooking Lactation Dubious consent Intimidation Dirty talking Feminization Edgeplay Kissing Reality manipulation Sex toys Espionage Tentacle sex Kidnapping Assassination Degradation Drug addiction Knife play Unrealistic melee Public humiliation Face slapping Condoms Rebellion Duelling Fellatio Character development Sexual objectification Cursing Illusion Enchanting Magical binding Disguise Power draining Breast play Femdom Edging Body writing Peril Power Fantasy

Last post by ♥️♥️Roxy♥️♥️ (24 February at 05:21 PM)

The AU rp · public chat

interests: Adventure

Last post by Eunice (23 February at 05:37 PM)

Eclipse Phase Talkspot · public chat

interests: Combat World-building Violence Adventure Body alteration Survival Body swapping Body puppeting Sabotage Unarmed combat Ranged combat Vehicular combat

Last post by Flarey (22 February at 04:02 AM)

Lewd Public Park Chat · public chat

interests: Combat Sex Friendship Anal sex Vaginal sex Casual sex Exhibitionism Masturbation Cunnilingus Fellatio Smut

Last post by 33V33 (21 February at 08:00 PM)

The Catpartment · public chat

Looking for a place to relax and hang out? Want to get a drink, relax with some friends? Come to The Catpartment! Your friendly bar! We are totally okay with multi para, single line, and all kinds of neato banito things! Casual OOC is okay, but we have an OOC room for that!!!

Last post by Vesper (19 February at 08:11 PM)

Video game omniverse · public chat

interests: Sex Story World-building Adventure Smut

Last post by Isabelle (19 February at 08:25 AM)

Ageplay · public chat

All cute young characters and older characters that like them, come have some fun and maybe find yourself a partner!

interests: Tickling Spanking Incest Cuddling Ageplay Carrying

Last post by Isabelle (17 February at 08:56 AM)

Adult Main Channel · public chat

interests: Nonconsensual Consensual Dubious consent

Last post by Isabelle (17 February at 08:55 AM)