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Sonna Xin

Concept pending

Jack Parker

Concept pending

Tom Nook

Businessman, entrepreneur & owner of Nook's Homes.

Futaba Sakura

Phantom Thief, infamous hacker and introvert.

Ms. Stringpuller

Admin profile for the game-fanatic roleplayer.

John Gibson

Just getting started and meeting new people


Concept pending

Cliff Ryder

A rockabilly roamer of the wastes.


Overthrown Demonic Overlord

Vanessa La Croix

Unwilling, dumb cow girl addicted to sex


Taciturn alien, hell-bent on one crazy revolution.

Beastwarden Dianne

Fan of exotic dongs

Testname Darko

Concept pending


Concept pending

Adam The Chespin

A Chespin with the desire to have fun

Monster Hunter Girls

Will you tame one for combat or your own personal use? Or will they tame you...?


Tall chubby giraffe~


Concept pending

Caius Ellora

Life-long military man. Loyal to the cause and gruff with his equals.

Ellie Sievers

Cute teen looking to be utterly ruined~


Mother of one, knows what's best for you.


Shy, reserved, wants to fit in. Poor lass.

The Bodyguard

Katana-wielding right-hand woman. Works for the Russian mafia beside a mob boss.


Humanoid Jigglypuff. Always sleepy and enjoys getting up to no good.

Cane Parvum

Concept pending