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I can do it by myself.

Evie Vossie

Evie is a girl who was experimented on and is now a anthropomorphic wolf girl (Note: she's kind of shy)

Hydro Brooks

I’d prefer it if we rped on Discord!!! :} (feel like I should mention I don’t do bxg rps, it feels weird as a gay man)

Viktor Cole

A slightly anxious introvert, standoffish with most but very warm to those he's close to


An ex-soldier of a defunct warring alien race, now looking for self-worth.


D-don't stare at it...!

Cerise Lavellan

A witch of chaos


Namida . K

A Gentle, Sensitive Girl

Aingeal Balor

Demon king.

Aubery Louise . B

A New Transfer Student.. With a Peculiar Sad Backstory and A Strange Personality, Do You Approach Her?


"So... Gummy bears are not a fruit?"

Claudia . B

Your Local E-Girl <3

Amber Rose

a 5'2 (150.5cm) half vampire, she can still eat real food but needs to be fed human or animal blood every once in a while

Finnian Baines

An amicable owl, a little down on his luck


Cutest trap around here


Witch or Warlock branded by the power of the Feywild

Horen Teyro

A woman of magic and lust

Dr. Mei Li

A gorgeous professor/scientist.

Angela the succubus

Concept pending


help me with my heat, Daddy~?


Just a little neko ready to be toyed with~ You can request anything~

Rigel Azimuth

An impressionable fellow with murky origins


"Now you're thinking with portals."


The Guardian Wolf/Dm to Rp , I take any(Might not be on for the summer)