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Aingeal Balor

"I'm the final boss of this fucking, here's the deal...step to me and you'll get dropped quick"


A shape shifter created from the will of a young magician. (DM for RP! Semi-Lit ONLY.)

Stephanus Tavilrond

A paladin trained from childhood.

Renee Ice

A young 19 year old, submissive, virgin, innocent



Slime Queen

Looking for long-term & one-shot roleplays.

Minnie Mouse

A cheerful mouse with a heart of gold.

Viktor Cole

A slightly anxious introvert, standoffish with most but very warm to those he's close to


Mischievous Magical Relic Hunter


A very friendly robot.

Momma Lumi

Just a motherly figure to look after you~

Aeron Crescent

A Synthetic Wolf Anthro, Breeder and Bodyguard/Escort

Andrew Darkangel

Never give into defeat just keep living and not give in people will nock you down but get back up and brush yourself off.

Cassius Freeman

Just a normal guy who fits in most setting. (Please i wanna RP)


The Guardian Wolf/Dm to Rp , I take any(Might not be on for the summer)

Pitch Black

The embodiment of fear himself, a creature known by some as the boogeyman, or - as he would prefer to be known - Nightmare King

Luil eel [new one]

I'm so tired of love song tired of love songs tired of love just wanna go home wanna go home ooh


Ready to be Captured.

Astriak Dramor

Sexually aggressive, yet not too barbaric! Maybe a little...


Gag me on a dick 'til I puke jizz!~ Face-fucked to death!

Circus Baby

I don't recognize you... You are new...


Magus of Flowers; Incubus; Court Wizard

Morgan le Fay

Lecherous fairy witch; Queen of Orkney

Orlandu Rikona

A punkish hyena with a fetish for anal play

Anakris Ranulf

A devious hellhound with a high libido.