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Freya Royal

Just a good ole tom boy loli!

Ellie McKinsey

A cute girl who just wants to be a mommy!


A cyborg clone who has gained a free will, running from the government so she doesn't get killed.


Elizabeth Connor, a cute girl who has boredom written all over her life.


Little Homeless Girl named Dotty

Jeffery Swimmer

Trans man whose looking for a bit of fun


Erdan, a traveling elf who gets a little handsy when it comes with items. (No really, he's a rogue thief)

Dandelion Rhodes

A white lighter sent to earth to watch over a special person.

Ella Ray

13 y.o. Prostitute


Traveling coyote looking for some fun.


Boy Zombie

Shinda Takahashi

A Japanese Pop Star who is now traveling the world with his magnificent music


Are you a boy... or are you a girl? Who knows, Ainsley certainly doesn't know if he's really a boy or a girl....


A mage who would be classified as a blood mage. Though she has not given into the demon, the only thing she needs to do.....

Leanna Faeleaf

An outcast drow child.

Elias Mason

A fox rabbit hybrid sexy boi whose been cursed

Andoria Weathers

A girl with a slight mutation who might've had her brains scrambled from a shot to the head.


Just some loli


Little Alien girl who is probably a LOT older than she looks.


An albino kid who has a thing for her doctor :d

Ginko Reki

He's a cute Fennec Mimi FemBoi!

Ñóväshì Åvâzïr

An alien girl who is but a mere child in the eyes of her people.


Little trans boy who loves men!


Sofia, the Squabbit girl.

Zoey Rajah Snape

Daughter of Severus Snape, Grand daughter of he who must not be named. Quite a bit of an odd girl here.