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Meta Knight

Concept pending

Aimée Dubois

A gentle bean open to many different things!

Evelyn "E-Chan" Jones

Sergeant first class Evelyn Jones A mascot and member of the Ronin Seven PMC


{empath/hive mind┊unstable emotions┊stepford smiler}

Hyper sized little girl

Will play as the girl in my profile pic.


Concept pending


Playful Wild Elf with a curious, adventurous, and occasionally mischievous streak.

Kyle Douglas

Making babies

Ronin Seven High Command

R7 High Command.

Nova Rose

Meet Nova, The eye-catcher you seek.

After Best Friends

Concept pending

Leo Adnachiel

Concept pending

Valerie Leonardi

Au Ra "jack of all trades". Adventurer, "Fixer", and... friend :)

Viktor Cole

A slightly anxious introvert, standoffish with most but very warm to those he's close to


She's a faceless female dark elf looking for a bit of fun... And likely to get in WAY over her head!

Jamey Aquise

Looking for good time


A jackal who causes trouble and learns lessons about friendship. Bark bark bark.

Adam Jonesy

Tavern guy who's always tipsy and will flirt under almost any circumstances


Fox spirit with a history of violence, sealed until now.

Firis Asula

Concept pending

Kris Chambers

An overly large wolf with a massive ego.


A Gazimon! A digital monster from the digital world. Digimon are the champions.


Concept pending

Draeglen A'Hraxxus

Human Transmutation/Alchemist Warmage exploring new lands, new experiences... and hopefully dodging the assassins' knife.


Author profile, rp details negotiable, ask about specific characters. Was away a while, glad to see the site is still around.