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Canon character from death note. A technological genius who likes video games.

Cloud Strife

The blond hero from FF7, with a sword as tall as his shoulders and a steel wall front.

Mikasa Ackerman

SnK canon character. A fearsome member of the recon corps notified for her incredible skills.

Mark Grizzly

Big nerdy grizzly bear; lovable goofball, gay as rainbows.


A heroic spirit summoned by a participant in the Holy Grail Wars.

Facetious Pumpkin

A horse druid that has a  special relationship with  pumpkins.

Black Beauty

A alien black fox who only wants to be accepted in the world she was brought to.


I'm gonna kick your head off and throw your body through a bridge support

Tony Stark

A genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist. No big deal.

Bella the Gryphoness

Middle-aged single mother discovers sexual intimacy again after children leave the nest.

Calista Appleton

A wistful and rebellious woman with a dark and dangerous past.


Zier is a Chakat Death Knight, who travels the world seeking hir fortune while shi raises the dead for hir God.

Trace Feliko

General chat and naughty RP

Irene Sinclair

An anthro Latias girl who loves to sing and meet new people.

Devlin Kilenson

Daddy, Sadist, Savior.



Teal Deer

Here to poke things with sticks!


Amazzon is on the hunt for sex!


Dominant male dragon seeking women for sloppy rough sex.

Lucas Rio

To be a bottom for any top, to plesaure whatever creature/being may wish to interact with me; this includes monster


Dragon-Orca hybrid

Shaun Dreclin

A wolf with many shapes and sizes~

Voxx Skies

Effeminate male with somewhat long white hair and a slender build.


Casual RP

Vincent Mahon

Fantasy based Rp