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Latel Akil

A god, who's had his powers stripped away.

Tenoh Haruka

Sailor Uranus

Hino Rei

Sailor Mars


Pervy monk!


A competitive, quiet cat who thirsts for companionship.

Anna the Pikachu

A sporty Pikachu gal with a fondness for playing games!

Lillianna Leblanc

Little Elin looking for love.

Skai Tashrili

A phoenix mage from an isolated island nation seeking quests and journeys!

Lyle Volt

Rockin' Hawk. Squealin' Guitar Solos. Unadulterated Silliness.

Onyx Frost

Canine soldier, shit-kicker and stubborn cunt.


Fuck if I knooooooow. She's deaf and stuff.

Ulysses Grant

The Augmented Heart of Darkness

Billy Jean

I am a concept.

Billy Sheen

I am a concept


A leopard gecko living the good life as the daughter of a resort mogul.

Victor Cornwallis Tylor

Sci-fi salvor with a sweet spaceship, who just wants to do the right thing.


Blind fox girl.


Chubby pig, less innocent than she gives on.

Lucia Thompson

Shy high school athlete with an embarrassing secret

Pan Elfuun

A mischievous whimsicott gijinka that loves to eat.

Razier Eisenbreg

The black and white assassin with a love for booty.

Andross Mentaki

Former attack dog of the Sol Alliance Navy.


A displaced sergal away from his homelands, now living among a foreign society.

Garth Staplton

A store manager looking for new views on life.