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Orion S.

A working man with a raunchy lifestyle

Julia Walker

Teenage girl taken against her will

Ogri'itan Ulfreider

A seafaring Roegadyn who's taken up the adventuring life.

Melody Swallows

A connoisseur of taboo fiction and perverse sex toys, all bought on the company dime.

John Kos

Great Dane looking for breeders

S t y x

A bioengineered alien hybrid set to a human template. Currently seeking out her twin.

Dystant Delphini

A cheeky male caracal with a confident, playful demeanor and an easy smirk.


Switchy dominatrix who thoroughly enjoys BDSM and its practice from a secluded hotel.


A Human space expolorer seeking to make first contact with an alien race

Kacha Morrel

A strong, sweet and caring dominant that knows just what kinda love to dish out~

Andrea Mahaut

Amazon Matriach and Alpha of her Clan.

Viktor Eli

A wandering demon who escaped his homeworld.

Aphrodite Jones

Lead singer of a band called Sexual Education, know for there sulky love songs and high energy dance numbers.

Lyn Yubao

Kinky and playful redhead futanari.

Mama Asha Lardi

a Fat, mature Motherly figure who enjoys the nastier things in life

Elenea De Kholen

Glass-based sorceress with a cruel streak


A powerful elven wizard slave.


A young, manipulative and sinister, dominant man.


A shy little doggy that loves is hyperactive!


An ill-fitting woman raised in the cold South trying to make her way in the world with her combat prowess.

Warden 454

An exceptionally skilled HAZMAT and first contact agent belonging to an insterstellar empire.


A post-State, runtish stationrat-come-pirate with a knack for manipulation and a lot of good luck.

Production Model EM-A

Extraordinarily lifelike robo-woman (when her parts are attached, anyways)

Lilith Evony

Female, Wolf, Programmer


A hat-toting snow leopard with a goo-based secret!