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Brown wolf that loves anything to do with taking a steaming dump in his diaper pants, or panties,

Vincent Cayne

An anthromorphic fox.


Anthro snake with an appetite for living meals.


Innocent toddler, exploring the world.

Shelby Mulcahy

Thai decker from a west-coast sprawl with a penchant for playing robin hood and a soft heart under that chip on her shoulder.


Iroha is a somewhat submissive, half-feline, half-succubus hyper herm. This puts hir in odd company.

Kitty Catface

Weeble Warble Geeble Garble


A book-reading, quiet kid of a Zangoose who just wants to be more "mature" than his peers.

Briar Thorn

Re-education of women



Eirin Yagokoro

Lunar Doctor.

Jaeson Nightwalker

An quiet feminine black and white anthro dragon


A cyborg pony!


Morrgan exists to find pleasure, though where that pleasure emerges from is not always up to him...

Elizabeth Eins

A Clonite from Ipsolon 5, a brilliant mind and a lover of adventure.

Rukia Kuchiki

Small shinigami with a passion for ice!

White Fusion

A white Siberian Husky.


Reducing people's "swelling".

Lauren Waverly

General purpose fucksocket

Open World DM

I will run the world, you bring your fantasies.

Elliott Vanen

An adventurer whom travels universe to universe in search of his past.

Rayne Winthrop

A florist bunny. Experimenting with this site.

Second Genesis

Aggressive, superior, dominant, loli clone.

Maya Darkheart

To bring Joy and Sweets~


To poop inside the butts of destruction.