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Kitsu The Kitsune

He is a lovely silver furred nine tailed kitsune who is strong loving and very sweet.

The Dragoon

A militaristic space faring vessel.

Becca Towne

A girl, unsure of her sexuality, just looking for friends and romance.

Kim Floatzel

She is a cute sweet Young Floatzel who live next to a beach where she plays with anyone in any way.

Raine Rylin

A Gender-fluid Goo-shifting Wolfess of many forms and feelings.

Sonic Hedgehog

The one and only blue blur.

Helix Wolfkin


Big Red

Primary 'sona, Catch-all character


a herm meant to bred with the population.


Rendy is wandering adventurous merchant, healer, collector

Miss America

Interdimensional ass-kicker super hero.

Dahlia Libido

A cute succubus with a giant dick, who loves corrupting the innocent.

The Monster

An egg-laying tentacle monster who lives underground.

Rachel Morgan

Teenage runaway, drug addict, party girl

Megan Salvo

Post-apocalyptic survivor.

Mercy Bloodmoon

A cute loli vampire who is far more powerful than she looks.

Azria Redfang

A devil/dragon hybrid whose apparent age changes when she has sex.

Lilim Ambrosia

A succubus imp who has been trapped within a cursed locket.

Maya Flamereaver

A beautiful, busty cambion with the desire to rule the world.


A perverted femboy with an aching desire to be a genuine female.


A mischievous, troublesome poltergeist who occasionally does something helpful.

Clara Calamity

A brand new succubus who has no experience or operational knowledge.

Kai Lumino

A friendly, bubbly cosplayer who takes on the abilities of whatever she cosplays and can travel between worlds!


A hard Maned wolf looking to have some naughty fun with some guys.


Reference material for my roleplaying interests