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Kamaria Mohetu

Forget fish out of water... Previously feral African Painted Wolf out of a desiccated Africa.

Dawn Savoy

Self-exiled werewolf, desiring more than her nature will ever let her have.

Kelly Alexander~

Small white and blue fennec fox


Angry little android.

Magma Grunt Johan

A simple member of Team Magma.


Anthro/Feral Wolfess with a motherly, kinky side.




A soft-hearted minstrel on the run from her destiny.

Cotton Anbloom

Sassy and gender-fluid


A traveling diplomat and trader who involves himself in various affairs.


Sergal Footsoldier!


TF-based retired adventurer with a power complex.

Bridgette Chenney

A mentally unstable vigilante.

Faylox Rune

anthro steampunk otter

Adriana Nevarra

Ex-child soldier, turned tropical bandit

Adventurer Mika

A young adventurer who finds himself encountering monster girls more than he may care to.

Cyran the Gladiator

Merchant's son sold into slavery, & made to fight in the arena.


Who slaves for your love

Meleda Macaria

The embodiment of a 'good death'

Saegusa Kii

The ultimate schoolgirl idol pro-pro-producer!

Madison Thomas

A pocket sized detective who views the world through the eyes of a child still.

Star Knight Abraxis

Hypnotically compelling magical hero... well, hero-ish kind of guy.

Florencia Locke

A classy, sweet and kind shemale.


A gal just trying to move on from the past; without much success.

Susannah Delange

A lonely, mature woman with some long-repressed desires.