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Jennifer Sutherland

Unfortunate girl whose stepfather has convinced her poor mother of a good way to make easy money...

Alyssa Pavlon

A woman from a well-off family, with a secret lust for dark desires.


A poor innocent lifeguard who often gets into "trouble"

Savage Ken

The Corrupted version of Ken masters, previously possessed by Yamata no Orochi.

Kim Lenna

Korean-American college student looking for rough love

Fit Michelle

A gym rat obssessed with being the best in every way.

Kitten Kaitlyn

A quiet, playful kitten.

Sandra Bellamy

The Working Girl - A dreamer, stuck in a dead-end job.


Slime girl, innocent adventurer

Crater M.

A Mare with an Affinity for Metal.

Kitty Katt

An opportunistic and predatory feline monstergirl blending into society as a regular nekomimi.

Joseph Daniels

Father figure with a kinky side.

Al Green

Panty wearer wanting to be turned into a sissy

Annabelle Haystack

A submissive cowgirl.

Alan and Maria

Alan and Maria are a recently married couple; young and attractive they are always up for an adventure.

Violet V Grace

A College Girl, on a journey of self discovery.

Kwon Yuri

Young Idol with a desire to find some structure,

Snow Lily

This is Snow Lily/All of Love from Servamp


Mischevious catgirl trying to survive


A femboy with a need to be bred

Rayna Sojourn

Oldest Sister In The Adventuring Family 'Sisters of Sojourn'

Tokei Time

Partial time traveler

Jack Bishop

A paranormal PI with a literal demon on his shoulder.


Shapeshifter, man of many forms. Copies other's abilities in physical contact at will.

Kashie Ikari

Wolf Raider and slaver.