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Biology and Genetics for dummies · public roleplay

Angela seems to have misplaced some of her important notes, and can't find them. Perhaps instead, you could help her improvise some biology lessons in practice.

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Incursion · public roleplay

The Jaggard. Fearsome, sinister, a force threatening to take over the galaxy....fractured from within by malcontent amongst the clans. With their kind disbanded and the crusades over, one loyal soldier is left with dreams of returning to their old ways. What might happen should you stumble across such a dangerous alien race?

interests: Character Contrast

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Affectionate Dom Looking for Pets · public roleplay

Tired of Doms who think subs exist to be used and abused? Snow is a loving, caring Daddy-type Dom who's always on the lookout for good pets. If you are willing to listen, put in a little time and effort, and SUBMIT, your Daddy (or Master, if you prefer) promises to love and care for you for years to come. Expect lots of tight, pretty outfits, kisses, cuddles, ribbons, and discipline, when required. And, if you like, even some supernatural aspects, such as transformation, bimbofication, and more.

interests: BDSM Sex Transformation Romance Nonconsensual Consensual Mind control Pregnancy Cum play Corruption Friendship Breath play Oral sex Anal sex Saliva Vaginal sex Bondage Humiliation Clothed sex Deepthroat Courtship Underwear Orgasm denial Animal play Ownership Spanking Sensory denial Punishment Group sex Prostitution Aftercare Domestic service Collecting Somnophilia Nipple penetration Bonding Cervical play Multiple penetration Incest Cuddling Rimming Orientation play Ageplay Lactation Dubious consent Handjobs Outercourse Dirty talking Fingering Feminization Belly play Licking Kissing Hypnosis Sex toys Mental age regression Physical age regression Sheath play Squirting Degradation Knot thrusting Premature ejaculation Genital knotting Orgasm control Size play Female impregnation Facesitting Bimbofication Teasing Breast enhancement Public humiliation Condoms Masturbation Cunnilingus Character development Ass play Defloration Aphrodisiacs Objectification Sexual objectification Frottage Smut Meta-BDSM Maledom Edging Oral knotting Breeding Breastfeeding Socks/Stockings Large insertions Latex Mouth gags

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Help me build a happy ending · public roleplay

This girl has had some crappy things happen to her... so, why don't we help her build a happy ending? Please read her backstory and choose a role that suits you to help us give her a happy ending huh?

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Fall of the Goddess · public roleplay

Last post by Griz (08 August 17 at 11:35 PM)

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New Idea · public roleplay

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Dad's Night Out · public roleplay

You like dinos? You like dilfs? You like dinodilfs? A loving family man, Alzair cares about his family with the utmost passion, and is willing to treat them to a feisty night out every once in a while, even if it's one-on-one. Of course, he also helps himself out to a night out alone, which doesn't necessarily end alone. Care for his company?

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Dogs Rule, Cats Drool · public roleplay

Drool for dog dong, that is. A few alley cats stray down the wrong alley where a pack of dogs like to hang out (quantities may vary with character supply). As the sun sets, the cats end up with doggy spooge all over, and mutt nuts on their faces.

interests: Sex Discrimination Dubious consent Dirty talking Degradation Genital knotting Fellatio Smut Maledom Oral knotting

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Feral giant fox · public roleplay

I am looking for a long, or short term role-play where you would be a dominant queen, sorceress or anything similar that either receives, or captures a big feral fox male (my character) and you would try to tame him and turn him into a proper mount/pet or even bed toy, mainly with force. You can be as rough as you wish. If you want to change anything, or add something to make it more suitable for you, then please let me know.

interests: Combat BDSM Sex World-building Adventure Cum play Adultery Bondage Collaring Animal play Ownership Group sex Guarding Hunting Injecting Bonding Cuddling Surgery Piercing Survival Handjobs Biting Sex toys Sheath play Knot thrusting Character development Objectification Magical binding Magic use Femdom Electrostimulation Breeding

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Ex's fall back in love · public roleplay

Romantic long term falling in love

interests: Sex Romance Oral sex Deepthroat Domesticity Marriage Cunnilingus

Last post by River (02 September at 12:48 AM)

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The Hunt · public roleplay

How far are you willing to go to survive in a ferocious, unforgiving game of Cat and Mouse? The Desperate and the foolish volunteer themselves in a Hunger Games-esque survival event for a large cash prize, or other item of importance. One must survive 3, 12, 24, 36 or 48 hours in a fabricated wilderness while under the constant threat of being hunted by the phantom. The harder the challenge, the bigger the reward. As little as 3% of the volunteers survive. Think you have what it takes?

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Quality Bonding with a General · public roleplay

Do you like tall women? Tall dominant women that could break you in half? How about Tall dominant women that could break you in half, that also loves to be worshiped? If you answered yes to one, Some or all of those questions, Then consider spending some quality time with this lonely general, And show her a good time~

interests: BDSM Sex Consensual Foot play Oral sex Cuddling Sex toys Footgear worship Cunnilingus Fellatio Femdom Large insertions

Last post by River (Yesterday at 05:50 PM)

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Higschool · public roleplay

Early days of micaela sluttery

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Bro & Sis · public roleplay

One day you come home from a party drunken out of your mind to see your younger brother asleep with a hardon!

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Behave yourselves · public roleplay

I know all, I see all. I break the rules to keep the rules. You can't fight devils with angels.

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A lamia that is wanting a darling, a darling that is a Alpha type personality. · public roleplay

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The Facility · public roleplay

Last post by Darius V (27 September 17 at 10:33 PM)

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Red Riding Hood · public roleplay

Hello, as you may or may not have noticed this character is supposed to be the living embodiment of Little Red Riding Hood. What I am looking for is a modern "low" fantasy setting. Think Buffy, Constantine, Supernatural, World of Darkness, Fables, etc. as a reference. Where a young troubled girl who knows little of her past lives or her fate comes upon like-minded or not so like-minded beings. Be they human, demon, satyr, nymph, werewolf or some other kind of being to do short or long term role plays with.

interests: Story World-building Nonconsensual Consensual Oral sex Vaginal sex Jealousy Somnophilia Survival Dubious consent Intimidation Outercourse

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The Price Of Forgiveness · public roleplay

What is the price of forgiveness? Does such a thing have any value within our comprehension? Perhaps not. What must one give up for forgiveness? Their time? Their apology? Themselves? All in the eyes of the wronged, only they can put a price on forgiveness. For now, The damned shall wait. The sand has waited for millennia, it can wait a little while longer. The only question is, Am I waiting for something that will never come?

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Rache's General Mechanics · public roleplay

There's a new shop in town, where you can get your car fixed and more. The mechanic willing to take a look at just about anything and try to help if she can.

Last post by Rache (10 November 16 at 12:28 AM)

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You and I · public roleplay

No characters or fiction, just our minds and hearts, and whatever comes next.

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New Idea · public roleplay

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Earth II · public roleplay

interests: Combat Story World-building Violence Adventure Traveling Realistic melee Unarmed combat Melee weapons combat Ranged combat

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Tickle Rp! · public roleplay

Simple Scene: A monster under the bed or in the closet attacks their unaware victim. Somehow the circumstances assured that their parents/guardians/siblings/friends are away assuring for a private scene between monster and victim.

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Kinky Fun · public roleplay

interests: BDSM Sex Pregnancy Weight gain Watersports Vaginal sex Humiliation Multiple vaginal penetration Orgasm denial Multiple penetration Dubious consent Hypnosis Sex toys Kidnapping Orgasm control Female impregnation Smut Breeding Breastfeeding Induced Ovulation

Last post by Stiletto (Yesterday at 08:24 PM)

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