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Rosewood Park 2.0 · public roleplay

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Active roleplayers · public roleplay

Last post by Noah (02 April at 12:07 AM)

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Come With Me Instead. · public roleplay

A quiet beauty is sitting alone at a table. She must've been stood up and looks awfully lonely. Her name is Scarlett and during such a vulnerable time...she's ready to lead into the arms of the next person who wants her.

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New Idea · public roleplay

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A Little Witch's Shop · public roleplay

Anyone can come in...we're open! But don't touch the owner!

Last post by Jack Shield (Wednesday at 04:58 PM)

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vore roleplay · public roleplay

interests: Soft vore Weight gain Scat Death Hard vore Facesitting

Last post by sophie (12 April at 03:07 PM)

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Idk im bored so---- HS wolf powers rp · public roleplay

interests: Adultery

Last post by Ice (Yesterday at 12:38 AM)

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The Void Area · public roleplay

"if you're interested in joining in this RP, just come and ask me if I haven't invited you yet. you can do anything you please in this RP, which a few exceptions"

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Open RP! · public roleplay

Last post by Grimtina.. (Wednesday at 10:36 PM)

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New Idea · public roleplay

Um im bad with ideas, lets figure out one togheter

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Please forgive, and ignore Eunice. · public roleplay

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The Owner Of The Void · public roleplay

The White Void, a place where Kyle lives and mostly be when he's not out exploring. [Your Character Here] has somehow stumbled onto this place, whether summoned by him, or through other means. However, it seems your fate is sealed the moment you are stepped foot to this realm. [Your Character Here] is destined to become his broodslave, pet, test subject and more. Loyal to him only, and get experimented. [Read interests please, it's required.]

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You're mine now~ · public roleplay

Nanarii has captured you a young hero (not necessarily from UA or from the MHA series) and has you tied up, the bindings on your hands keep you from using your powers (if you have any) while hers still work just fine all she has to do is look you in your eyes and you'll completely be under her control. Now she may use you for information on some of the other stronger heroes or she may do something a bit more fun~ and if you are lucky she may decide to keep you as her little pet~

(also please read my profile before asking to rp)

interests: Combat Sex Story Drama Romance Nonconsensual Mind control Violence Friendship Oral sex Anal sex Bondage Clothed sex Casual sex Pain Collaring Punishment Competition Blackmail Injecting Cuddling Intimidation Dirty talking Fingering Kissing Hypnosis Kidnapping Lying Fisting Masturbation Character development Sexual objectification Mouth gags

Last post by Nanarii Shinsou (Yesterday at 11:57 AM)

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All You Need is a Miracle · public roleplay

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Pay me off · public roleplay

Apollo's alcohol issues have gotten him in trouble once again. He borrows a large sum of money from you to go gamble for more money but comes back empty handled. This LA porn star needs a way to pay you back and his ass is the perfect payment.

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Crossover Mash · public roleplay

interests: Combat Story Drama Transformation Mind control Violence Adventure Corruption Friendship Realism Humiliation Pain Death Crushing Stalking Rivalry Sacrifice Punishment Jealousy Competition Guarding Trading Cloning Hunting Blackmail Stealing Traveling Cuddling Cutting Survival Warfare Intimidation Reality manipulation Body swapping Lying Assassination Sabotage Realistic melee Unarmed combat Melee weapons combat Ranged combat Public humiliation Rebellion Duelling Vehicular combat Mutilation Necromancy Telekinesis Cursing Illusion Summoning Teleportation Telepathy Disguise Magic use Power draining

Last post by temmie (15 March at 03:23 PM)

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The Genberbend-verse of Sega · public roleplay

Looking For people interested in an interesting time, maybe even more~ (PLEASE: Sonic Characters or Verified/Accepted Characters only please)

interests: Combat Consensual Casual sex Incest Breast play Breeding

Last post by Lil.nugget (10 April at 05:13 PM)

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Reborn · public roleplay

Ageplay between an older man and his reincarnated wife.

interests: Sex Story World-building Romance Consensual Incest Ageplay Stretching

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A damp encounter with the Abyss · public roleplay

Making your journey through the dusty terrain of the Coral Highlands, you see a large lake in the distance of where you stand. The hunters usually don't scout around this part of the area, especially not near a large lake, but you may not consider yourself as a Hunter. As you look at the map of the land, the large lake strangely isn't marked or even shown in the map...But how could something so large go so unnoticed?. With burning determination and curiosity, you (and the others if there is more than one) soon begin to make your way towards the mysterious lake. And that's when strange things start to happen...The more you draw near to the lake, the more the clouds above you in the atmosphere stare to heavy up with a depressing gray...Was it

interests: Sex Romance Violence Friendship Adultery Underwear Cuddling Cutting Belly play Carrying Teasing Disguise Breast play

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Rin's Welcoming Area · public roleplay

I dunno anymore? Like...I guess it was an empty void, then it became a pokemon place, but I guess it's a void let's make the setting clear. This is basically an infinite field with flowers and nice stuff!

Last post by Alloy (01:31 AM)

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something · public roleplay

Last post by Horror Diamond (23 December 20 at 01:29 PM)

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my House.. · public roleplay

a place where nothing can break me...a safe place for my child

Last post by Theodore (Tuesday at 05:59 PM)

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no idea · public roleplay

Just looking for random roleplay, honestly. Bored out of my mind. Message if interested ig. ¯ \ ( ツ )/¯

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what happens on the Island stays on the Island · public roleplay

interests: Sex Story Romance Nonconsensual Consensual Pregnancy Adventure Cum play Friendship Oral sex Clothed sex Casual sex Drugs Spanking Jealousy Prostitution Marriage Multiple penetration Cuddling Piercing Handjobs Dirty talking Fingering Kissing Sex toys Male impregnation Lying Fisting Female impregnation Teasing Condoms Masturbation Alcohol use Defloration Tobacco use Tribadism Pegging Sexual objectification Cursing Frottage Breast play Maledom Femdom Body writing

Last post by Vesper (18 March at 01:06 AM)

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Energy Vampire Seeking RP · public roleplay

Energy vampire seeking LT RP partner (males only). Can fit into any setting. If you're looking for an easy girl, keep scrolling. There needs to be some story that leads up to such things. I can not keep the story going with one lines and no details. Do not bother PMing if you can't do those things. Don't know why someone wants to PM me then block me afterwards but if that's something you like to do don't bother PMing me for crying out loud.

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