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Active roleplayers · public roleplay

Last post by Alex (07:54 AM)

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The new household pet · public roleplay

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Family Affairs.. · public roleplay

The Lakeside manor is home to the richest family in town, yet in it are scandals worth more than their net-worth. Mainly. . biological siblings or step siblings? Let's find out ...

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Her Unfortunate Victim. · public roleplay

You find yourself inside a dark, stuffy basement. A girl sits backward on a chair in front of you, straddling it as she stares at you. She had wide eyes, staring back at your drowsy face. You find yourself chained up by your feet to a solid cement floor, your hands zipped tied behind your back. You are just nearly undressed, besides your underwear. The girl leans forward in her chair and tsks. “Finally, you woke up. It was rude to keep me waiting, you know.” (pm me!!)

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Energy Vampire Seeking RP · public roleplay

Energy vampire seeking LT RP partner (males only). Can fit into any setting. If you're looking for an easy girl, keep scrolling. There needs to be some story that leads up to such things. I can not keep the story going with one lines and no details. Do not bother PMing if you can't do those things. Don't know why someone wants to PM me then block me afterwards but if that's something you like to do don't bother PMing me for crying out loud.

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Love Overload. · public roleplay

Seeking a girl to lust after. This is a simple highly customizable scene of seducing a girl, taking her to my place or a hotel, etc. for a good time. It can be a consensual, dubiously consensual or pseudo-rape scene. The problem here is that you eagerly participate in a sexual night with me only because I agreed to pull out in the end. Well dear, things are not so simple.

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what happens on the Island stays on the Island · public roleplay

interests: Sex Story Romance Nonconsensual Consensual Pregnancy Adventure Cum play Friendship Oral sex Clothed sex Casual sex Drugs Spanking Jealousy Prostitution Marriage Multiple penetration Cuddling Piercing Handjobs Dirty talking Fingering Kissing Sex toys Male impregnation Lying Fisting Female impregnation Teasing Condoms Masturbation Alcohol use Defloration Tobacco use Tribadism Pegging Sexual objectification Cursing Frottage Breast play Maledom Femdom Body writing

Last post by Lia Ambix (Yesterday at 01:24 PM)

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New Idea · public roleplay

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New Idea · public roleplay

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Hypno play · public roleplay

I'm hoping to find females that have a deeper interest in hypnosis and all the mind altering wonders that can be sampled through it.

interests: Hypnosis

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The Fallen City · public roleplay

The world has ended, fight to survive.

interests: Sex Story World-building Romance Adventure Anal sex Vaginal sex Casual sex Aftercare Stealing Traveling Verbal abuse Survival Warfare Ageplay Unarmed combat Alcohol use Vehicular combat Smut Slavery

Last post by Katie Nirvana (24 October 20 at 03:47 PM)

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Love is a Song · public roleplay

Makoto is rather invested in music and always has been, even starting an unsuccessful music club at his school. Can you help him? And will you keep your feelings out of the mix?

Last post by alex fierro (Last Thursday at 06:53 PM)

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Folie à deux · public roleplay

interests: Sex Story Romance Adventure Smut

Last post by Ivory Demoness (22 October 18 at 02:37 PM)

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A Queen's Servant · public roleplay

Looking for a servant that can please this queen and her desires.~

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Taking the AOC PMC out at the knees · public roleplay

The Agents of Change Private Military Company is an infamous grouping of War criminals, Supremacists and other military rejects. At the head of this some 2000 strong military force is the Grand Praetorian General. A mountainous, 8 foot 6 inch tall gun toting warlord. It is no surprise that he has made some enemies looking to knock him down a peg. (Looking for sissification, Gender transformation, Race and orientation play, and non con.)

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Don't Mind Eunice... · public roleplay

She's just grumpy. But she is right. Get in the chats! We'd love to meet you!

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Quality Bonding with a General · public roleplay

Do you like tall women? Tall dominant women that could break you in half? How about Tall dominant women that could break you in half, that also loves to be worshiped? If you answered yes to one, Some or all of those questions, Then consider spending some quality time with this lonely general, And show her a good time~

interests: BDSM Sex Consensual Foot play Oral sex Cuddling Sex toys Footgear worship Cunnilingus Fellatio Femdom Large insertions

Last post by Diamond (15 December 20 at 12:49 AM)

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The Hunt · public roleplay

How far are you willing to go to survive in a ferocious, unforgiving game of Cat and Mouse? The Desperate and the foolish volunteer themselves in a Hunger Games-esque survival event for a large cash prize, or other item of importance. One must survive 3, 12, 24, 36 or 48 hours in a fabricated wilderness while under the constant threat of being hunted by the phantom. The harder the challenge, the bigger the reward. As little as 3% of the volunteers survive. Think you have what it takes?

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Good Dog · public roleplay

On the run from police, they send their K9 unit after you: A single dog, that can sprint much, much faster than any human can, way ahead of the cops themselves and on your heels within minutes. Once they catch up to you, you'll have to find some way to work your way out of the situation with this furred missile bolting towards you. What will you do to appeal to its feral nature and keep it from biting into you?

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Repay Me. · public roleplay

interests: Sex Rough handling Cursing Smut

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Teachers Pet · public roleplay

interests: Sex Orgasm denial Punishment Ear play Handjobs Dirty talking Condoms Cursing Smut

Last post by Kaine (Last Friday at 01:29 AM)

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New and looking for friends · public roleplay

Just looking to meet new friends if there's anyone left still on here.

Last post by Alice Omaku (Last Saturday at 03:33 PM)

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Please, Not My Soul! · public roleplay

Being stuck or stranded or isolated with you, you crave my body, or worse, my soul, and we both now how you are going to consume me. In a room prepared with a giant bed and decorated with flowers and petals (or another setting), I fight to keep my soul, and you fight to take it via sucking till I release, and you drink my leaking life energy. Will I manage to keep my soul and escape, or will the feast be complete and I disappear, forever consumed?

interests: Sex Soft vore Romance Nonconsensual Oral sex Realism Deepthroat Pain Displacement Cuddling Ageplay Kissing Fellatio Rough handling Ritual Smut Power draining Femdom

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You're mine now, Kitty · public roleplay

Last post by Sam (28 December 20 at 04:43 AM)

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I Can't Help It If Girls Would Rather Fuck Me Than My Son · public roleplay

Superiority beats family.

interests: Watersports Scat Adultery Worship Group sex Ageplay Slavery Femdom Breeding

Last post by Jenna Thorne (12 November 20 at 11:06 AM)

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