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no idea · public roleplay

Just looking for any roleplay, honestly. Bored out of my mind. PM if interested ig. ¯ \ ( ツ )/¯

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Please help me! I have no where to go! (GAY) · public roleplay

As your walking home,a boy comes running to you. "My house is on fire and my family's in it!" he says. You instantly call the police. You find out no one in the house survived. The police ask you to take care of the boy. You finally get a good look at the boy. You see a cute 16 year old male with blond and light blue eyes. Will you take him home and play with him?~

interests: Sex Romance Cuddling Smut

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Looking for an excuse to roll my lazy butt out of bed · public roleplay

interests: Story World-building Drugs Ageplay Alcohol use Tobacco use Smut Magic use

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Just A Number · public roleplay

It was late at night. You were in your room watching something on TV. Suddenly you heard a sound coming from downstairs in the kitchen. Hearing this, you knew that you had to go check and see what happened. You grabbed your phone, just in case the power was out in the kitchen, and you crept down the stairs. When you didn't hear anything else, you went and flipped the light switch in the kitchen. The lights came on, showing you that the power wasn't gone. Looking around, you found that the window had been broken, but that left you wondering what had broken the window. Looking outside, you saw how calm it was. And as you were cleaning up the broken glass you heard something behind you. Turning around, you find me. What you see is a little gir

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Feral giant fox · public roleplay

I am looking for a long, or short term role-play where you would be a dominant queen, sorceress or anything similar that either receives, or captures a big feral fox male (my character) and you would try to tame him and turn him into a proper mount/pet or even bed toy, mainly with force. You can be as rough as you wish. If you want to change anything, or add something to make it more suitable for you, then please let me know.

interests: Combat BDSM Sex World-building Adventure Cum play Adultery Bondage Collaring Animal play Ownership Group sex Guarding Hunting Injecting Bonding Cuddling Surgery Piercing Survival Handjobs Biting Sex toys Sheath play Knot thrusting Character development Objectification Magical binding Magic use Femdom Electrostimulation Breeding

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In Hoc Signo Taurus Vinces · public roleplay

The Mojave desert is a dangerous place. Especially for the unprepared. Besides the heat, and beasts, It is also the newest target for the Legion. A roman based raider group that assimilates the tribes which it conquers. And if there is one thing that Brandon loves to do, It's conquer. While homosexuality in the legion is punished by death, It doesnt stop the 7 foot 5 rabbit from enjoying some quiet, and occasionally rough time with his servant tent slaves.

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Dimension W · public roleplay

History tells of a genius inventor who stood shoulder to shoulder with Thomas Edison. This man proposed powering the entire globe through wireless electric transmission. That man was, Nikola Tesla. He was a genius ahead of his time. Both during his life time and long after his death, they said his dream could never come true, but... 100 years after his death, a groundbreaking invention rapidly turn Tesla's vision into reality. It was the New Tesla Satellite Coil System. Inter-Dimensional Electromagnetic Induction Device, A.K.A. "Coils". In the year, 2036, the existence of a fourth dimension beyond the planes of X, Y, and Z was proven. Its name: Dimension W. The coils and their revolutionary technology were developed to harness Dimension

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okay I will try this trash one last time: Highschool rp! · public roleplay

Its a highschool. Relationships are allowed.

Last post by Havoc (23 June at 02:29 PM)

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Please forgive, and ignore Eunice. · public roleplay

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Leave the persuading to the meek · public roleplay

You have been contacted by someone on a website the night before and asked to meet in front of a cafe—where you are standing now today. You wait, and a tap on the shoulder arrives just as your watch ticked to 5:00AM; turning around, you could see a long-haired boy smiling dryly at you, offering to buy a drink. You converse and find out that you have something he wants, and he might just pay any price to get it—even killing you, as you are his next victim. Perhaps you could persuade him to keep you alive.

interests: Combat Story Death Bonding Assassination

Last post by 11 (09 May at 07:51 AM)

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Groomed. · public roleplay

Thanks for having me in your place. It's a very nice place! So, you told me that I'm gonna spend the next two or three weeks here, right? I hope I won't be a nuisance for you. So then, you told me earlier that there's a game you've always wanted to play with me. You know, the one you told me will make me learn how to identify grown-up people who want to do weird and bad things to me and what to do when they catch me. So, how do we play it?

interests: Sex Nonconsensual Consensual Tickling Vaginal sex Realism Casual sex Displacement Group sex Aftercare Cuddling Ageplay Dubious consent Kissing Lying Female impregnation Unarmed combat Cunnilingus Defloration Smut Maledom Character Contrast

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Home sweet home · public roleplay

Last post by Shadow (24 February at 04:30 PM)

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Medival/Fantasy · public roleplay

Last post by Loser_Ridley (28 March at 08:06 PM)

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Just a School Girl Crush · public roleplay

Most people brush off the feelings of high school girls. But perhaps Aiko's feelings for her teacher[or other role that can be discussed] feels like more than a school girl crush, and she's determined to make him aware of it. This idea can also be flipped, where the teacher develops feelings for her and comes onto her. We can discuss more details, just pm me!

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Forbidden love (GAY) · public roleplay

Fish man and a human fal in love

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New Idea · public roleplay

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Haunting 101: A Ghost Girl's Guide to Long-Lasting Relationships with the Living · public roleplay

So you've bought a really old mansion for a really good price. It's furnished, it's well kept, it's your new home. You've moved in but something doesn't feel quite right. You feel like you're always being watched, you feel like there's someone behind you when there isn't. Care to find out why?

interests: Sex Story World-building Romance Consensual Vaginal sex Domesticity Domestic service Somnophilia Bonding Dubious consent Fellatio Character development Mediumship Smut

Last post by LaughingStock (10 November 21 at 01:43 AM)

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New to the site and bored, wanting someone to show me the ropes and talk to. · public roleplay

Last post by Teko Mashira (Last Saturday at 11:26 PM)

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"Have you seen this group of people?" · public roleplay

[[For whole description of the room tap "Settings"]] The amoured guard asked, holding up a piece of paper, as he entered the bar. With sturdy steps, he came closer to the counter on which you and a hooded stranger was sitting. "These are pirates. Citizen claimed that they saw them today in town." he continued explaining, holding the paper, which seemed to be a wanted poster, higher up in the air. You began to notice, the closer the guard came, the more nervous the stranger next to you got. "Each one of them has a high bounty on their heads, in order of the king, everyone who reports these rats will get fifty percent of the reward. Bring us their heads and you'll get the whole price." Your eyes slowly start shifting to the cloaked f

interests: Combat Story Drama World-building Adventure Rivalry Trading Traveling Mentoring Rebellion Alcohol use Power Fantasy

Last post by Teko Mashira (Yesterday at 10:38 PM)

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Bored and need people to roleplay with · public roleplay

I prefers enimes to lovers plot but stuff can be discussed just dm me

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Would you Help me ?.. · public roleplay

Last post by Michael Schmidt (Tuesday at 07:59 PM)

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The Capture · public roleplay

Your character, or people sent by your character find and bring Auris to your character's home. They plan to keep him.

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"And who are you?" · public roleplay

"Mammon. Fallen angel, Prince of Greed, Lord of the Fools, The Golden Demon, Embodiment of Prosperity and Personification of the Sin Greed. But for today, I'll present myself as your servant." explained the tall, sharp-eyed stranger infront of your doorway with a deep bow.

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A smuggler's Dream (or nightmare) · public roleplay

You had been adventuring with a group for a while, taking rest at a tavern in a small town. Late into the evening, an elf approaches you, a look of panic on her face as she hands you a bag full of coin begging for you to smuggle her into the next town over. Will you do it? And what possible troubles could you encounter if you did?

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Highschool drame · public roleplay

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