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seeking dark themes, noncon scenarios (f for m) · public roleplay

at this time, I am primarily looking for noncon/dubcon and dark themes! fantasy (medieval/high/low/modern), modern, historical (loosely), and sci-fi settings are all acceptable. I'm looking solely for fxm pairings, with myself in the f role; love triangles and/or reverse harems with multiple males against my female are more than welcome <3 here are a few pairing ideas -- bold is my preferred role.

  • (college) professor x student -> could be blackmail involved, sex for a passing grade, or some exhibitionism where he rapes her in front of the class for "educational purposes"; supernatural themes could be included here... the professor could be a werewolf entering rut, a monster who sees mc as his mate, etc.
  • kidnapper x victim

interests: Nonconsensual

Last post by the writer (Yesterday at 07:33 AM)

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Very random romance Roleplay · public roleplay

Just a random romance Roleplay because Im bored! Please PM me for the RP

Last post by Ronny Bridges (17 February at 05:15 AM)

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looking for anything · public roleplay

can be gay or straight, would prefer a mix between erp(exotic roleplay) and normal

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Salus and the Anomaly. · public roleplay

Looking for anyone who wants to do a one-on-one. Completely normal, fantasy though. No romance unless you have a good reason of course. DM if interested. :D

interests: Combat Story Adventure Language barrier Unrealistic melee Unarmed combat Melee weapons combat Magical binding Magic use Peril

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The Last Resort · public roleplay

Last post by Aingeal Morningstar (Yesterday at 12:21 AM)

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Nerd x Bully · public roleplay

It’s a casual school day , I’m reading a Greek mythology book when you and your goons stop me. Shove me into a locker and run off laughing. But on the way home you find my necklace. A few days after deciding to sell it you realize it was a gift from a lost loved one. Get the necklace back , steal it ot buy me another or leave it? The choice is up to you.

Last post by Yukio (31 October 22 at 02:46 PM)

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HighSchool Roleplay · public roleplay

Just have a highschool roleplay. Yes, there is dorms. Dorms can be Co-Ed

Last post by Nakuno (17 May 23 at 06:20 AM)

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amnesia mystery of mirfuture: finding yourself (furry and human) · public roleplay

interests: Combat Story Drama World-building Romance Violence Friendship Isolation Blackmail Stealing Cutting Survival Reality manipulation Hypnosis Assassination Character development

Last post by Katie monster lexteve (Wednesday at 04:55 PM)

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Harsh dominant and soft submissive(18+) · public roleplay

Looking to rp

interests: BDSM Sex Pregnancy Violence Cum play Food play Oral sex Anal sex Saliva Vaginal sex Bondage Humiliation Gaping Deepthroat Casual sex Pain Orgasm denial Collaring Animal play Spanking Jealousy Aftercare Verbal abuse Diaper play Cutting Stretching Discrimination Handjobs Intimidation Fingering Edgeplay Kissing Biting Sex toys Squirting Degradation Heat play Knife play Fisting Facesitting Teasing Face slapping Condoms Masturbation Ass play Hair pulling Torture Smut Slavery Breast play Edging Breeding Mouth gags

Last post by Luana (Monday at 07:27 AM)

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The Fools Bargain · public roleplay

After a long journey, you find yourself at the doorstep of a great library. to bargain, as maybe you seek power or you wish to be blessed with unfathomable knowledge. or you wish to outlive the gods themselves. No matter what you seek, a deal can always be made.

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Incursion · public roleplay

The Jaggard: Fearsome; sinister; an alien force threatening to take over the galaxy….fractured from within by malcontent amongst the clans. With their kind disbanded and the crusades over, one loyal soldier is left with dreams of returning to their old ways. What might happen should you stumble across such a dangerous alien race?

interests: Combat Sex Story Drama World-building Nonconsensual Violence Adventure Humiliation Religion Stalking Isolation Guarding Trading Imprisonment Blackmail Traveling Language barrier Verbal abuse Performing Warfare Discrimination Dubious consent Espionage Kidnapping Sabotage Degradation Ranged combat Public humiliation Rebellion Character development Vehicular combat Slavery Power draining Character Contrast

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A fighting kind of RP · public roleplay

Fighting against the bad guys, lots of action based role play, long replies, something engaging and fun!

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Roleplay Request? · public roleplay

Just looking for a long-term romance roleplay, just DM me and we can get to planning.

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kidnapping · public roleplay

interests: Sex Oral sex Saliva Adultery Gaping Deepthroat Filth Death Stalking Drugs Isolation Hunting Vomiting Verbal abuse Blood play Cutting Ageplay Hypnosis Kidnapping Face slapping Alcohol use Hair pulling

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Dungeon Crawling · public roleplay

Looking for fellow adventurers to crawl through some dungeons!

interests: Sex Consensual Adventure Realism Casual sex Rivalry Traveling Survival Warfare Nose play Tail play Realistic melee Melee weapons combat Fellatio Character development

Last post by Stephanus Tavilrond (15 February 16 at 04:18 PM)

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(NSFW) vampire falling for a human · public roleplay

interests: BDSM Sex Consensual Cum play Oral sex Anal sex Saliva Vaginal sex Bondage Humiliation Gaping Deepthroat Stalking Orgasm denial Collaring Spanking Punishment Aftercare Hunting Cuddling Cutting Handjobs Fingering Edgeplay Biting Sex toys Kidnapping Degradation Orgasm control Fisting Auto-oral Masturbation Cunnilingus Ass play Hair pulling Torture Cursing Frottage Breast play Maledom Edging Body writing Breeding Mouth gags

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A smuggler's Dream (or nightmare) · public roleplay

You had been adventuring with a group for a while, taking rest at a tavern in a small town. Late into the evening, an elf approaches you, a look of panic on her face as she hands you a bag full of coin begging for you to smuggle her into the next town over. Will you do it? And what possible troubles could you encounter if you did?

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Silly Seduction · public roleplay

She wanders into a restaurant, finds someone, asks if she can sit with them while she waits for her family to arrive. Of course, no one is actually coming for her. Then she flirts a bit, maybe even going so far as to see if she can sit on another's lap, seeing if she can somehow get this stranger totally wrapped up in interest.

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Love Overload. · public roleplay

Seeking a girl to lust after. This is a simple highly customizable scene of seducing a girl, taking her to my place or a hotel, etc. for a good time. It can be a consensual, dubiously consensual or pseudo-rape scene. The problem here is that you eagerly participate in a sexual night with me only because I agreed to pull out in the end. Well dear, things are not so simple.

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Step-Dad x Step-Bro · public roleplay

You watch your step-dad shower because it turns you on to see his huge cock, one day you get caught jerking off to him.

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"Have you seen this group of people?" · public roleplay

[[For whole description of the room tap "Settings"]] The amoured guard asked, holding up a piece of paper, as he entered the bar. With sturdy step he moved himself closer to the counter on which you and a hooded stranger were sitting. "These are pirates. Citizen claimed that they saw them today in town." he continued explaining, holding the paper, which seemed to be a wanted poster, higher up in the air. You began to notice, the closer the guard came, the more nervous the stranger next to you became. "Each one of them has a high bounty on their heads, in order of the king, everyone who reports these rats will get fifty percent of the reward. Bring us their heads and you'll get the whole price." Your eyes slowly start shifting to the

interests: Combat Story Drama World-building Adventure Rivalry Trading Traveling Mentoring Rebellion Alcohol use Power Fantasy

Last post by Ray Tylers (14 November 22 at 05:20 PM)

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ABDL and babysitter · public roleplay

The babysitter is you! and you come to find that the person you are watching is a ABDL who is a young adult and she wears diapers and is a babyfur at heart, and ends up being their daddy or mommy ^^

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Cum In First Sight. · public roleplay

A classic smut-based story where you, a male or a futa, approach me and aggravate me with teasing and frustrating acts of casually enforcing your love on me, kissing me without permission, pinning me, hugging me without my consent, even interrupting me by doing so, while never responding to my resistances directly, showing me how useless my fighting back is while continuing your advancements until I freeze upon being pushed through the point of no return. PM me to discuss and more info.

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Boy x Boy romance. · public roleplay

A bl romance roleplay. Any characteristics are welcome! Just pm me!

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Merchant in the Badlands · public roleplay

The Anonymous Gunman, otherwise known as AG, owns his own store in the big city - the biggest in the wasteland, anyhow. In this scenario, you're likely to meet him at his store, but he's an adventurous type, and will often be seen traveling the wastes. In favor of keeping story open, further details can be discussed.

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