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The Great Return · public roleplay

A mainly story focused, Long term roleplay, This idea is set within the Ratchet and Clank Universe. More specifically, Post-Future Saga. The story would focus around your character, (Heavy preference for Lombaxes) Embarking on a journey to knock momentum back into a dormant, doomed and massive project that has since been buried beneath the sand and long since forgotten about. Further details can be discussed. Any and all Lombaxes welcomed, And all others will be judged on a Case-By-Case basis.

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Incursion · public roleplay

The Jaggard. Fearsome, sinister, a force threatening to take over the galaxy....fractured from within by malcontent amongst the clans. With their kind disbanded and the crusades over, one loyal soldier is left with dreams of returning to their old ways. What might happen should you stumble across such a dangerous alien race?

interests: Character Contrast

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Feral giant fox · public roleplay

I am looking for a long, or short term role-play where you would be a dominant queen, sorceress or anything similar that either receives, or captures a big feral fox male (my character) and you would try to tame him and turn him into a proper mount/pet or even bed toy, mainly with force. You can be as rough as you wish. If you want to change anything, or add something to make it more suitable for you, then please let me know.

interests: Combat BDSM Sex World-building Adventure Cum play Adultery Bondage Collaring Animal play Ownership Group sex Guarding Hunting Injecting Bonding Cuddling Surgery Piercing Survival Handjobs Biting Sex toys Sheath play Knot thrusting Character development Objectification Magical binding Magic use Femdom Electrostimulation Breeding

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The Boy Wonder! · public roleplay

Kert is a superhero.. in training! When the Hero of Heart City is unable to step up to the plate, it's up to his sidekick to save the day! This play is rather flexible, and there's a few different powers Kert might have. It can range from rather lewd with the villains capturing the boy and trying to take away his innocence, or a softer play where the villains do not take the sidekick very seriously and instead enact a terrible plot to make everyone itchy! I have a few versions of the sidekick!

interests: BDSM Sex Nonconsensual Corruption Tickling Bondage Humiliation Deepthroat Collaring Imprisonment Ageplay Dubious consent Intimidation Sex toys Kidnapping Body fluid addiction Aphrodisiacs Torture Sexual objectification Edging

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Haunting 101: A Ghost Girl's Guide to Long-Lasting Relationships with the Living · public roleplay

interests: Sex Story World-building Romance Consensual Vaginal sex Domesticity Domestic service Somnophilia Bonding Dubious consent Fellatio Character development Mediumship Smut

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Rache's General Mechanics · public roleplay

There's a new shop in town, where you can get your car fixed and more. The mechanic willing to take a look at just about anything and try to help if she can.

Last post by Rache (10 November 16 at 12:28 AM)

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Dirty deal · public roleplay

This house party absolutely blows. You figured you'd be hanging out, doing all sorts of fun stuff with your friends, but everyone's spaced out, fucking, or listening to some garbage techno-trance bullshit that makes your brain thrum in your skull. The ivory tressed hunk sits across from you, silently beckoning you forward with a friendly wave. "Yo. Papi bought y'all some awful fancy downers and I'm even feeling nice enough to watch you fools freak out just in case. You down?"

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Quality Bonding with a General · public roleplay

Do you like tall women? Tall dominant women that could break you in half? How about Tall dominant women that could break you in half, that also loves to be worshiped? If you answered yes to one, Some or all of those questions, Then consider spending some quality time with this lonely general, And show her a good time~

interests: BDSM Sex Consensual Foot play Oral sex Cuddling Sex toys Footgear worship Cunnilingus Fellatio Femdom Large insertions

Last post by Hunter Windworm (10 September at 03:13 PM)

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Dungeon Crawling · public roleplay

Looking for fellow adventurers to crawl through some dungeons!

interests: Sex Consensual Adventure Realism Casual sex Rivalry Traveling Survival Warfare Nose play Tail play Realistic melee Melee weapons combat Fellatio Character development

Last post by Stephanus Tavilrond (15 February 16 at 04:18 PM)

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Dad's Night Out · public roleplay

You like dinos? You like dilfs? You like dinodilfs? A loving family man, Alzair cares about his family with the utmost passion, and is willing to treat them to a feisty night out every once in a while, even if it's one-on-one. Of course, he also helps himself out to a night out alone, which doesn't necessarily end alone. Care for his company?

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Folie à deux · public roleplay

interests: Sex Story Romance Adventure Smut

Last post by Ivory Demoness (22 October 18 at 02:37 PM)

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Adventure Time · public roleplay

Looking for a lovely lady who is part of an Adventurer's Guild, Knighthood, Holy Order, Mercenary Group, Bardic College, etc.. Or basically, any reason to go on an adventure through an erotically charged world.

I'm very flexible about specifics, so message me if you have ideas.

interests: Sex World-building Adventure Casual sex Smut Character Contrast

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Concert Crush · public roleplay

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New Idea · public roleplay

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Diplomatic Gift · public roleplay

interests: Sex Bonding

Last post by Vladislav (12 February 17 at 08:17 PM)

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Mind control/magic costume control/minor hypnosis · public roleplay

interests: Mind control Weight gain Humiliation Worship Imprisonment Hunting Hypnosis Footgear worship Slavery Magic use Subliminal mind control

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Mind Control RP · public roleplay

interests: Sex Nonconsensual Mind control Dubious consent Hypnosis Maledom Subliminal mind control

Last post by Estelle Delacroîx (13 September at 11:41 PM)

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Building (Worlds) · public roleplay

Sometimes I feel more constructive and the idealistic place that will never be is in my head.

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The Secret of Her Success · public roleplay

She's been at it for decades, exploring the most dangerous catacombs and dungeons of the ancient world and coming out on top every time! She's survived the wrath of ancient monsters and modern armies and come out unscathed! Little does anyone know that she sold her soul to a sex demon in one of her earliest expeditions! She was blessed with luck and beauty beyond human levels, but in exchange must please her Masters whenever she is summoned to the underworld, both in life and after. Today, her demonic Master has called for her services, and Lara is oh so eager to serve. After all, what self-respecting slut wouldn't love being a demon's cock-sleeve?

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East Side Story · public roleplay

The age old tale of Good Girl meets a Bad Boy. Forbidden romances, jealous loved ones, devious exes and Toxic Love. Tensions run high and possibilities touch the sky when the sleight of hand thief crosses paths with an adventurous, young woman of affluent heritage. Can she turn a Bad boy Good? Will she be corrupted in the process? How will she handle jealous exes, rolling through the 'hood and the endless nagging and threats from her parents should she continue seeing him?

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The Nightshift · public roleplay

A simple job with a decently-sized paycheck: Watch over an old restraunt by checking cameras in an office for five nights... What's the worst that could happen? It's not like an Animatronic lurks at night... right?

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A Chance Meeting · public roleplay

Derala Keldral, that strange, ebon-horned dragon-cat hybrid, is a frequenter of libraries and a lover of all things book. Meeting her there is all too easy, though you may need to sit near her to actually get her attention, due to how easy it is for her to get caught up in a good read.

interests: Sex Story Consensual Friendship Oral sex Anal sex Vaginal sex Cuddling Licking

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Out For Adventure · public roleplay

Isabelle is an adventurer by trade, and spends most of her time travelling to new and exciting places, meeting new and exciting people, and killing new and exciting monsters. Wherever her adventures take her, she knows she will have an interesting experience. Whether it be spending a night in a tavern in a foreign land or trailblazing a jungle in the far reaches of the world, she never knows what she might find. Will you join her for an adventure or will you be someone she meets along the way?

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Rite of Maturity (K/B/M) · public roleplay

There is a human village, right on the edge of the elven forest. Local folks are afraid of it. They are scared to go in, even to look at it. And they have a rite that defines boys from men. At the age of 18, every boy must enter the forest and survive there for a month, by any means necessary. Adrian's 18-year-old birthday party roamed for the night. The next day, he faced the forest. After hours of wandering around, collecting with his thoughts, he came upon some kind of shed. He got inside and

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Savior or Kidnapper? · public roleplay

She's just a prostitute in this lovely Brothel in the old American West. Well okay, maybe she's a bit more than that. A slave to the people who kidnapped her... And now, maybe it's time for her to be kidnapped again? She might think of you as her savior, you might just think of her as that lovely prostitute who seems to be less domineering than most.

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