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Building the Next Generation · public roleplay

Because charr are notoriously fearless in combat and wind up falling valorously more often than not. Every charr has to do their part to keep the armies of the High Legions strong.

interests: Sex Pregnancy Vaginal sex

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The Isekae Elf · public roleplay

Banished from her world due to her family's crimes she is magically teleported to another world. Not knowing the language, not looking like a native at all... What will become of this elf who looks like a mere 6 year old?

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Disgrace in Defeat · public roleplay

Lacroa has fallen, abandoned by its allies. No help is coming, and further resistance would be equivalent to suicide. The king admits defeat, leaving his fate and the fate of his daughter in your possibly unmerciful hands.

interests: BDSM Sex Story Drama World-building Nonconsensual Pregnancy Adventure Corruption Oral sex Vaginal sex Bondage Humiliation Religion Collaring Worship Ownership Prayer Flogging Punishment Bonding Sexism Discrimination Intimidation Edgeplay Degradation Female impregnation Public humiliation Face slapping Character development Defloration Rough handling Torture Objectification Sexual objectification Sigilism Blessing Ritual Cursing Enchanting Summoning Magical binding Slavery Magic use Power draining Edging Subliminal mind control Character Contrast Breeding Breastfeeding Mouth gags

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Incursion · public roleplay

The Jaggard. Fearsome, sinister, a force threatening to take over the galaxy....fractured from within by malcontent amongst the clans. With their kind disbanded and the crusades over, one loyal soldier is left with dreams of returning to their old ways. What might happen should you stumble across such a dangerous alien race?

interests: Character Contrast

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Feral giant fox · public roleplay

I am looking mostly for a long, or short term role-play where you would be a dominant queen, sorceress or anything similar that either receives, or captures a big feral fox male (my character) and you would try to tame him and turn him into a proper mount/pet or even bed toy, mainly with force. You can be as rough as you wish. If you want to change anything, or add something to make it more suitable for you, then please let me know.

interests: Combat BDSM Sex World-building Adventure Cum play Adultery Bondage Collaring Animal play Ownership Group sex Guarding Hunting Injecting Bonding Cuddling Surgery Piercing Survival Handjobs Biting Sex toys Sheath play Knot thrusting Character development Objectification Magical binding Magic use Femdom Electrostimulation Breeding

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New User? Can't Connect? · public roleplay

Try editing and saving your profile! It seems to get everyone once. Details here.

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A Fantasy Game · public roleplay

As she steps off the city bus in front of the store "Merlin's Tower," Vicki is wiggling with anticipation - Today she gets to play D&D! With a head filled with fun character ideas, will she be blinded in her new passion to the party Bard and his wily ways? Or will the kindly Paladin sweep her off her feet like a knight from her favorite stories?

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To save a life · public roleplay

Kintobor has saved this man's life, and the man, is you... You feel indebted to him, as he forsake his immortality to save you... But how will you repay the elf?

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The Contract · public roleplay

You (male or female) summon the demon before you. Depending on what you want (do you wish for them to be male, female, something in between? What age do you wish for them to be?) depends on what they will ask for. Depending on what you wish for sexually depends on what Erosah will show themselves as.

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Traveling Partner · public roleplay

Whether she helped your village, or you've run across her along the way... Something about her seems alluring. Something could have happened to cause you to need to travel with her... Either way, you'll end up asking her if you can travel with her and things could end up turning into a romantic encounter... Or maybe you decide she's yours for the taking. Let's discuss it shall we?

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The friendly stranger · public roleplay

Going to the park everyday she has talked with that handsome stranger in the park for a long time now, becoming friends. One day she finally admits to him what her desires are and how she would love to be a mother some day.

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Mérante's desire · public roleplay

Merante, her instructor, the man who renowned for being one of the best in Paris when it comes to ballets has taken more than just a special interest in Felicie. Deciding it was time now, to take her for his wife, he kidnaps her and shows her a far more darker side to him then the nice exterior.

interests: BDSM Sex Story Nonconsensual Vaginal sex Cuddling Ageplay Kidnapping Character development

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An arrangement her parents couldn't deny · public roleplay

Being a man who has a lot of money, you found that this girl was simply irresistible and have decided to pay her parents to encourage her that you would make the perfect husband. They set up 'dates' for you and her to ensure that things go the way you want it, paying them in some fashion to ensure that they continue until she admits that she loves you and you can properly propose to her.

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The Sinful Priest · public roleplay

Sarah has more or less caught the eye of the local priest in her school's church. Even though she likes the man, she hasn't told him outright, though she's been nicer than most students to him. Listening to him. It is on one fateful day the he decides that she's been too kind and god must be giving him a sign t o make this girl his wife in the eyes of god.

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A companion for a Time Lady · public roleplay

The Collector is a Time Lord, or more amply put, a Time Lady. Having done her fair share of travels through the time vortex and the universe, the girl is very lonely, though she won't admit it. Will you be the companion to keep her company through her travels through space and time?

interests: Sex Story Adventure Aftercare Cuddling Ageplay

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Do you want to play? · public roleplay

The girl, curious about the BDSM scene is more than willing to try a few things, even if she has to be the one that dominates the other person. She's never done anything sexual, but she's seen enough pron to know how to work it.

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Her Shiny · public roleplay

Aoni, a zombie who has gained some form of sentience has been collecting objects that seem to glimmer and shine. The girl, lost to the world now, has finally come back, if only slightly. She won't eat a human, but there are some things that can't be done with her due to her not being alive anymore.

interests: Sex Story Pregnancy Adventure Aftercare Cervical play Ageplay Character development Necrophilia

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Cute wolfie · public roleplay

He's a fellow shapeshifter, though if he's a wolf or not, that's up to you. He stumbles across the cub, playing in the woods on a full moon, though he can smell the off scent of shapeshifter on her. Deciding to shift in to his feral form he greets her and things go from there.

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Teacher's Pet · public roleplay

Gwen ends up getting a grade she is not happy with and asks the teacher for some form of extra credit. The teacher though, has had his eye on her, fantasizing about what he could do with her and proposes some extra credit that leads to a relationship forming between the two.

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A heat so strong... · public roleplay

You could be human, you could be anthro, you could be something in between... But that trip into the woods, and smelling a humanoid heat while this girl is going through her first or second estrous cycle could be the thing you find yourself hunting down... such an intoxicating smell!

interests: Sex Story Pregnancy Domesticity Aftercare Cuddling Ageplay Stretching

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A player's discovery · public roleplay

getting into the game using a VR suit and headset the player ends up running across Vanellope, either challenging her to a race or testing out some things that technically she shouldn't be capable of!

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An alluring child · public roleplay

She's a vampire, though... there are things about her that set her aside from a normal vampire. 1) She is able to walk in the day 2) she doesn't seem to crave blood and 3) she can get pregnant.... One wouldn't think of her as a vampire upon first meeting her, though, what would you do with this girl if you found out she could gift you with immortality?

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Out on the town · public roleplay

Freya is out on the town, being the tom boy that she is, of course she's going to play in the mud, explore places she shouldn't... what happens though when she ends up running into a stranger who probably is looking for someone just like her. Too curious for her own good.

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A lonely teacher · public roleplay

Ellie has had a crush on her teacher for quite some time. Finally a day comes when she spills her guts out to him, and due to either never been with someone or a break up that left him yearning for more.... He decides to offer Ellie a dream she had thought would never come true. To take her away to a place where they could live out her fantasies.

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It so happens... That you wanted a Cyborg Clone · public roleplay

You've heard about a rogue cyborg clone that was on the run, though what that entails you don't know. Happening upon Eiyanna dumpster diving you think it's a normal cyborg clone... Though her behavior when you ask her why she's dumpster diving lets you know full well she is not. What will you do now that have an inkling of an idea that she is the one in the news?

interests: Sex Story Romance Consensual Pregnancy Aftercare Cuddling Ageplay Dubious consent Defloration

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