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(NSFW) vampire falling for a human · public roleplay

interests: BDSM Sex Consensual Cum play Oral sex Anal sex Saliva Vaginal sex Bondage Humiliation Gaping Deepthroat Stalking Orgasm denial Collaring Spanking Punishment Aftercare Hunting Cuddling Cutting Handjobs Fingering Edgeplay Biting Sex toys Kidnapping Degradation Orgasm control Fisting Auto-oral Masturbation Cunnilingus Ass play Hair pulling Torture Cursing Frottage Breast play Maledom Edging Body writing Breeding Mouth gags

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Nerd x Bully · public roleplay

It’s a casual school day , I’m reading a Greek mythology book when you and your goons stop me. Shove me into a locker and run off laughing. But on the way home you find my necklace. A few days after deciding to sell it you realize it was a gift from a lost loved one. Get the necklace back , steal it ot buy me another or leave it? The choice is up to you.

Last post by Yukio (31 October at 02:46 PM)

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no idea · public roleplay

Just looking for any roleplay, honestly. Bored out of my mind. PM if interested ig. ¯ \ ( ツ )/¯

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Hey check my profile out and see if we can rp? · public roleplay

Check my interests text box for my two rp styles and pick one to discuss with me over dms :)

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Psych-Out City · public roleplay

Last post by Misa Bellerose (24 November at 05:21 AM)

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I swear that this is the last one: Highschool rp! · public roleplay

In a galaxy far, far away... Jk it's on earth you doofus. HOWEVER with magical creatures, robots, aliens, meta humans or whatever the fuck you want your character to be. A school for everything and everyone!

Last post by Teko Mashira (Yesterday at 11:57 PM)

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Please, Not My Soul! · public roleplay

Being stuck or stranded or isolated with you, you crave my body, or worse, my soul, and we both now how you are going to consume me. In a room prepared with a giant bed and decorated with flowers and petals (or another setting), I fight to keep my soul, and you fight to take it via sucking till I release, and you drink my leaking life energy. Will I manage to keep my soul and escape, or will the feast be complete and I disappear, forever consumed?

interests: Sex Soft vore Romance Nonconsensual Oral sex Realism Deepthroat Pain Displacement Cuddling Ageplay Kissing Fellatio Rough handling Ritual Smut Power draining Femdom

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Ageplay no limits · public roleplay

Looking for dom, no limits- anything can be done to my chars. Very much limitless here, yet flexible. My char can be any gender, for you to humiliate and abuse.

Enjoy doing modern but have taken an interest in mixed modern nerve-gear/dnd plot. Maybe create a plot together, world, or send your own plots/ideas. All below are optional. Don't mind simple plots from kidnapping, incest, strangers, or other desires. Soft and harsh doms, I'm very bratty be warned :3 nom! DM open Some modern ideas of mine: Secret location with my char 'parts on display' through the wall, and can be bought/rented out to take home

Strange new law allowing free use, that're wearing something or have their hair made up. Can even go with colored bracelets of dif

interests: BDSM Sex World-building Nonconsensual Watersports Corruption Oral sex Anal sex Saliva Vaginal sex Gaping Deepthroat Pain Underwear All the way through Animal play Ownership Survival Ageplay Handjobs Dirty talking Carrying Degradation Tail play Teasing Ass play Hair pulling Slavery Birth Breeding Breastfeeding Socks/Stockings

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New Idea · public roleplay

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Lets rp · public roleplay

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Hospital shidick something stuff idk · public roleplay

because i was so stupid to delete the room

Last post by Yukio (06 November at 11:09 PM)

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Zombie Apocalypse RP · public roleplay

interests: Combat Sex Romance Violence Cum play Anal sex Pain Group sex Hunting Survival Hard vore Biting Facesitting Teasing Fellatio Alcohol use Torture Smut Peril

Last post by Aingeal Balor (03 November at 07:19 PM)

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[new] mystery??? Family · public roleplay

Last post by Luil eel [new one] (12 November at 02:08 PM)

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`✵•.¸,✵°✵.。.✰ Karaoke Nightz ✰.。.✵°✵,¸.•✵´ · public roleplay

Last post by Yukio (Last Friday at 10:45 PM)

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roomates. · public roleplay

there's a knock on your door. you open it, and you see a tall elf standing on your doorstep. "hi," he says. "mind if i stay with you for the night?"

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Having a drink · public roleplay

Brook was sitting alone in a coffee shop downtown during a sunny afternoon. A notepad was laying next to her on the table and a pen beside it, her coffee secured between both of her hands. How about you join her?

interests: Romance Friendship

Last post by Yukio (Last Saturday at 01:06 PM)

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Love Overload. · public roleplay

Seeking a girl to lust after. This is a simple highly customizable scene of seducing a girl, taking her to my place or a hotel, etc. for a good time. It can be a consensual, dubiously consensual or pseudo-rape scene. The problem here is that you eagerly participate in a sexual night with me only because I agreed to pull out in the end. Well dear, things are not so simple.

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The Cat Box Kaiju Girl · public roleplay

I am, I am We. "A person was born into sin. And live for another. Put another way, a person is born into mystery, and lives for another, to one day solve it. A person is a riddle. We live as the most difficult riddles of our individual worlds, hoping that one day someone can solve that riddle. And now someone has done that, and fulfilled her wish. Her soul will no longer waver. Rest in eternal slumber, inside your cat box coffin."

why? why am i like this? i never asked to be this way!

you find Ellie sitting alone and crying about herself. she seems to not like her unusual body. what do you do to help?

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The Young Assassin · public roleplay

Brooks is a young assassin. You have just caught her trying to assassinate you and you gotta admit, Brooks put up quite the fight. After defeating her, you find that Brooks' skills can be used for other things besides assassinating. A young girl like me should be doing this. Now you've decided to take care of me, raise me , and give me the life I've never had. You can see the potential in me. I can do any rp you want. please feel free to pm me.

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Dark Roleplay · public roleplay

Corrupted priest x innocent church girl Step uncle x innocent step niece Cult leader x devoted follower Original character & canon character (house of dragon, horror movies, etc) Original character & original character I DO NOT roleplay animated shows or cartoons!

interests: Nonconsensual Mind control Cum play Corruption Religion Courtship Stalking Drugs Purification Isolation Punishment Jealousy Imprisonment Blackmail Somnophilia Incest Language barrier Blood play Dubious consent Handjobs Fingering Belly play Hypnosis Kidnapping Squirting Knot thrusting Genital knotting Drug addiction Knife play Female impregnation Facesitting Bimbofication Footgear worship Face slapping Cunnilingus Hair pulling Breast play Oral knotting Fear-Induced Ovulation Breeding

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The small magical village of Semor · public roleplay

Come and roleplay it will be fun and I hope you enjoy it It took me months to come up with this roleplay

interests: Adultery

Last post by Ryan (Last Tuesday at 05:20 PM)

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Calling all nocturnal night owls, for late night rps · public roleplay

I'm in the US new york time zone anyone in that same time zone that is up most of the night hit me up to rp or just chat, I usually don't crash till like 3-4 am so yeah

Last post by Levi Devins (Last Wednesday at 08:37 PM)

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Song in the Forest (Warcraft RP) · public roleplay

Night has fallen, and the two moons were high in the sky. Beneath the cover of night, the forest was calm and filled with melancholic song. As one had drew nearer, the voice grew louder. There, in the middle of a lake—shimmering with the moons' light—had stood a peculiar elf, concealed by nothing more than the water, and singing the song that seemed to enrapture the forest.

interests: Story World-building Romance Adventure Friendship Bonding Character development Character Contrast

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Incursion · public roleplay

The Jaggard. Fearsome, sinister, a force threatening to take over the galaxy….fractured from within by malcontent amongst the clans. With their kind disbanded and the crusades over, one loyal soldier is left with dreams of returning to their old ways. What might happen should you stumble across such a dangerous alien race?

interests: Combat Sex Story Drama World-building Nonconsensual Violence Adventure Humiliation Religion Stalking Isolation Guarding Trading Imprisonment Blackmail Traveling Language barrier Verbal abuse Performing Warfare Discrimination Dubious consent Espionage Kidnapping Sabotage Degradation Ranged combat Public humiliation Rebellion Character development Vehicular combat Slavery Power draining Character Contrast

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Devil's lair (male strip club) · public roleplay

interests: BDSM Sex Story Drama Romance Consensual Cum play Oral sex Anal sex Adultery Bondage Clothed sex Multiple anal penetration Deepthroat Casual sex Drugs Orgasm denial Collaring Genital abuse Ownership Spanking Punishment Group sex Prostitution Aftercare Imprisonment Crossdressing Bonding Cuddling Handjobs Dirty talking Tending Licking Kissing Carrying Hypnosis Sex toys Male impregnation Lying Premature pullout Heat play Knot thrusting Premature ejaculation Tail play Masturbation Character development Ass play Alcohol use Rough handling Multiple oral penetration Cursing Teleportation Telepathy Smut Slavery Breeding Socks/Stockings Large insertions Mouth gags

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