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really js looking for some1 to talk to X’D · public roleplay

bored as all HELL without my love to talk to, anybody up for chat? sfw jeez XD

interests: Friendship

Last post by Jazper (26 April at 03:23 PM)

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The Argument (Halo) · public roleplay

Wanted! One (1) big green suit of weaponized trauma (any Spartan will do in a pinch). For the purpose of escorting/traveling with one (1) squad of Marine OC's while they bicker about what's under the Spartan's armor. Your involvement in said argument is encouraged but not necessary.

interests: Combat Story Drama Violence Pain Death Competition Guarding Hunting Survival Warfare Espionage Realistic melee Unarmed combat Melee weapons combat Ranged combat Character development Vehicular combat Peril

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Incursion · public roleplay

The Jaggard: Fearsome; sinister; an alien force threatening to take over the galaxy….fractured from within by malcontent amongst the clans. With their kind disbanded and the crusades over, one loyal soldier is left with dreams of returning to their old ways. What might happen should you stumble across such a dangerous alien race?

interests: Combat Sex Story Drama World-building Nonconsensual Violence Adventure Humiliation Religion Stalking Isolation Guarding Trading Imprisonment Blackmail Traveling Language barrier Verbal abuse Performing Warfare Discrimination Dubious consent Espionage Kidnapping Sabotage Degradation Ranged combat Public humiliation Rebellion Character development Vehicular combat Slavery Power draining Character Contrast

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Very random romance Roleplay · public roleplay

Just a random romance Roleplay because Im bored! Please PM me for the RP

Last post by Daesong Eun (27 June at 06:32 PM)

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Escape · public roleplay

Vault 07's experiment may not have been the worst of the bunch, but it's one that leaves a bad taste in her mouth, given her unknowing hand in it all. What's a young, inexperienced vaultie to do, out in the wastelands?

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your sweet stalker · public roleplay

you bump into a girl at a coffee shop and she spills her coffee onto you by accident, what will you do?

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The Lich's court · public roleplay

The Imperial Court's centuries of isolation are about to come to an abrupt end. Adventurers, mages, and those who either seek knowledge or power are heading to the New Lands of the new eastern continent. And the court seems to only be an abandoned palace, and the city seems to be a prime place to study or plunder. Now the only question is: What brings you to the east? Perhaps you are running away from some questionable choices, or you seek to get a leg ahead of the competition. Just beware; the city hides more than the naked eye can see.       

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Dungeon Crawling · public roleplay

Looking for fellow adventurers to crawl through some dungeons!

interests: Sex Consensual Adventure Realism Casual sex Rivalry Traveling Survival Warfare Nose play Tail play Realistic melee Melee weapons combat Fellatio Character development

Last post by Stephanus Tavilrond (15 February 16 at 04:18 PM)

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Harsh dominant and soft submissive(18+) · public roleplay

Looking to rp

interests: BDSM Sex Pregnancy Violence Cum play Food play Oral sex Anal sex Saliva Vaginal sex Bondage Humiliation Gaping Deepthroat Casual sex Pain Orgasm denial Collaring Animal play Spanking Jealousy Aftercare Verbal abuse Diaper play Cutting Stretching Discrimination Handjobs Intimidation Fingering Edgeplay Kissing Biting Sex toys Squirting Degradation Heat play Knife play Fisting Facesitting Teasing Face slapping Condoms Masturbation Ass play Hair pulling Torture Smut Slavery Breast play Edging Breeding Mouth gags

Last post by Jayden "Cream" Blithe (04 July at 11:14 PM)

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Animal Brothel · public roleplay

There's a secret brothel full of gay, obedient, and well-trained creatures ready to please, along with lots of fun equipment for the job... And they've got a grizzly bear! Huh.

interests: Growth Anal sex Bondage Gaping Group sex Prostitution Multiple penetration Handjobs Fingering

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Club Grey - Okada's Bar · public roleplay

Had a hard day? Feeling a bit bored? Just want to have a quick drink? Come into Club Grey. Okada's manning the bar like usual, so just come on in and enjoy yourself.

interests: Alcohol use

Last post by Charlotte Nightwood (03 October 23 at 11:35 AM)

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Pokemon RP Ad · public roleplay

<<DARK THEMES WARNING!>> Don’t bother contacting me if themes of emotional/physical abuse, general violence/gore, mental illnesses, and self-harm/suicidal themes make you upset at all. Looking for a character/story-driven long-term private roleplay either on F-List or Discord. Sex/romance is liked, though not required. My F-List contains much more information about Zach and his sexual interests. Contacting me through F-List is recommended, as the inbox here doesn’t always load.

interests: Combat BDSM Sex Drama Romance Consensual Violence Watersports Corruption Friendship Oral sex Bondage Realism Humiliation Gaping Deepthroat Pain Death Orgasm denial Animal play Imprisonment Hunting Stealing Crossdressing Bonding Blood play Cutting Survival Orientation play Discrimination Dirty talking Edgeplay Biting Sex toys Kidnapping Degradation Premature ejaculation Genital knotting Orgasm control Auto-oral Character development Ass play Contortionism Torture Mutilation Cursing Illusion Edging Body writing Wetting Character Contrast

Last post by Zach Kurai (27 February 19 at 08:29 PM)

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Adventurer meets Slime Girl · public roleplay

A poor hero or heroine become entrapped by a slime girl, and get milked for their bodily fluids. Or an adventurer finds a small slime girl and decides to keep her as a pet, and of course has to feed her~

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Open for rp! · public roleplay

PM me I’ve been looking for a partner!

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AppleRadio Romance and More · public roleplay

A romantic date between the King of Hell and one of the most notorious Overlords within his realm, it could be dinner at a restaurant, or in the Hotel itself, or simply drinks at the bar. Something fun and easy to do as they begin their relationship. Feel free to dm if you are interested further, I'd like this to be a longer term roleplay as well.

interests: Sex Transformation Romance Consensual Saliva Realism Domesticity Pain Courtship Crushing Ear play Cuddling Blood play Body alteration Licking Kissing Biting Body fluid addiction Size play Condoms Character development Alcohol use Smut Character Contrast

Last post by Alastor the radio demon (06 July at 03:36 PM)

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Boy x Boy romance. · public roleplay

A bl romance roleplay. Any characteristics are welcome! Just pm me!

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Flooded Apocalypse · public roleplay

A more unique idea that I came up with. The world is left in ruin after the rise of the sea level and excessive rains flood the lands. Now, the tops of buildings, high ground, and boats are the only thing left solid to walk on. With much of the land above ground being picked clean, one must delve into the flooded remnants of cities to survive.

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anal and ass play free use girl · public roleplay

interests: Consensual Cum play Anal sex Clothed sex Multiple anal penetration Casual sex Collaring Exhibitionism Rimming Dubious consent Dirty talking Fingering Sex toys Squirting Ass play Rough handling Sexual objectification

Last post by Jayden "Cream" Blithe (07 July at 03:38 AM)

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Salus and the Anomaly. · public roleplay

Looking for anyone who wants to do a one-on-one. Completely normal, fantasy though. No romance unless you have a good reason of course. DM if interested. :D

interests: Combat Story Adventure Language barrier Unrealistic melee Unarmed combat Melee weapons combat Magical binding Magic use Peril

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Anyone Wanna RP? · public roleplay

interests: Sex Soft vore Mind control Pregnancy Cum play Corruption Oral sex Anal sex Saliva Vaginal sex Gaping Multiple anal penetration Deepthroat Multiple vaginal penetration Casual sex All the way through Stalking Drugs Collaring Animal play Ownership Auctioning Group sex Marriage Injecting Multiple penetration Cuddling Testicle play Handjobs Shrinking Intimidation Dirty talking Fingering Licking Kissing Biting Hypnosis Sex toys Tentacle sex Kidnapping Body puppeting Body fluid addiction Heat play Knot thrusting Genital knotting Drug addiction Tail play Size play Female impregnation Facesitting Teasing Cloacal kissing Condoms Masturbation Ass play Alcohol use Tobacco use Hair pulling Rough handling Pegging Multiple oral penetration Cursing Illusion Smut Breast play Subliminal mind control Birth Wetting Breeding Breastfeeding Large insertions Mouth gags

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Come relax with Mommy~ · public roleplay

Just looking for anyone wanting a softer experience. Doesn't need to be nsfw, can just be a nice relaxation with a big lady~ Or you can bring along your own ideas! I'd love to hear them~

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The small magical village of Semor · public roleplay

interests: Adultery

Last post by zell (11 September 23 at 04:55 PM)

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Murder Practice · public roleplay

Estes Jones has never killed a man. Ever. He's held a gun before, and he's shot at people before, but never fatally. Tonight, his abusive snake of a mentor thinks it's best to teach him how to properly take a man's life. Whether anyone dies or not is up for discussion.

interests: Story Violence Blackmail Bonding

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Reviving an Old Chat · public roleplay

The basic idea was that their character worked for Death as one of Death's Crows. They're normally seen in the wake of large battles or plagues, tidying up and putting the dead to rest. The von Turginev family did something to gain Death's favor, so after 22 out of 23 of them were murdered, Death sent a Crow to help the family get back on their feet. Long-term plan was that they would stay until Von Turginev was satisfied with the legacy she'd leave behind.

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Dark or Light themes! ( FxF ) · public roleplay

As stated above I'd like darker themes or light ones if you'd better prefer. In a modern, fantasy or sci-fi setting. Additionally I am only looking to do a F x F rp with me being the submissive one! I would like to do something revolving around power play, with dub consent. I would also like kidnapper x victim but I am willing do any other darker themes, you can look at my interests to get a better idea of what darker themes im into! As well as what i wont do.

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