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Adventuress Fundraising · public roleplay

What happens when an all-too-willing centaur needs to make some coin for her continued questing.

interests: Sex Nonconsensual Humiliation Casual sex Prostitution Trading Multiple penetration Discrimination Dubious consent Degradation Female impregnation Rough handling Sexual objectification Smut Maledom Breeding

Last post by Carnelian Pearl (10 August 17 at 10:41 PM)

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Dad's Night Out · public roleplay

You like dinos? You like dilfs? You like dinodilfs? A loving family man, Alzair cares about his family with the utmost passion, and is willing to treat them to a feisty night out every once in a while, even if it's one-on-one. Of course, he also helps himself out to a night out alone, which doesn't necessarily end alone. Care for his company?

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Haunting 101: A Ghost Girl's Guide to Long-Lasting Relationships with the Living · public roleplay

interests: Sex Story World-building Romance Consensual Vaginal sex Domesticity Domestic service Somnophilia Bonding Dubious consent Fellatio Character development Mediumship Smut

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Incursion · public roleplay

The Jaggard. Fearsome, sinister, a force threatening to take over the galaxy....fractured from within by malcontent amongst the clans. With their kind disbanded and the crusades over, one loyal soldier is left with dreams of returning to their old ways. What might happen should you stumble across such a dangerous alien race?

interests: Character Contrast

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Going Out · public roleplay

Patchouli most often stays inside her mansion, having her two maids do most of her outside work. But sometimes, she has to go out on her own for magic reasons. She only ever goes alone, even with her bad health, not wanting to share her magic secrets with anyone. Sometimes when she goes out, she meets some pretty interesting people. Perhaps you are one of them?

interests: Sex Story Character development Smut Character Contrast

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Night of a Wanderer · public roleplay

Wandering about, she just happens upon your home as a storm hits! Kindly offering her a place to stay, it comes at the expense of a lonesome night, and perhaps the wife's ire!

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War-torn childhood · public roleplay

The life as Sam knew it... is gone. Destroyed by the first crack of gunfire somewhere in the distance. It all happened so fast, he still doesn't understand what's going on... All he knew is that he had to hide. Hide from everyone, while scavenging around the destroyed terrain, getting scraps of food and shelter. And for one reason or the other, a squad wanders into "his" home...

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The Struggling Padawan · public roleplay

After a horrible mission, Ahsoka I struggling to come to terms with the way of the Jedi, and eventually finds her heart to be feeling lonesome. The young Togruta craves the touch of another, a lover, but her loyalty to the Jedi urge her away from such desires. Will she stay true to the Knights of the Order? Or will she fall from the code, and fulfill her hearts desires?

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First time for everythingthing... · public roleplay

You're out somewhere remote, whether it be the wastelands an unknown forest or simply hiking along a trail for recreational purposes. You encounter an unfamiliar creature, it appears to be some sort of chimera, a hybrid between a snake and a dog. It isn't hostile in fact it seems interested as it approaches you. What happens next is entirely up to you.

interests: Sex Romance Nonconsensual Consensual Pregnancy Adventure Friendship Oral sex Vaginal sex Clothed sex Domesticity Casual sex Courtship Stalking Animal play Domestic service Hunting Language barrier Cuddling Testicle play Dubious consent Female impregnation Cunnilingus Character development Rough handling Smut Character Contrast Breeding

Last post by August (Tuesday at 09:00 AM)

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The Hunt · public roleplay

How far are you willing to go to survive in a ferocious, unforgiving game of Cat and Mouse? The Desperate and the foolish volunteer themselves in a Hunger Games-esque survival event for a large cash prize, or other item of importance. One must survive 3, 12, 24, 36 or 48 hours in a fabricated wilderness while under the constant threat of being hunted by the phantom. The harder the challenge, the bigger the reward. As little as 3% of the volunteers survive. Think you have what it takes?

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Feral giant fox · public roleplay

I am looking for a long, or short term role-play where you would be a dominant queen, sorceress or anything similar that either receives, or captures a big feral fox male (my character) and you would try to tame him and turn him into a proper mount/pet or even bed toy, mainly with force. You can be as rough as you wish. If you want to change anything, or add something to make it more suitable for you, then please let me know.

interests: Combat BDSM Sex World-building Adventure Cum play Adultery Bondage Collaring Animal play Ownership Group sex Guarding Hunting Injecting Bonding Cuddling Surgery Piercing Survival Handjobs Biting Sex toys Sheath play Knot thrusting Character development Objectification Magical binding Magic use Femdom Electrostimulation Breeding

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Red Riding Hood · public roleplay

Hello, as you may or may not have noticed this character is supposed to be the living embodiment of Little Red Riding Hood. What I am looking for is a modern "low" fantasy setting. Think Buffy, Constantine, Supernatural, World of Darkness, Fables, etc. as a reference. Where a young troubled girl who knows little of her past lives or her fate comes upon like-minded or not so like-minded beings. Be they human, demon, satyr, nymph, werewolf or some other kind of being to do short or long term role plays with.

interests: Story World-building Nonconsensual Consensual Oral sex Vaginal sex Jealousy Somnophilia Survival Dubious consent Intimidation Outercourse

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Unlikely Alliance · public roleplay

The situation is grim, the enemy arrives in numbers so great that only an alliance between traditional foes can possibly stand a chance. So the knights have been sent to support the barbaric tribes. But as the days become weeks and then months, more than battle can blossom.

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New and looking for friends · public roleplay

Just looking to meet new friends if there's anyone left still on here.

Last post by August (Tuesday at 08:05 AM)

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Rache's General Mechanics · public roleplay

There's a new shop in town, where you can get your car fixed and more. The mechanic willing to take a look at just about anything and try to help if she can.

Last post by Rache (10 November 16 at 12:28 AM)

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A Chance Meeting · public roleplay

Derala Keldral, that strange, ebon-horned dragon-cat hybrid, is a frequenter of libraries and a lover of all things book. Meeting her there is all too easy, though you may need to sit near her to actually get her attention, due to how easy it is for her to get caught up in a good read.

interests: Sex Story Consensual Friendship Oral sex Anal sex Vaginal sex Cuddling Licking

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Adventure Time · public roleplay

Looking for a lovely lady who is part of an Adventurer's Guild, Knighthood, Holy Order, Mercenary Group, Bardic College, etc.. Or basically, any reason to go on an adventure through an erotically charged world.

I'm very flexible about specifics, so message me if you have ideas.

interests: Sex World-building Adventure Casual sex Smut Character Contrast

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Culture Shocked · public roleplay

Rigel thought he knew what to expect when he moved from his tiny little village to the big city for college. Turns out that things are vastly different from home - who knew you could get light out of anything other than lightbugs! - but he's not about to let a bit of culture shock stop him. He's got classes to attend, after all, and he needs to figure out something different for a living situation since, apparently, camping out in the park near the campus is "illegal." Whatever that means.

interests: Sex Story Drama World-building Romance Nonconsensual Consensual Corruption Friendship Domesticity Stalking Drugs Isolation Jealousy Prostitution Domestic service Bonding Performing Cooking Dubious consent Intimidation Tending Kissing Lying Defloration Rough handling Character Contrast

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May 16th, 1994 (Past) · public roleplay

Many things happened on this day. The Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Orlando, Florida on WTKS 104.1 FM, Jacqueline Onassis was admitted to a hospital for cancer treatment, Joaquín Balaguer was elected as the President of Dominican Republic and the Tennis star Jennifer Capriati was arrested on charges of possession of marijuana. But most importantly Rosco met the Ronin Seven PMC

interests: Story World-building Adventure Drugs Survival Warfare Unarmed combat Ranged combat Alcohol use Tobacco use Rough handling

Last post by Robert "Rosco" Lastimosa (Last Sunday at 01:33 AM)

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Disgrace in Defeat · public roleplay

Lacroa has fallen, abandoned by its allies. No help is coming, and further resistance would be equivalent to suicide. The king admits defeat, leaving his fate and the fate of his daughter in your possibly unmerciful hands.

interests: BDSM Sex Story Drama World-building Nonconsensual Pregnancy Adventure Corruption Oral sex Vaginal sex Bondage Humiliation Religion Collaring Worship Ownership Prayer Flogging Punishment Bonding Sexism Discrimination Intimidation Edgeplay Degradation Female impregnation Public humiliation Face slapping Character development Defloration Rough handling Torture Objectification Sexual objectification Sigilism Blessing Ritual Cursing Enchanting Summoning Magical binding Slavery Magic use Power draining Edging Subliminal mind control Character Contrast Breeding Breastfeeding Mouth gags

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Dimi-god hyena boy · public roleplay

Newbie on here. I'm up for just about any scene as long as it with sex. My big kinks are foot play and ticking.

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Corruption · public roleplay

I enjoy those where she get corrupted, trained to be a good sub/slave, in various way

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Ronin Seven, an Introduction. (Past) · public roleplay

An introduction to the Ronin Seven PMC, a few quirky members. And the events that made Evelyn into the rambunctious quartermaster that she is today.

interests: Story World-building Friendship Language barrier Warfare Cooking Ranged combat Tobacco use

Last post by Evelyn "E-Chan" Jones (Last Friday at 04:09 PM)

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Fall of the Goddess · public roleplay

Last post by Griz (08 August 17 at 11:35 PM)

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Giant Little girl · public roleplay

A young girl living a normal life like any other little girl would. Until she meets up with a (Family member, stranger, baby sitter) that wants to make her adorable little body grow as big as possible.

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