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The Seacoast Citadel - Hotel, Bar, and Restaurant · public chat

NEW PROMO! Until further notice, all employees will wear minimal clothing, and are capable of serving patrons both professionally and intimately! Just ask, and you shall receive! Or take, if that's your prerogative!

Welcome to 'The Seacoast Citadel', a hotel, bar, and restaurant all rolled into one. Looking for employees, and if interested, check with Masasoto. He's usually working the bar, just so you know. And behave. We're not here for fights. We're here to help you relax, sleep, or whatever else you may need. (Note: Timezone for the normal RP is Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

interests: Combat Story World-building Realism Competition Bonding Cooking Unarmed combat Alcohol use Tobacco use

Last post by Shiroi (26 January at 08:40 PM)

Helland Hentai Hotel · public chat

Basically I'm the enslaved neko maid, of the hotel that's very bad at her job. The owner of the hotel is my Mistress who makes me take care of everything while she takes care of the little tasks like living sleeping ect... RULES: ANY CUSTOMER WHO LIVES AT THE HOTEL WILL HAVE THEIR OWN ROOMS, NO ROOMMATES UNLESS STAYING AN OVERNIGHTER! ANY CUSTOMERS LIVING IN THE HOTEL AS A PERMANENT GUEST WILL BE EXPECTED TO INTERACT WITH OTHER PERMANENT GUESTS< ME< AND THE OWNER OF THE HOTEL PLEASE!

Last post by Vena (12 January at 08:55 PM)

[Rainbow six siege] IQ Monika Weiss (Femsub) · public chat

interests: BDSM Sex Nonconsensual Bondage Slavery

No posts made yet

Futanari Hotsprings · public chat

No boys~

interests: BDSM Sex Story Romance Nonconsensual Consensual Aftercare

Last post by Sabine (17 November 18 at 05:33 PM)

Digital World · public chat

interests: Combat Sex Story Adventure Friendship Casual sex Bonding

Last post by Gaza (15 November 18 at 10:11 PM)

Dragon Den · public chat

For all dragons, and those that worship, adore, or are involved with them in some way. If you're a dragon or just love dragons, but have qualms about joining this room, please help me to adjust it for your comfort.

interests: Sex Soft vore Romance Consensual Adventure Bondage Worship Dubious consent Kidnapping Magic use

Last post by Okiov Frosdrake (15 November 18 at 09:12 PM)

Loving You · public chat

interests: Sex Adultery

No posts made yet

Dragon Love · public chat

interests: Romance

No posts made yet

The Search · public chat

interests: Combat Sex Drama Violence Adventure Friendship Death Rivalry Marriage Competition Kissing

No posts made yet

The Colission Part One · public chat

Become the heroes in this story or become the slaves that work with Tyron. It's you choice. You and others shape this story that will become a legend.

interests: Combat Sex Drama Romance Mind control Violence Adventure Friendship Death All the way through Sacrifice Isolation Jealousy Imprisonment Hunting Stealing Traveling Survival Cooking Kissing Kidnapping Ranged combat Duelling Character development Alchemy Cursing

No posts made yet

Helping a new girl out · public chat

interests: Sex Oral sex Anal sex Deepthroat Breeding

Last post by Awen McMillian (22 October 18 at 04:03 AM)

The Stable · public chat

An OOC/IC hangout bar and lounge for MLP characters and anyone interested in playing with one. Anyone and everyone interested is more than welcome in the chat. Wanna... horse around~?

interests: Sex Casual sex Group sex Sex toys

Last post by Garm (15 October 18 at 11:31 AM)

Magical Girls' Den ~魔女っ子の里~ · public chat

A room for magical girls and those who love or hate them! It’s lonely being a magical girl… But it doesn’t have to be!! Remember when magical girls were about love and friendship and kicking butt while being girly? It doesn’t always have to be scary monsters creeping out over young women…! A laid back OOC/IC place that’s not as cool as Arbor Park. [Now with Discord.] (

interests: Consensual Adventure Cuddling

Last post by Tentacle Pet (12 October 18 at 01:35 AM)

Safeword Bar&Cafe · public chat

interests: BDSM

No posts made yet

Watersports · public chat

interests: Sex Watersports Oral sex Casual sex

Last post by Michelle Dotarie (17 September 18 at 06:22 AM)

A Faded Love Story [Chapter 1] · public chat

interests: Combat Story Drama Romance Mind control Crushing Competition Cuddling Orientation play Reality manipulation Hypnosis Exercising Duelling Telekinesis Illusion Enchanting Summoning Teleportation Telepathy

Last post by Alexander Maximoff (07 September 18 at 09:21 PM)

The Jade Dragon bar · public chat

Looking for a drink to wet your whistle? Something to fill your belly? Just a relaxed place to meet people and have a pleasent time? Anyone and everyone can come in, even younger folks! Though they'll have to stick with sodas.

interests: Friendship

Last post by Alexander Maximoff (07 September 18 at 09:03 PM)

Hoarding Behaviors · public chat

interests: World-building Transformation Romance Consensual Adventure Growth Corruption Bondage Courtship Orgasm denial Collaring Worship Ownership Aftercare Domestic service Collecting Exhibitionism Cuddling Body alteration Nose play Cooking Lactation Dubious consent Edgeplay Orgasm control Female impregnation Unrealistic melee Cunnilingus Character development Aphrodisiacs Rough handling Objectification Alchemy Enchanting Magical binding Magic use Breast play Edging Body writing Fear-Induced Ovulation Character Contrast Breeding Breastfeeding Induced Ovulation

Last post by Alexander Maximoff (07 September 18 at 09:00 PM)

Forbidden Romance · public chat

interests: Combat Story Drama Romance Mind control Clothed sex Crushing Cuddling Handjobs Licking Kissing Reality manipulation Lying Size play Unrealistic melee Rebellion Masturbation Character development Alcohol use Magical binding Magic use

No posts made yet

Keeping Mom's cool boyfriend happy. · public chat

interests: Sex Consensual Corruption Adultery Ageplay Fingering Edgeplay Kissing Sex toys Fisting Teasing Smut Edging Socks/Stockings

No posts made yet

Bondage~ · public chat

Looking for bondage enthusiasts, from the hard-core to the merely curious. We don't turn anyone away...and with the amount of restraints on hand, we don't let any get away in any case!

interests: BDSM Bondage

Last post by Nixie (Nyx/Nikki) (14 August 18 at 08:51 AM)

Supernatural Marriage Corruption (Tentacles) · public chat

interests: Transformation Corruption Adultery Group sex Injecting Tentacle sex Genital knotting Slavery

Last post by Average guy (27 July 18 at 12:43 AM)

World of Artograch · public chat

Mostly fort discussing roleplays set in the World of Artograch.

interests: Story World-building Romance Consensual Violence Adventure Friendship Realism Religion Domesticity Displacement Rivalry Worship Prayer Prostitution Marriage Guarding Trading Imprisonment Traveling Bonding Survival Cooking Kissing Assassination Rebellion Alcohol use Ritual Summoning Teleportation Telepathy Slavery

Last post by Stephanus Tavilrond (08 June 18 at 09:54 AM)

Super New Fox Looking for Friends · public chat

Last post by Sandstorm Coyote (30 May 18 at 02:22 AM)

Fight & Fuck · public chat

T-1 Combat oriented room with a "to the victor go the spoils" theme.

interests: Combat Nonconsensual Violence Humiliation Pain Competition Warfare Unrealistic melee Realistic melee Unarmed combat Melee weapons combat Vehicular combat Power draining

Last post by Quenthell (26 May 18 at 11:38 AM)