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Jungle of the Lizard Tribe · public chat

Do you like lizards? Do you like snakes? Do you like dinosaurs? Do you like worshiping them? Then come on down to the Jungle of the Lizard Tribe, where you can find all of these things and not less.

interests: Soft vore Friendship Deepthroat Displacement Worship Imprisonment Hunting Testicle play Hypnosis Slavery

Last post by Yu (28 February at 04:55 PM)

Pumpkin Patch · public chat

Last post by Plumpy horsebutt (28 February at 04:26 PM)

Next gen of UA high · public chat

interests: Combat Sex Drama Adventure Friendship Clothed sex Casual sex Underwear Cuddling Ageplay Unrealistic melee Facesitting Melee weapons combat Character development Socks/Stockings Power Fantasy

No posts made yet

Arbor Park · public chat

A cozy meeting place surrounded by a vague shifting landscape. Rolling hills meet beautiful meadows, sandy beaches fade into ancient ruins, and groves of bamboo give way to abstract alien environments. Creatures and beings of every shape and size roam freely. A city, a tea house, a prison cell - the only limit to the park's terrain is the imagination of those who to venture into it.

( IC/OOC general chat and RP. Come on in to gush over your favorite hentai artists, or pick a setting and dive into the park! )

interests: Sex Story Character development Smut

Last post by Daze (28 January at 11:45 PM)

Recently Divorced Man · public chat

A newly divorced man is looking to start over and looking for new experiences and finding what he has been missing all these years while he has been married

interests: BDSM Sex Romance Consensual Corruption Oral sex Anal sex Adultery Realism Casual sex Group sex Prostitution Rimming Ageplay Handjobs Fingering Kissing Female impregnation Cunnilingus Fellatio Ass play Hair pulling Pegging Character Contrast Breeding

Last post by Eunice (20 January at 03:32 PM)

Touhou ~ Scarlet Devil Mansion · public chat

interests: BDSM Adventure Anal sex Adultery Bondage Underwear Ear play Incest Blood play Ageplay Cooking Edgeplay Biting Body fluid addiction Teasing Public humiliation Torture Smut Edging Breeding

No posts made yet

Heat · public chat

Heya, you. Do you have your eyes constantly glued to a dirty book or a lewd image on a screen? Maybe you tie yourself up under your clothes while you go about your day~. Well, if porn is your thing, come visit the "museum" of pornography. We are the nexus of lewd and modern day corruption...but hey, it's the good kind, am I right? We got plenty of books to pass your time, drinks and snacks to help you relax, and all, for the low low price of $15.99 a month...unlimited porn, pawjobs and more on demand, and even movie nights, so bring your friends. Oh and..if the cops ask, tell them we a got a "special" deal for them.

interests: Sex Story Romance Nonconsensual Consensual Adventure Cum play Corruption Friendship Breath play Oral sex Anal sex Saliva Vaginal sex Adultery Realism Clothed sex Gaping Deepthroat Domesticity Casual sex Courtship Sweat Drugs Orgasm denial Animal play Spanking Punishment Group sex Prostitution Domestic service Ear play Stealing Nipple penetration Crossdressing Cervical play Cuddling Rimming Nose play Testicle play Modeling Dubious consent Handjobs Dirty talking Fingering Edgeplay Tending Belly play Licking Kissing Biting Sex toys Sheath play Squirting Heat play Genital knotting Tail play Orgasm control Size play Fisting Facesitting Bimbofication Teasing Public humiliation Face slapping Masturbation Cunnilingus Fellatio Alcohol use Defloration Tobacco use Rough handling Sexual objectification Smut Breast play Edging Electrostimulation Body writing

Last post by Jordan (07 January at 05:22 AM)

Pinkie's Party Playhouse! · public chat

interests: Sex Romance Consensual Oral sex Bondage Casual sex Rivalry Group sex Exhibitionism Bonding Cuddling Orientation play Licking Masturbation

Last post by Yukio (06 January at 11:10 AM)

The In-Between · public chat

interests: Sex World-building Transformation Foot play Adventure Friendship Anal sex Clothed sex Deepthroat Domesticity Casual sex Rivalry Punishment Jealousy Domestic service Guarding Exhibitionism Crossdressing Bonding Cuddling Modeling Handjobs Dirty talking Tending Facesitting Character development Ass play Hair pulling Illusion Magical binding Magic use Character Contrast

No posts made yet

Problem Sleuth RP crap or whatever · public chat

interests: Combat Adventure

Last post by absoluteIdiot (01 January at 11:59 PM)

The 2021 Roleplay Chat (New) · public chat

Just as It says, Have fun!

Last post by Namielle (23 December 22 at 05:14 PM)

Litphoria HQ.2 · public chat

Last post by Helan Cragspawn (08 December 22 at 03:30 AM)

Safeword Bar&Cafe · public chat

interests: BDSM

Last post by Yukio (06 December 22 at 11:28 PM)

Render's Radporium · public chat

interests: Sex Oral sex Clothed sex Casual sex Group sex Sex toys

Last post by Yukio (05 December 22 at 10:16 AM)

Inspiration Station · public chat

A room for writers and other creative minds to find support and encouragement.

interests: Story World-building Character development

Last post by Yukio (30 November 22 at 11:31 AM)

Furry Kink Heaven · public chat

interests: Nonconsensual Corruption Breath play Adultery Bondage Humiliation Deepthroat Casual sex Pain Drugs Orgasm denial Collaring Genital abuse Flogging Jealousy Aftercare Imprisonment Blackmail Collecting Exhibitionism Nipple penetration Cervical play Multiple penetration Cuddling Body alteration Lactation Dirty talking Feminization Licking Kissing Biting Hypnosis Kidnapping Lying Body puppeting Degradation Drug addiction Female impregnation Facesitting Bimbofication Breast enhancement Face slapping Masturbation Defloration Hair pulling Aphrodisiacs Blessing Cursing Illusion Enchanting Magical binding Magic use Breast play Edging Electrostimulation Body writing Birth Breeding Breastfeeding

Last post by Joey jordison (17 October 22 at 09:46 AM)

Dream Bubbles · public chat

Homestuck role play. Crossovers welcome. Consider this a casual chat room for now.

Last post by Teko Mashira (04 October 22 at 06:38 PM)

The breeding grounds · public chat

A meeting grounds for people who just love to make babies!

interests: Breeding

Last post by Joey jordison (18 September 22 at 10:11 AM)

The School of Genshokyou · public chat

interests: Sex Violence Anal sex Realism Casual sex Cursing Birth

Last post by Logic Switch (16 September 22 at 07:20 AM)

Deustcheland Erwache! · public chat

Nazi Germany, 1943. Occult research, cat and mouse resistance operations, secret police, and open warfare. There's something for almost everyone here.

interests: Combat Drama World-building Friendship Medical play Religion Domesticity Courtship Death Stalking Rivalry Competition Imprisonment Traveling Language barrier Survival Warfare Discrimination Intimidation Espionage Assassination Degradation Unrealistic melee Unarmed combat Melee weapons combat Ranged combat Rebellion Duelling Character development Vehicular combat Objectification Disguise

Last post by Pawschamo (28 August 22 at 11:00 PM)

Futanari Hotsprings · public chat

No boys~

interests: BDSM Sex Story Romance Nonconsensual Consensual Aftercare

Last post by Ellie Sayo-Yasuyada Beatrice (27 August 22 at 07:47 AM)

Fight & Fuck · public chat

T-1 Combat oriented room with a "to the victor go the spoils" theme.

interests: Combat Nonconsensual Violence Humiliation Pain Competition Warfare Unrealistic melee Realistic melee Unarmed combat Melee weapons combat Vehicular combat Power draining

Last post by Quenthell (23 August 22 at 03:59 AM)

Post-Apocalyptic LFRP · public chat

Last post by Teko Mashira (07 August 22 at 04:12 PM)

Cursed Soul · public chat

interests: Combat Story Drama Romance Adventure Friendship Bondage Humiliation Pain Death Stalking Animal play Ownership Jealousy Cloning Hunting Blackmail Bonding Cutting Kissing Biting Body swapping Kidnapping Lying Knife play Teasing Cloacal kissing Blessing Ritual Cursing Illusion Magical binding Disguise Magic use

Last post by Pawschamo (04 August 22 at 04:16 PM)


Last post by Quenthell (20 July 22 at 01:15 AM)