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A good girl · public chat

interests: BDSM Sex Consensual Oral sex Vaginal sex Adultery Orgasm denial Jealousy Aftercare Blackmail Incest Cuddling Fingering Edgeplay Female impregnation Facesitting Masturbation Fellatio Maledom

Last post by Nix (02 March at 01:39 PM)

Love · public chat

interests: Sex Romance

No posts made yet

The Jade Dragon bar · public chat

Looking for a drink to wet your whistle? Something to fill your belly? Just a relaxed place to meet people and have a pleasent time? Anyone and everyone can come in, even younger folks! Though they'll have to stick with sodas.

interests: Friendship

Last post by Eunice (28 February at 04:21 AM)

invited talking · public chat

I'll invite you, mainly this channel is to purely annoy Eunice.

Last post by temmie (24 February at 10:42 PM)

Undertale · public chat

looking for fun times with fun people!

Last post by Experiment X5-K9 (24 February at 08:36 PM)

Family Corruption · public chat

interests: Mind control Incest Hypnosis

Last post by Eunice (24 February at 07:39 PM)

The AU rp · public chat

interests: Adventure

Last post by Eunice (23 February at 05:37 PM)

Eclipse Phase Talkspot · public chat

interests: Combat World-building Violence Adventure Body alteration Survival Body swapping Body puppeting Sabotage Unarmed combat Ranged combat Vehicular combat

Last post by Flarey (22 February at 04:02 AM)

Lewd Public Park Chat · public chat

interests: Combat Sex Friendship Anal sex Vaginal sex Casual sex Exhibitionism Masturbation Cunnilingus Fellatio Smut

Last post by 33V33 (21 February at 08:00 PM)

The Catpartment · public chat

Looking for a place to relax and hang out? Want to get a drink, relax with some friends? Come to The Catpartment! Your friendly bar! We are totally okay with multi para, single line, and all kinds of neato banito things! Casual OOC is okay, but we have an OOC room for that!!!

Last post by Vesper (19 February at 08:11 PM)

Video game omniverse · public chat

interests: Sex Story World-building Adventure Smut

Last post by Isabelle (19 February at 08:25 AM)

Dream Bubbles · public chat

Homestuck role play. Crossovers welcome. Consider this a casual chat room for now.

Last post by Endy Endermen (16 February at 08:35 PM)

Glorious for a Villain · public chat

Neo's been caught, tied up in a bathroom stall that has two holes in either wall, and she's fearful of what might happen. One might walk in to one of the stalls to the side of her and notice the mute's position. On each wall, there's written "Free Use! But leave a tip if you enjoy.~" with an empty bag attached beside each hole. Against one hole appears to be a set of pink, white, and brown-striped panties, and from the other hole appears to be a mouth that's held open with a gag. What would you do..?

interests: Sex Nonconsensual Oral sex Anal sex Adultery Clothed sex Multiple anal penetration Deepthroat Multiple vaginal penetration Casual sex Group sex Exhibitionism Nipple penetration Crossdressing Multiple penetration Language barrier Ageplay Outercourse Fingering Licking Sex toys Knot thrusting Genital knotting Public humiliation Condoms Cunnilingus Fellatio Ass play Defloration Sexual objectification Multiple oral penetration Breast play Oral knotting Body writing

Last post by the untold experiment (13 February at 06:16 PM)

The Adventurer’s Team (Rp+RPG) · public chat

interests: Casual sex Auctioning Blackmail

Last post by the untold experiment (13 February at 06:10 PM)

Bubble21^2 · public chat

interests: Combat Adventure Discrimination Cooking

Last post by Garm (08 February at 05:45 AM)

Ghost Hunter · public chat

interests: Nonconsensual Degradation

No posts made yet

Transformation · public chat

interests: Transformation

Last post by Belle Carnelli (29 January at 08:20 AM)

Sci-Fi · public chat

interests: Story World-building Adventure

Last post by Suleth Ragadam (24 January at 04:07 PM)

The Brothers Grimm Traveling Carnival · public chat

interests: Combat BDSM Sex Story Drama World-building Romance Nonconsensual Foot play Violence Cum play Watersports Corruption Breath play Anal sex Saliva Adultery Bondage Realism Humiliation Clothed sex Deepthroat Casual sex Pain Death Drugs Orgasm denial Collaring Animal play Celibacy Spanking Sacrifice Flogging Punishment Jealousy Group sex Prostitution Hunting Blackmail Traveling Somnophilia Exhibitionism Crossdressing Bonding Incest Blood play Cutting Rimming Orientation play Ageplay Cooking Lactation Dubious consent Handjobs Intimidation Dirty talking Fingering Edgeplay Biting Hypnosis Body swapping Tentacle sex Kidnapping Assassination Squirting Degradation Premature ejaculation Genital knotting Drug addiction Orgasm control Knife play Fisting Facesitting Teasing Public humiliation Face slapping Masturbation Cunnilingus Fellatio Ass play Alcohol use Tobacco use Aphrodisiacs Contortionism Rough handling Torture Ritual Cursing Illusion Smut Magic use Femdom Edging Wetting Breeding Breastfeeding Socks/Stockings

Last post by Baptiste (21 January at 03:51 AM)

Talking to me. · public chat

Last post by Isla (17 January at 12:49 PM)

Battle-Arena · public chat

interests: Drama Transformation Mind control Adventure Tickling Friendship Crushing Rivalry Hunting Intimidation Ranged combat Telekinesis Cursing Teleportation Magic use

Last post by Max (12 January at 08:54 AM)

Valgate Inn · public chat

Valgate Inn, the center point for all inside the city of Valgate! Sweet honeyrooms for your more private needs, a message board for posting and taking job request, and of course the meat of a tavern; the bar and kitchen! Oh, did we forget to mention the lovely bar maidens we have?

interests: Combat Sex Story Drama World-building Violence Adventure Friendship Clothed sex Domesticity Casual sex Drugs Group sex Prostitution Competition Domestic service Trading Stealing Exhibitionism Odorants Language barrier Verbal abuse Cuddling Sexism Performing Cooking

Last post by Zylith (07 January at 08:09 PM)

Space Station · public chat

interests: Combat Adventure Anal sex Adultery Casual sex Aftercare Ageplay Character development Alcohol use

No posts made yet

Sex · public chat

interests: BDSM Story Transformation Romance Foot play Violence Cum play Food play Scat Tickling Oral sex Anal sex Saliva Vaginal sex Adultery Realism Humiliation Clothed sex Gaping Deepthroat Casual sex Pain Filth Crushing Underwear All the way through Drugs Genital abuse Animal play Ownership Spanking Punishment Group sex Marriage Hunting Blackmail Ear play Injecting Vomiting Nipple penetration Crossdressing Multiple penetration Incest Verbal abuse Cuddling Diaper play Surgery Piercing Cutting Sexism Survival Nose play Ageplay Testicle play Stretching Hard vore Cooking Modeling Handjobs Dirty talking Fingering Edgeplay Kissing Biting Tentacle sex Kidnapping Squirting Knot thrusting Genital knotting Drug addiction Masculinization Tail play Orgasm control Knife play Fisting Auto-oral Breast enhancement Face slapping Condoms Masturbation Ass play Alcohol use Tobacco use Hair pulling Rough handling Torture Cursing Magical binding Smut Slavery Magic use Meta-BDSM Breast play Edging Oral knotting Birth Foreskin play Wetting Breeding Breastfeeding Mouth gags

Last post by Lisa (28 December 20 at 10:58 PM)

A strange multi-dimensional battle · public chat

interests: Combat Adventure Competition Collecting Assassination Melee weapons combat Character development Alchemy Character Contrast

Last post by Endy Endermen (23 December 20 at 03:54 PM)