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Smut and Dice (closed) · public chat

Last post by Griz (25 February 16 at 10:31 PM)

realm of the lost ooc · public chat

Last post by Vladislav (22 February 16 at 09:20 AM)

Spoilers and Fan-Girling CURRENT TOPIC DEADPOOL · public chat

Last post by Sharon Brehane (21 February 16 at 10:45 AM)

La Bella Luna · public chat

Wonderful place to relax and chat, interlaced with the opportunity for some laid-back interaction IC as well, of both friendly and sometimes sexual nature. Currently seeking employees: Speak with owner for details

interests: Friendship Casual sex Performing

Last post by Fox (20 February 16 at 02:52 AM)

The Orc's Tavern · public chat

Last post by Quenthell (14 February 16 at 08:25 AM)

Story, World-Building, Character Development, Humanoids · public chat

interests: Story World-building Character development

Last post by Samus (04 February 16 at 03:49 AM)

Canon Characters · public chat

interests: World-building

Last post by Rick Sanchez (21 September 15 at 07:49 PM)

Scofield Mental Institution · public chat

interests: BDSM Sex Story Drama World-building Nonconsensual Consensual Mind control Violence Corruption Medical play Breath play Saliva Vaginal sex Bondage Humiliation Clothed sex Pain Death Crushing Sweat Stalking Drugs Collaring Ownership Spanking Sounding Isolation Sensory denial Flogging Punishment Jealousy Aftercare Imprisonment Injecting Stealing Exhibitionism Verbal abuse Blood play Surgery Piercing Cutting Survival Cooking Mentoring Dubious consent Intimidation Edgeplay Tending Licking Kissing Biting Hypnosis Squirting Degradation Heat play Drug addiction Knife play Public humiliation Face slapping Rebellion Character development

Last post by Osmond Gardener (10 September 15 at 06:49 AM)

Pinkie Char-Gen · public chat

Last post by Mikael (27 July 15 at 10:50 PM)

The Last Meta Human, Stiletto. · public chat

interests: Story World-building

No posts made yet

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann · public chat

Are you a TTGL roleplayer, or have thought about roleplaying a character from TTGL? Then this is the place for you.

Last post by Sharon Brehane (21 July 15 at 09:21 PM)

Multiverse school au · public chat

AU where members of the roleplay attend a school together, and isn't focused on only one canon.

Last post by Kittan (19 July 15 at 06:52 AM)

The Blood Bag · public chat

interests: Blood play

Last post by Isabella "Bells" Miller (14 July 15 at 02:59 AM)

Temple of Divinity: Pathfinders D20 · public chat

d20 Pathfinder RP setting where the players make the story and setting. If interested, you will need to send me an application for your Character name, back story, and character sheet. You need aid and help with this, contact me and I will gladly help you set it up. If I help you, this will be considered also your application.

interests: BDSM Story Drama World-building Romance Pregnancy Violence Adventure Friendship Medical play Realism Religion Courtship Collaring Worship Role reversal Ownership Prayer Sacrifice Guarding Hunting Stealing Traveling Bonding Language barrier Performing Survival Warfare Mentoring Kidnapping Assassination Realistic melee

No posts made yet

The 3P System · public chat

Last post by Taurus Groundshaker (21 June 15 at 03:38 AM)

Pearl Bay medical compound · public chat

interests: Medical play Aftercare Diaper play Lactation

Last post by Teri Andrews (14 June 15 at 08:01 PM)

rather old school · public chat

interests: Combat BDSM Story Drama Transformation Nonconsensual Mind control Violence Adventure Growth Corruption Friendship Anal sex Bondage Realism Humiliation Pain Death All the way through Rivalry Drugs Collaring Ownership Purification Isolation Flogging Auctioning Punishment Jealousy Group sex Prostitution Competition Trading Imprisonment Cloning Hunting Blackmail Injecting Collecting Exhibitionism Bonding Piercing Cutting Body alteration Survival Warfare Modeling Mentoring Intimidation Kissing Biting Hypnosis Espionage Kidnapping Lying Assassination Mental age regression Sabotage

No posts made yet

Mind Control · public chat

interests: Mind control Hypnosis

No posts made yet

Orgy Channel · public chat

Anyone allowed, a sexual free-for-all! Keep kinks to a moderation please.

interests: Sex Casual sex Group sex

Last post by Lily Catarina (28 April 15 at 08:30 PM)

Looking for role play partners · public chat

interests: Sex Story Romance Consensual Adventure Cuddling

Last post by Taurus Groundshaker (14 April 15 at 09:52 PM)

The Things You Learn at College · public chat

interests: Nonconsensual Consensual Mind control Anal sex Adultery Collaring Blackmail

No posts made yet

Earn My Love (Seeking corruption and transformation, long term) · public chat

interests: Transformation Nonconsensual Mind control Corruption Anal sex Humiliation Collaring Ownership Injecting Verbal abuse Body alteration

No posts made yet

The Giant's Bedroom · public chat

Last post by Vivvian Vivaldi (23 March 15 at 04:28 AM)

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt · public chat

Daten city! Angels, Demons and Humans needed! (Ask for details!)

No posts made yet

Dungeon Running · public chat

Last post by Master of Dungeon: Despair (06 March 15 at 03:50 AM)