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Mind Control · public chat

interests: Mind control Hypnosis

No posts made yet

Orgy Channel · public chat

Anyone allowed, a sexual free-for-all! Keep kinks to a moderation please.

interests: Sex Casual sex Group sex

Last post by Lily Catarina (28 April 15 at 08:30 PM)

Looking for role play partners · public chat

interests: Sex Story Romance Consensual Adventure Cuddling

Last post by Taurus Groundshaker (14 April 15 at 09:52 PM)

The Things You Learn at College · public chat

interests: Nonconsensual Consensual Mind control Anal sex Adultery Collaring Blackmail

No posts made yet

Earn My Love (Seeking corruption and transformation, long term) · public chat

interests: Transformation Nonconsensual Mind control Corruption Anal sex Humiliation Collaring Ownership Injecting Verbal abuse Body alteration

No posts made yet

The Giant's Bedroom · public chat

Last post by Vivvian Vivaldi (23 March 15 at 04:28 AM)

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt · public chat

Daten city! Angels, Demons and Humans needed! (Ask for details!)

No posts made yet

Dungeon Running · public chat

Last post by Master of Dungeon: Despair (06 March 15 at 03:50 AM)