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Dungeons, Dragons, and just about everything else. · public chat

Just feel free to use this as a chatroom for anything non-sexual, but I'll often be talking about Dungeons and Dragons, and similar topics.

interests: Combat Story Drama World-building Violence Adventure Friendship Realism Drugs Hunting Blackmail Stealing Survival Warfare Espionage Lying Assassination Sabotage Realistic melee Unarmed combat Melee weapons combat Ranged combat Duelling Character development Alcohol use Alchemy Necromancy Illusion Magic use

Last post by . (18 October 16 at 07:10 AM)

Bae City · public chat

Last post by Ivanna von Steiner (23 September 16 at 05:31 AM)

Smut & Dice · public chat

The #1 official room for perverts and nerds to talk about erotic and geeky things. No roleplaying allowed.

Last post by Wrecked Avent (19 September 16 at 03:32 AM)

League of Legends · public chat

Anyone's welcome. Casual interaction be it IC or discussing the game is also enjoyed. Good luck, have fun.

Last post by Zed (19 September 16 at 01:27 AM)

The Megaton Gym · public chat

interests: Weight gain Anal sex Clothed sex Casual sex Group sex Aftercare Body alteration Dubious consent Dirty talking Breast enhancement Exercising Cunnilingus Fellatio Character development Aphrodisiacs Contortionism

Last post by Victoria Mountbatten (13 September 16 at 10:52 PM)

The Hangar · public chat

Do you like cars, trains, and planes? Maybe robots? Maybe BOTH? Come in and we can see about getting you shacked up with a few of them.

Last post by Mriya (12 September 16 at 08:08 AM)

Strawberry's Room (Erogame Discussion) · public chat

All things erogaming! Visual novels, naughty RPGs, suggestive CCGs and of course those platformers with the 'friendly' monsters.

Last post by . (10 September 16 at 06:50 AM)

Games! They're awesome, come chat. · public chat

Last post by Minnie Mouse (10 September 16 at 12:59 AM)

The Sonic Network · public chat

interests: Story World-building Adventure

Last post by Scourge (07 September 16 at 11:40 PM)

IC Truth or Dare - D6 · public chat

Last post by Korra (12 July 16 at 12:38 PM)

The Inn of the Sable Bear · public chat

The Inn of the Sable Bear is the main watering-hole for the border town of Bitter Ridge. It's a rambling structure shaped like an H from above, with the commons in the central bar, the rooms for rent on the left, and the kitchens and stables on the right. In the front, there is a courtyard with a well, which is also the main well for the town. Itinerant merchants without permanent shops frequently set up their carts in this courtyard.

interests: Sex Story World-building Consensual Violence Adventure Drugs Dubious consent Character development Alcohol use

Last post by Ser Baltis Feskorsson (09 July 16 at 08:24 PM)

Hey Kids, Comics! · public chat

A room for comics talk and canons and mingling. Keep content all ages.

interests: Adventure Character development

Last post by Lex Luthor (14 June 16 at 04:19 AM)

A New Jedi · public chat

interests: Adventure Character development

No posts made yet

MoonClan · public chat

interests: Adventure

No posts made yet

Smut · public chat

Come and hang out.

Last post by DDBE (02 May 16 at 01:30 AM)

Daten City · public chat

No posts made yet

Quickie; Adelia X Horen · public chat

interests: Oral sex Clothed sex Deepthroat Face slapping Fellatio Objectification Sexual objectification

Last post by Horen Teyro (19 April 16 at 04:00 AM)

Honnouji Academy · public chat

Last post by Satsuki Kiryuuin (11 April 16 at 10:12 AM)

Shade's Arena OOC · public chat

Last post by Termari (06 April 16 at 02:22 AM)

NATO Waifus · public chat

Last post by Wendi Jiang (03 April 16 at 03:48 AM)

Objectification Central. The IKEA of Smut. · public chat

interests: BDSM Bondage Dubious consent Objectification

Last post by Moth Girl (28 March 16 at 11:20 PM)

Inflation · public chat

interests: Inflation Weight gain

Last post by Belle Carnelli (25 March 16 at 01:10 AM)

Domination Chat · public chat

Last post by Ayla Laurentia (01 March 16 at 11:41 AM)

Smut and Dice (closed) · public chat

Last post by Samus (26 February 16 at 01:19 AM)

Smut and Dice (closed) · public chat

Last post by Griz (25 February 16 at 10:31 PM)