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What are traits? What are interests? What are endorsements? What is markdown? What are roleplay ads and ideas? What is an active character?
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What are interests?

Interests are specific acts in a piece of writing which describe the kind of qualities or characteristics that will make up a play.
For example, an interest for combat would earmark a profile or play to be open to combat occurring within a play.

Interests belong in one of four lists: Mandatory, yes, will try, and no. Interests placed into 'mandatory' are considered required for every play, while interests in 'no' are not allowed to appear in a play. 'Will try' are interests the person or profile would like to use in a play, but is either unsure if they like it, or are otherwise inexperienced with it.

On litphoria's profiles, interests may also take on a context, which is additional qualifying information for expressing how an interest is enjoyed or not.
For example, a person may only like foot play when the person is human and male. That person's foot play interest might look like:

  1. context: This is a definite yes, but your feet have to be human!