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What are traits?

Traits are bits of information on profiles which describe a profile's distinguishing characteristics or qualities.
On litphoria, they have three dimensions:

  1. option
  2. additional details
  3. preferences
An option is a pre-set value for a given trait that is search-able and easily comparable.
Additional details are an optional expansion, which allows a more personal and thorough explanation of the trait.
And preferences describe how other options for this trait are liked/disliked.

As an example, if a character is a rare spotted albino ocelot, then their trait species might look like:
  1. option: feline
  2. additional details: rare spotted albino ocelot
Here's some more examples:
A character is a young adult male, 21 years old. Their trait age might look like:
  1. option: adult
  2. additional details: 21 years old, though he looks younger, at about 18
A character is a a female dominant in the BDSM sense, but only for people they like. Their trait D/s role might look like:
  1. option: Dominant
  2. additional details: While she is firmly dominant, you have to get really close to get this side out of her. Don't expect her to do this with one-night stands.
As you can see, this trait system allows you to have something that allows your profiles to be categorized for searching and comparing, but still allowing you to fill in all of the details needed to fully flesh out your profile.