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I want to view some guided tutorials! I need live help! I want to talk to some people on the site!
What are traits? What are interests? What are endorsements? What is markdown? What are roleplay ads and ideas? What is an active character?
How do I search? How do I roll dice?

What is markdown?

Markdown is how all user-inputted content is formatted on litphoria. It is lightweight syntax based on how e-mails have been written for ages, and even how some people marked-up roleplays in chat rooms after that.

Here's a pocket guide to using markdown. If you scroll down, there's also a limited bbcode to markdown converter, if you're coming from forums or other sites which utilize that.

  • Bold: **text** -> text
  • Italic: *text* -> text
  • Bold Italic: ***text*** -> text
  • Monospace: `text` -> text
  • Strikethrough: <s>text</s> -> text
  • Superscript: <sup>text</sup> -> text
  • Subscript: <sub>text</sub> -> text
  • HorizontalRule * * * ->
  • Lists:
    * thing 1
    * thing 2
    * thing 3
    * thing 4
    Notice the space between the asterisk and thing 1. No space between text and thing 1 would result in italics. A list must be preceeded by a blank line if text comes before it.
    • thing 1
    • thing 2
    • thing 3
    • thing 4
  • Headers: # Huge, ## Large, ### Medium-Large, #### Medium-Small, ##### Small, ###### Tiny





  • Quoting: >text ->
  • Spacing: With markdown (and html in general), a single line break will not be preserved. If you want a line break, you can either use two (so that there is a blank line between your text), or follow your line break with two spaces.
  • Escaping: Any markdown syntax can be arbitrarily escaped by a backslash: \. Thus, \>:( will result in >:(, not a quote box with just :( in it.

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