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Mind Control · public chat

interests: Mind control Hypnosis

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The Arena · public chat

In the far far future, decadent nobles force young gladiators clothed in embarrassing clothing to battle for glory. Whether you're fighting with brutal combat or sensual domination or psychic warfare, come find partners and rise up through the ranks!

interests: Combat

Last post by Gamagoori (20 May 15 at 02:30 AM)

Valgate Inn · public chat

Valgate Inn, the center point for all inside the city of Valgate! Sweet honeyrooms for your more private needs, a message board for posting and taking job request, and of course the meat of a tavern; the bar and kitchen! Oh, did we forget to mention the lovely bar maidens we have?

interests: Combat Sex Story Drama World-building Violence Adventure Friendship Clothed sex Domesticity Casual sex Drugs Group sex Prostitution Competition Domestic service Trading Stealing Exhibitionism Odorants Language barrier Verbal abuse Cuddling Sexism Performing Cooking

Last post by Saori Inoue (13 May 15 at 01:14 AM)

Orgy Channel · public chat

Anyone allowed, a sexual free-for-all! Keep kinks to a moderation please.

interests: Sex Casual sex Group sex

Last post by Lily Catarina (28 April 15 at 08:30 PM)

Looking for role play partners · public chat

interests: Sex Story Romance Consensual Adventure Cuddling

Last post by Taurus Groundshaker (14 April 15 at 09:52 PM)

The Things You Learn at College · public chat

interests: Nonconsensual Consensual Mind control Anal sex Adultery Collaring Blackmail

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Earn My Love (Seeking corruption and transformation, long term) · public chat

interests: Transformation Nonconsensual Mind control Corruption Anal sex Humiliation Collaring Ownership Injecting Verbal abuse Body alteration

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The Giant's Bedroom · public chat

Last post by Vivvian Vivaldi (23 March 15 at 04:28 AM)

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt · public chat

Daten city! Angels, Demons and Humans needed! (Ask for details!)

No posts made yet

Dungeon Running · public chat

Last post by Master of Dungeon: Despair (06 March 15 at 03:50 AM)