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The Business Partner · public roleplay

interests: Sex Consensual Oral sex Vaginal sex Casual sex Group sex

Last post by Raena (12 March 15 at 03:42 PM)

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A popular business proposal · public roleplay

He's gotten an offer to take someone for an entire week, quite a long stretch for someone just starting out. Can this person survive, or they just biting off more than they can chew?

interests: Pain Collaring Ownership Spanking Flogging Punishment Imprisonment

Last post by Teske (06 March 15 at 02:36 AM)

3 · 121

Unwinding Adventuress · public roleplay

Raena, being the talented adventuress she is, regularly gets jobs having to deal with magic, and finding things, or enemy spellcasters. Sometimes these jobs leave her a little... pent up, when she gets back to town. These times she goes to those particularly seedy taverns, and tries to find a stranger to get to know a little better.

Last post by Raena (02 March 15 at 06:22 PM)

2 · 84

Lost in a Snow Storm · public roleplay

Azure is a shy little colt who rarely talks to anyone. He likes to keep to himself and tend to his little garden alone. But now it's winter, and while out for a walk in the looming White Tail woods, he's gotten himself caught in a snowstorm and lost, and it's freezing outside. Will he ever get home and back to his cozy bed? And worse yet, he hasn't eaten all day, and he's starving. Just when he's lost all hope...will someone help him?(Cute and Cuddly, with possibilities of Romance. Primarily Nonsexual, though that can change.

interests: Collaring Animal play Domestic service Hunting Ear play Traveling Bonding Cuddling

Last post by Roel (23 February 15 at 09:59 AM)

1 · 24

Jillia's Last Date · public roleplay

The story of Jillia's disaster date, the last one she's been on in a while.

interests: Story

Last post by Jillia Thornton (13 February 15 at 09:44 PM)

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RP - Abandoned Toy · public roleplay

Faye's found in rather poor condition dumped in some rubbish, her previous owner having thrown her out for some reason, maybe they got bored. Whoever finds her could take her home and get her fixed back up and repaired. This could blend in with my House/Flat Sharing RP mostly. (this does require ignoring some points from Faye's back story.)

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