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shit · public roleplay

Last post by Sergei (20 December 22 at 02:05 AM)

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The Highland Princess · public roleplay

You are a tourist who is visiting the Davidson kingdom when you see a young, redhead maiden walking into the castle... Pm me for more.

interests: Sex Pregnancy Adventure Bondage Blackmail Birth Breeding Breastfeeding

Last post by Andrew Darkangel (04 December 22 at 10:51 PM)

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~First post~ · public roleplay

<i sit there, on the edge or our big bed. In a big shirt and dark pajama pants. The sunrise shines through the open curtains, the cool morning air makes my nipples hard against my top. I shiver, then stretch my hands over my head. i look over at you, still sleeping. I crawl over you and lay down on my side of the bed. I Slide under the heavy blankets and fix my pillows. We’re facing each other. Your arm is extended between us. So I begin to caress your hand and stroke your fingers. Your eyes flutter open. You look around the room and then down at me. I look up at you and smile>…..”Good morning Daddy”….

~ PM to continue W/ Reply~ <3

interests: BDSM Adventure Growth Friendship Anal sex Deepthroat Casual sex Stalking Ownership Spanking Group sex Aftercare Blackmail Stealing Multiple penetration Incest Cuddling Handjobs Dirty talking Carrying Degradation Female impregnation Facesitting Teasing Face slapping Character development Alcohol use Defloration Tobacco use Hair pulling Cursing Breast play Socks/Stockings

Last post by Marshmallow (22 October 22 at 11:29 PM)

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Generous Tipper (NSFW) · public roleplay

Indigo frequently partakes in frivulous internet activities through his tor browser, and obsesses over particular streamers without much thought about the trail his generous tips and love messages may make. In fact he fantasizes on the daily that perhaps one day he won't wake up in his own bed, but rather a cold damp, and dark basement.

interests: Pain Death Drugs Cutting Kidnapping Mutilation Smut

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MHA private rp · public roleplay

interests: Combat Drama Adventure Friendship Pain Competition Traveling Unarmed combat Character development Illusion Peril

Last post by Jace (14 April 22 at 05:37 PM)

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Bored · public roleplay

Please join, I'm the bordest person in the world.

Last post by Wolfsuffer (16 February 22 at 05:41 AM)

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Killer on the loose · public roleplay

waking up in a manison, unknowing of how you got there. Suddenly on the announcements they say that there is a killer on the loose. Find out who that killer is before they murder everyone.

interests: Violence Adventure Rivalry Jealousy Survival Cooking Kissing Kidnapping Character development

Last post by Jayvee.. (17 November 21 at 01:25 AM)

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The Pitcher Plant Tavern · public roleplay

An old tavern set deep in the cursed forest. The forest itself draws travelers to the tavern, earning itself its odd name. Unlike the plant of the same name, however, it seems to be a well kept and tidy place. But... there's something niggling at the back of your mind. Have you always felt like this?

The tavern changes the way people react to things, and everyone reacts to it differently. Does it make you angry? Lustful? Frightened? It's almost as if any attempt at civilized behavior only makes it worse.

interests: Violence Adventure Corruption Trading Hunting Stealing Traveling Unarmed combat Melee weapons combat

Last post by sophie (23 August 21 at 04:35 PM)

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OOC · public roleplay

Last post by Benjamin Noble (21 July 21 at 03:04 AM)

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Fantasy exploration/Adventurer party · public roleplay

An exploration based fantasy game focused on camaraderie, world building, character development, and group/army management.

interests: Combat Sex Story Adventure Friendship Realism Traveling Bonding Survival Realistic melee Ranged combat Character development Vehicular combat Magic use Character Contrast

Last post by Kesaka (29 May 21 at 06:42 AM)

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I Thought I Had Lost You... · public roleplay

Last post by Serenity Lorae (23 May 21 at 01:37 PM)

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Spectre Manor · public roleplay

There have been rumors and reports of people entering this Manor...and ether never coming out or coming out to say they were attacked by ghosts...from only of the windows, you could have sworn someone was watching you before they disappear. Now what's your next move now?..whatever happens next will be your choice..and may be your fault.

Last post by George DeVoe (07 April 21 at 02:50 PM)

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Dice Shenanigans · public roleplay

Last post by Kesaka (27 February 21 at 10:53 PM)

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The Illusion · public roleplay

"Hello there," The Illusion says looking at you with its comedy mask "Wonderful day isn't it?" The room has no windows so it makes no sense the room is just one big giant mirror you see the mask falling and going on to your plane of reality, you see an obsidian male face with long hair going down to the neck if it even had a neck then one last thing The Illusion said to you "GOODBYE" in hands seeming familiar but you can't quite put your finger on it

Last post by The Illusion (23 December 20 at 02:40 PM)

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my stepbrother · public roleplay

Looking for my stepbrother

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[Fate RPG] Pizza Delivery · public roleplay

Wacky hi jinx ensue as your party rushes to delivery a piping hot pizza pie before the customer gets it for free! Bring all your craziest aspects, stunts, and above all, high concepts and troubles as you work together for the most memorable delivery of your dead-end job career! Anything (tasteful) goes!

interests: Combat Story Drama World-building Violence Adventure Stalking Jealousy Competition Guarding Traveling Survival Warfare Cooking Intimidation Unrealistic melee Vehicular combat

Last post by Perla Zaun (15 September 20 at 06:17 PM)

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Jumping into You · public roleplay

Paladin looking for a cute girl to eventually fall in love with. For this purpose, QT animu waifus and schoolgirls are preferred, albeit other human females are welcome too, so long as they are younger than him (he's 23).

interests: Sex Story Romance Consensual Friendship Oral sex Vaginal sex Realism Clothed sex Deepthroat Domesticity Courtship Displacement Aftercare Marriage Guarding Traveling Bonding Language barrier Cuddling Ageplay Cooking Mentoring Kissing Female impregnation Teasing Fellatio Character development Alcohol use Defloration Blessing Teleportation Magic use Maledom Character Contrast Breeding

Last post by Stephanus Tavilrond (09 February 20 at 11:40 AM)

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Daughter/Little Sisters Best Friend · public roleplay

She was your daughter/little sisters best friend. A routine visitor to your home who enjoyed spending time with you while her friend was occupied some days. So why was your relationship suddenly so tense and...heavy? At what point did her innocent comments and behavior become so suggestive? Well whatever it is, there was no way in hell your daughter/little sister could know what was going on. (pm to start rp! Tags are suggested and optional)

interests: Sex Romance Nonconsensual Consensual Corruption Oral sex Anal sex Vaginal sex Adultery Clothed sex Casual sex Blackmail Exhibitionism Ageplay Dubious consent Handjobs Outercourse Dirty talking Fingering Sex toys Tentacle sex Degradation Size play Teasing Defloration Rough handling Objectification Smut Socks/Stockings Large insertions

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Back Of A Cruiser · public roleplay

The most infuriating situation for a police officer or detective was the routine get-aways. So much overtime, late nights, headaches, and caffeine induced heart problems wasted over and over again as the criminal got away. Haley Moore, your criminal rival who was currently being arrested with a smirk on her face, was one such individual. Tensions are especially high between you two. Perhaps it was time to handle things outside the law for once... (pm to start rp! Tags are suggestions)

interests: BDSM Sex Nonconsensual Vaginal sex Bondage Realism Humiliation Clothed sex Deepthroat Rivalry Spanking Dubious consent Intimidation Dirty talking Fingering Licking Sabotage Degradation Teasing Cunnilingus Rough handling Cursing Smut Maledom Character Contrast Large insertions

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You scream for ice cream · public roleplay

There's a quaint ice cream parlor and bakery that's famous for its fresh ingredients. Rumors circulate around the regulars that the girls are very accommodating to their best customers. Maybe you already knew. Maybe you're about to find out. Or maybe the girl behind the counter caught your eye while you were ordering. Come on down to the Just Deserts ice cream parlor and bakery! It's a chat and roleplay channel open to skilled and serious roleplayers interested in lewd fun and/or chatter.

interests: Romance Consensual Courtship Domestic service Bonding Lactation Belly play Fisting Female impregnation Character development Ass play Smut Breast play

Last post by Jasmine (07 November 19 at 03:59 PM)

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Digiworld, Digital World · public roleplay

The Digital World is a world which exists invisibly alongside our own. It is manifested somehow by the digital data that passes across the world every day, and inhabiting this world is a slew of dangerous and awesome monsters. The Digiworld is vast, strange, and bound for adventure.

interests: Combat World-building Consensual Adventure Competition Traveling Collecting Survival Unrealistic melee Unarmed combat Character development

Last post by Gaza (25 October 19 at 05:49 PM)

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First time for everythingthing... · public roleplay

You're out somewhere remote, whether it be the wastelands an unknown forest or simply hiking along a trail for recreational purposes. You encounter an unfamiliar creature, it appears to be some sort of chimera, a hybrid between a snake and a dog. It isn't hostile in fact it seems interested as it approaches you. What happens next is entirely up to you.

interests: Sex Romance Nonconsensual Consensual Pregnancy Adventure Friendship Oral sex Vaginal sex Clothed sex Domesticity Casual sex Courtship Stalking Animal play Domestic service Hunting Language barrier Cuddling Testicle play Dubious consent Female impregnation Cunnilingus Character development Rough handling Smut Character Contrast Breeding

Last post by August (16 July 19 at 09:00 AM)

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i must and will kill all! · public roleplay

i'm a killer. i want to fight. do you worse if you dare. remember to have fun, i know i will.

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Amorous Wish · public roleplay

interests: Combat Sex Story World-building Nonconsensual Consensual Adventure Casual sex Role reversal Dubious consent Character development Rough handling Smut Magic use Maledom Character Contrast

Last post by Sylvana Roseblood (18 January 19 at 02:07 PM)

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Saki's First Time · public roleplay

Having turned 10 (or 12, or anywhere in-between), I'm starting to feel... funny. I've got this strong, uncontrollable urge, and it's much stronger than other children my age... my body is changing, and now I can no longer survive on food alone. The demonic gene within me has mutated, and now I've become an incubus, forever trapped within a 12 year old body.

The time has come for me to begin my life as a demon of lust... I need sex, and I need it now. But the question is, who will help me?

Who will be the one to claim my virginity? Will she be a mentor figure to me and train me as an incubus? Will it be the babysitter? Or will the responsibility fall upon my big sister or Mother? What kind of woman will be willing to guide me throug

interests: Sex Romance Friendship Anal sex Vaginal sex Sweat Group sex Prostitution Aftercare Multiple penetration Incest Cuddling Rimming Ageplay Mentoring Kissing Facesitting Fellatio Ass play Pegging Femdom

Last post by Saki The Semen Demon (26 November 18 at 09:04 PM)

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