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Gamagoori vs Ryuko · public roleplay

Last post by Gamagoori (20 May 15 at 02:21 AM)

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The story of Zygardia · public roleplay

interests: Combat Drama World-building Romance Nonconsensual Consensual Pregnancy Violence Adventure Corruption Adultery Humiliation Clothed sex Casual sex Filth Courtship Displacement Crushing Drugs Sacrifice Prostitution Marriage Competition Domestic service Trading Imprisonment Hunting Ear play Traveling Exhibitionism Bonding Odorants Verbal abuse Cuddling Performing Discrimination

Last post by Saori Inoue (14 May 15 at 10:52 PM)

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Family Fun · public roleplay

Her son's bedroom was, in fact, her own. A large bed provided ample room for the both of them, despite Kara's rather plump figure, in all the right places, as an adolescent male might notice. She still slept, ignorant of her son's waking. A large feral canine, the family pet, sat at the end of the bed obediently, accustomed to the scents in the air. The previous night had been a typical one, and the bedroom still scented of spent lust, arousal, and fresh breast milk..

interests: Sex Romance Consensual Pregnancy Watersports Scat Realism Casual sex Animal play Somnophilia Bonding Incest Diaper play Ageplay Lactation Squirting

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Body Thief · public roleplay

interests: BDSM Sex Mind control Corruption Drugs Orgasm denial Collaring Ownership Imprisonment Cloning

Last post by Griz (11 May 15 at 10:22 PM)

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A Broken Toy · public roleplay

In a world where people break other people, who would want to mend them instead? Why do you want to do that?

interests: BDSM Sex Story Violence Bondage Realism Humiliation Pain Collaring Ownership Auctioning Exhibitionism Bonding

Last post by Roel (05 May 15 at 09:14 PM)

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A New Realm, An Old World · public roleplay

Last post by Taurus Groundshaker (05 May 15 at 07:10 PM)

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The Snow Flower in the Middle Kingdom · public roleplay

RP within a Medieval Chinese setting. In this AU, Judal is known as Lù Xuěhuā, a cross-dressing actor, opera singer, and 'lady' of the Chinese imperial court.

interests: Story Drama World-building Romance Consensual Adventure Anal sex Adultery Realism Humiliation Clothed sex Courtship Displacement Ownership Punishment Jealousy Prostitution Trading Imprisonment Blackmail Exhibitionism Crossdressing Bonding Language barrier Cuddling Sexism Performing Orientation play Discrimination Tactile play Modeling Dubious consent Intimidation Dirty talking Feminization Kissing Kidnapping Lying Masculinization Teasing Public humiliation Rebellion Character development

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Sindria AU · public roleplay

Alternate universe wherein Judal is Sindria's Magi.

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Chuunibyou! · public roleplay

Modern AU. Judal is either a high school or college student with a terrible case of chuunibyou, or eigth-grader syndrome. Judal believes that in a past life, he was something he calls a 'magi'- a powerful magician capable of shaping the world to his whims. He's made up several spells and created himself an Arabian-inspired costume. Even worse, Judal often involves his friends and associates in his little fantasy, declaring some of them as his 'king vessels.'

interests: Combat Story Drama Romance Friendship Realism Humiliation Displacement Stalking Rivalry Isolation Jealousy Blackmail Bonding Orientation play Discrimination Mentoring Kissing Lying Degradation Public humiliation Rebellion Duelling Character development

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Einstein's Folly · public roleplay

The city of New Excelsior. Federation Year 2024 FC. In the metropolis' industrial rejuvenation district, a rogue scientist finalizes the results of years of research into the machinations of time, relativity, and the mortal soul. The Focus is nearly complete--it just needs a few more spare paws to operate. An ad on the OculiNet should do the trick.

interests: Story World-building Transformation Romance Mind control Friendship Medical play Humiliation Displacement Sensory denial Cloning Exhibitionism Tactile play Dubious consent

Last post by Talon Lardner (05 May 15 at 11:45 AM)

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Catgirl Slavegirls · public roleplay

interests: BDSM Nonconsensual Consensual Bondage Drugs Orgasm denial Collaring Animal play Ownership Imprisonment

Last post by Ayla Laurentia (05 May 15 at 12:13 AM)

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Hunting a Tree · public roleplay

interests: Story Nonconsensual Violence Adventure Breath play Bondage Pain Death Ownership Exhibitionism Verbal abuse Blood play Survival Warfare

Last post by The Dryad (03 May 15 at 08:05 PM)

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An Act of Desparation · public roleplay

Whatever the circumstances that caused it, there was but one simple fact: Spotty has resorted to banditry. Whether it be with a small band of similarly disenfranchised individuals or on his lonesome, his situation has forced him to take up the despicable profession. Your money, your body, or your life!

interests: Nonconsensual Consensual Bondage Clothed sex Casual sex Pain Underwear Rivalry Orgasm denial Collaring Spanking Flogging Group sex Prostitution Trading Imprisonment Hunting Ear play Stealing Traveling

Last post by Spotsnout (03 May 15 at 02:52 PM)

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Drowtown Abbey (Fate Core) · public roleplay

interests: Combat BDSM Sex Story World-building Nonconsensual Mind control Violence Adventure Oral sex Bondage Humiliation Religion Drugs Orgasm denial Collaring Role reversal Ownership Flogging Group sex Imprisonment Stealing Traveling Verbal abuse Sexism Survival

Last post by Ayla Laurentia (29 April 15 at 07:22 PM)

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Woodland Stride · public roleplay

interests: Combat

Last post by Taurus Groundshaker (26 April 15 at 03:52 PM)

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The New Farmhand · public roleplay

interests: BDSM Mind control Bondage Collaring Animal play

Last post by Farmer John (22 April 15 at 02:51 AM)

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The Pokegirl Badge · public roleplay

interests: BDSM Mind control Orgasm denial Ownership

Last post by Red (20 April 15 at 02:55 AM)

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Griz and Ayla, part 3 · public roleplay

Last post by Griz (12 April 15 at 05:06 AM)

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Ayla and Griz, part 2 · public roleplay

Last post by Ayla Laurentia (08 April 15 at 01:31 AM)

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Through Lands and Desires: The Fated Meeting · public roleplay

interests: Story World-building Adventure Friendship Realism Displacement Traveling Bonding Language barrier

Last post by Mellan (25 March 15 at 07:13 AM)

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An Unexpected Gift · public roleplay

It's Agni's birthday! Thankfully, that makes it rather uneventful. It's good to have a day to oneself! Until a ringing of his doorbell leads him to discover a rather... unexpected present. Looking for a female, preferably young and/or petite, to play as said present! Expect master/pet play as a definite outcome, with many other details up for negotiation.

interests: BDSM Sex Consensual Corruption Collaring Ownership Spanking

Last post by Elia Williams (14 March 15 at 12:45 AM)

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The Business Partner · public roleplay

interests: Sex Consensual Oral sex Vaginal sex Casual sex Group sex

Last post by Raena (12 March 15 at 03:42 PM)

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A popular business proposal · public roleplay

He's gotten an offer to take someone for an entire week, quite a long stretch for someone just starting out. Can this person survive, or they just biting off more than they can chew?

interests: Pain Collaring Ownership Spanking Flogging Punishment Imprisonment

Last post by Teske (06 March 15 at 02:36 AM)

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Unwinding Adventuress · public roleplay

Raena, being the talented adventuress she is, regularly gets jobs having to deal with magic, and finding things, or enemy spellcasters. Sometimes these jobs leave her a little... pent up, when she gets back to town. These times she goes to those particularly seedy taverns, and tries to find a stranger to get to know a little better.

Last post by Raena (02 March 15 at 06:22 PM)

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Lost in a Snow Storm · public roleplay

Azure is a shy little colt who rarely talks to anyone. He likes to keep to himself and tend to his little garden alone. But now it's winter, and while out for a walk in the looming White Tail woods, he's gotten himself caught in a snowstorm and lost, and it's freezing outside. Will he ever get home and back to his cozy bed? And worse yet, he hasn't eaten all day, and he's starving. Just when he's lost all hope...will someone help him?(Cute and Cuddly, with possibilities of Romance. Primarily Nonsexual, though that can change.

interests: Collaring Animal play Domestic service Hunting Ear play Traveling Bonding Cuddling

Last post by Roel (23 February 15 at 09:59 AM)

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