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A Discussion of the Altarean Empire Universe, a unique canon (world-building, not a role play) · public roleplay

Last post by Sharon Brehane (08 July 15 at 07:39 PM)

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A Most Hilarious Office Kinky Scene · public roleplay

What happens when a fairly intelligent, but horny female submissive, corporate executive has to deal with an obedient, naive, submissive new personal assistant? Hilarity.

interests: BDSM Consensual Prostitution Exhibitionism Mentoring Dubious consent Dirty talking Bimbofication

Last post by Imara (07 July 15 at 06:36 AM)

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Mimiga Meeting · public roleplay

interests: Sex Consensual Friendship Vaginal sex Fingering Female impregnation

Last post by Kalulu (06 July 15 at 10:13 AM)

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[T]ranscending Fantasy. · public roleplay

interests: World-building Romance Adventure Bonding

Last post by Jack Hardin (06 July 15 at 04:18 AM)

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The Stronger They Are · public roleplay

Imara bumps into a muscle-jacked female Personal Trainer, thinking she'll just be getting some fitness training, only to realize that she's the one who is going to be giving all the training, and the training helps get everyone fit, but has nothing to do with fitness.

interests: BDSM Story Consensual Corruption Breath play Vaginal sex Realism Humiliation Clothed sex Underwear Orgasm denial Worship Role reversal Punishment Domestic service Ear play Collecting Verbal abuse Dirty talking Fingering Licking Kissing Sex toys Squirting Degradation Orgasm control Facesitting Teasing Exercising

Last post by Imara (05 July 15 at 01:04 AM)

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How I Became a Narcissist · public roleplay

Many people would think that narcissists are born; but hear it from a narcissist: it isn't so. I was born to be superior, then became a supremacist; born to be perfect, then became a narcissist. Some would say that what I just said means that I was born a narcissist; but it isn't so. The key to understanding is to see the subtlety of it all. And to see the subtlety, you have to know the details and see how they are all interconnected. And for that, you have to hear my story. My story with the people I met from a young age; and how each one of them was so hopelessly pathetic and so deliriously enamored by Me, that I ultimately became the best narcissistic sadist the world has never known...until now.

interests: BDSM Sex Story Drama World-building Consensual Foot play Adventure Cum play Watersports Corruption Breath play Oral sex Anal sex Saliva Vaginal sex Adultery Realism Humiliation Clothed sex Gaping Deepthroat Religion Casual sex Filth Courtship Displacement Orgasm denial Collaring Worship Role reversal Celibacy Prayer Jealousy Prostitution Competition Domestic service Guarding Ear play Traveling Collecting Crossdressing Verbal abuse Rimming Orientation play Ageplay Discrimination Handjobs Dirty talking Fingering Feminization Edgeplay Licking Kissing Sex toys Degradation Premature ejaculation Drug addiction Orgasm control Facesitting Bimbofication Teasing

Last post by Imara (04 July 15 at 07:54 PM)

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Lakeside Breeding · public roleplay

interests: Sex Romance Consensual Pregnancy Cum play Vaginal sex Casual sex Cuddling

Last post by Tiki (30 June 15 at 05:13 AM)

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Through Lands and Desires: The Natrian Days · public roleplay

interests: Story World-building Friendship Realism Displacement Bonding Language barrier Realistic melee

Last post by Mellan (28 June 15 at 02:24 PM)

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A Typical Hunt · public roleplay

interests: Sex Nonconsensual Gaping Deepthroat Animal play Crossdressing

Last post by Revquael the Binder (26 June 15 at 07:14 PM)

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Welcome, Outside the Wall · public roleplay

Deep inside the desert walled by Khatovaria lies a city of perfection. Of course, Outside Abdju's walls is what matters most. Low rolling hills of sterile sand and crystal mask domiciles that the Eyeblights live in. Chieftain among the Outsiders, Achoris. Perhaps he's managed to get himself outside Khatovaria, or maybe someone's found their way inside.

interests: Sex Story World-building Consensual Adventure Courtship Drugs Worship Bonding Dubious consent

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Drow Vs Taur. Round 1. . . FIGHT!! · public roleplay

Drow vs Taur action !!

interests: Combat

Last post by Taurus Groundshaker (21 June 15 at 08:34 AM)

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A Stranger from Another World · public roleplay

Someone foreign to this primal, magic-filled place appears as though through magic to find an alien culture that he must navigate.

interests: Story Drama World-building Pregnancy Displacement

Last post by Empress Ianna (18 June 15 at 09:03 AM)

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Flavor of the Month · public roleplay

interests: Cum play Oral sex Deepthroat Performing

Last post by Nathaniel (17 June 15 at 11:44 PM)

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Griz and Ayla, Part 4 · public roleplay

interests: BDSM Adventure Ownership Auctioning Aftercare

Last post by Griz (10 June 15 at 09:41 AM)

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The Nypmh vs the Herm Round 1 · public roleplay

interests: Sex Consensual Corruption Vaginal sex Clothed sex Multiple anal penetration Casual sex Sweat Underwear Ear play Exhibitionism Ageplay Kissing Tail play

Last post by Ӕŗέąŋŋą (01 June 15 at 02:02 AM)

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The centaur ponygirl · public roleplay

interests: BDSM Story Breath play Orgasm denial Collaring Animal play Ownership Imprisonment Exhibitionism

Last post by Eomare (29 May 15 at 02:38 AM)

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The Wizard Who Became A Slave, or elves are hard to train, but they last forever! · public roleplay

interests: BDSM World-building Mind control Tickling Ownership Punishment Tactile play Dubious consent Belly play Kissing Body puppeting

Last post by Delete Me Now (28 May 15 at 11:04 AM)

2 · 45

Fukushū no nagare · public roleplay

Last post by Chifusa Manyuu (28 May 15 at 10:54 AM)

2 · 170

Fire and Heat · public roleplay

interests: BDSM Orgasm denial Ownership Heat play

Last post by Griz (24 May 15 at 01:46 AM)

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Putting the 'fun' back in funeral! · public roleplay

Last post by Loli Harley Quinn (22 May 15 at 04:13 PM)

2 · 79

Dungeon Crawl: The Wizard · public roleplay

Last post by Delete Me Now (20 May 15 at 04:02 PM)

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Fresh from the Auction Block · public roleplay

looking for fun times with fun people!

interests: BDSM Mind control Orgasm denial Role reversal Ownership

Last post by Delete Me Now (20 May 15 at 03:37 PM)

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Gamagoori vs Ryuko · public roleplay

Last post by Gamagoori (20 May 15 at 02:21 AM)

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The story of Zygardia · public roleplay

interests: Combat Drama World-building Romance Nonconsensual Consensual Pregnancy Violence Adventure Corruption Adultery Humiliation Clothed sex Casual sex Filth Courtship Displacement Crushing Drugs Sacrifice Prostitution Marriage Competition Domestic service Trading Imprisonment Hunting Ear play Traveling Exhibitionism Bonding Odorants Verbal abuse Cuddling Performing Discrimination

Last post by Saori Inoue (14 May 15 at 10:52 PM)

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Family Fun · public roleplay

Her son's bedroom was, in fact, her own. A large bed provided ample room for the both of them, despite Kara's rather plump figure, in all the right places, as an adolescent male might notice. She still slept, ignorant of her son's waking. A large feral canine, the family pet, sat at the end of the bed obediently, accustomed to the scents in the air. The previous night had been a typical one, and the bedroom still scented of spent lust, arousal, and fresh breast milk..

interests: Sex Romance Consensual Pregnancy Watersports Scat Realism Casual sex Animal play Somnophilia Bonding Incest Diaper play Ageplay Lactation Squirting

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